Person NameYeltsin; Boris
40490[no caption]David Smith28 Mar 198940490.jpg 
60081"About new year's eve... you're not trying to tell me that everyone took me seriously?"Tom Johnston04 Jan 200060081.jpg 
41276[Yeltsin's Easter Eggs]Andrzej Krauze09 Apr 199341276.jpg 
PC0006[no caption]Steve Bell19 Jun 1996PC0006.jpg 
PC0856[no caption]Nicholas Garland29 Jan 1997PC0856.jpg 
PC5979[no caption]Paul Thomas12 Apr 1999PC5979.jpg 
PC0305[no caption]Michael Cummings27 Jul 1996PC0305.jpg 
NG4828[no caption]Nicholas Garland29 Aug 1991NG4828.jpg 
NG4240Immovable object & irresistible force.Nicholas Garland19 Oct 1990NG4240.jpg 
NG5089[no caption]Nicholas Garland17 Dec 1992NG5089.jpg 
NG4861[no caption]Nicholas Garland30 Oct 1991NG4861.jpg 
DB0401[no caption]Dave Brown21 Jun 1999DB0401.jpg 
PC5655[no caption]Martin Rowson01 Mar 1999PC5655.jpg 
PC0742Lebed sacked ... Russian bear unleashed.Gerald Scarfe20 Oct 1996 
PC4486[no caption]Gerald Scarfe06 Sep 1998 
PC3187Good cop. Bad cop. No cop.Chris Riddell08 Feb 1998PC3187.jpg 
PC4348[no caption]Scott [Clissold; Scott]30 Aug 1998PC4348.jpg 
PC5974The promptGerald Scarfe11 Apr 1999 
PC0022[no caption]Peter Brookes19 Jun 1996PC0022.jpg 
DS0037[no caption]David Smith1990DS0037.jpg 
36861"Stand and deliver! Your money or your life!"Michael Cummings01 Jun 199036861.jpg 
NG4993[no caption]Nicholas Garland1992NG4993.jpg 
PC1145If ...Steve Bell28 Mar 1997PC1145.jpg 
NG5658[no caption]Nicholas Garland13 Dec 1994NG5658.jpg 
DB0399[no caption]Dave Brown04 Jun 1999DB0399.jpg 
412731992 1993Peter Brookes11 Mar 199341273.jpg 
DB0003"Ugh! It's worse than we thought."Dave Brown26 Sep 1996DB0003.jpg 
NG4813[no caption]Nicholas Garland31 Jul 1991NG4813.jpg 
53013[no caption]Nicholas Garland17 Dec 199953013.jpg 
64670[no caption]Chris Riddell16 May 199964670.jpg 
64678Russia gets there firstGerald Scarfe13 Jun 1999 
NG4919[no caption]Nicholas Garland11 Feb 1992NG4919.jpg 
NG4889[no caption]Nicholas Garland13 Dec 1991NG4889.jpg 
NG5120The one that got awayNicholas Garland31 Jan 1992NG5120.jpg 
PC0112[no caption]Dave Brown04 Jul 1996PC0112.jpg 
NG4180[no caption]Nicholas Garland30 May 1990NG4180.jpg 
NG4826"Hail, the conquering hero ..."Nicholas GarlandAug 1991NG4826.jpg 
PC0566[no caption]Steve Bell06 Nov 1996PC0566.jpg 
NG4913[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Feb 1992NG4913.jpg 
NG4827"Woodman, spare that tree! Touch not a single bough! In youth it sheltered me, And I'll
protect it now..."
Nicholas Garland24 Aug 1991NG4827.jpg 
NG5117[no caption]Nicholas Garland1992NG5117.jpg 
NG5372[no caption]Nicholas Garland1993NG5372.jpg 
40489[Yeltsin]Nicholas Garland13 Nov 198740489.jpg 
PC0336"Must be a change of heart ..."Peter Brookes06 Sep 1996PC0336.jpg 
37109Miners back President in Power DisputePeter Brookes26 Mar 199337109.jpg 
NG5670Bear BaitingNicholas Garland02 Jan 1995NG5670.jpg 
PC0257[no caption]Peter Schrank12 Aug 1996PC0257.jpg 
PC4388[no caption]Peter Brookes09 Sep 1998PC4388.jpg 
PC5086"You're fired!"Peter Brookes08 Dec 1998PC5086.jpg 
PC4422[no caption]Bill McArthur25 Aug 1998PC4422.jpg 
49470"Having a nightmare again, Mikhail?"Stanley Franklin01 Jun 199049470.jpg 
PC4432"The lame duck"Bill McArthur31 Aug 1998PC4432.jpg 
PC3466[no caption]Gerald Scarfe29 Mar 1998 
PC4349[no caption]Michael Heath30 Aug 1998PC4349.jpg 
PC4319"Bread queue? No comrade, this is a queue for the lift to the tallest building in Moscow. "Charles Griffin29 Aug 1998PC4319.jpg 
PC5526[no caption]Dave Brown09 Feb 1999PC5526.jpg 
NG4776[no caption]Nicholas Garland20 Apr 1991NG4776.jpg 
NG4797Enter, pursued by a bearNicholas Garland14 Jun 1991NG4797.jpg 
NG3916Wind of change ...Nicholas Garland21 Mar 1989NG3916.jpg 
50967Profile Boris YeltsinJohn Springs16 May 199950967.jpg 
NG4187[no caption]Nicholas Garland12 Jun 1990NG4187.jpg 
NG4835[no caption]Nicholas Garland06 Sep 1991NG4835.jpg 
PC3816Kick off...Nicholas Garland10 Jun 1998PC3816.jpg 
PC4341Embattled President addresses nation.Paul Thomas25 Aug 1998PC4341.jpg 
PC4353[no caption]Dave Gaskill02 Sep 1998PC4353.jpg 
SBD0523[no caption]Steve Bell17 Jun 1998SBD0523.jpg 
PC0098[no caption]Nicholas Garland02 Jul 1996PC0098.jpg 
NG4781"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." (Marx)Nicholas Garland08 May 1991NG4781.jpg 
PC3520"...Nobody against? Thank you, comrades, another motion carried. I declare this meeting over. Everyone down to the bar..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]24 Mar 1998PC3520.jpg 
60079Only one millennium meltdown...John Kent03 Jan 200060079.jpg 
PC4719[no caption]Nicholas Garland15 Oct 1998PC4719.jpg 
PC4321"He's about the only one who can afford to drink there now. "Richard Willson30 Aug 1998PC4321.jpg 
53044[no caption]Dave Brown21 Dec 199953044.jpg 
PC4370[no caption]Peter Brookes05 Sep 1998PC4370.jpg 
PC5991[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Apr 1999PC5991.jpg 
NG5132[no caption]Nicholas Garland1992NG5132.jpg 
NG5385THE HARE AND THE TORTOISENicholas Garland19 Jan 1994NG5385.jpg 
49471"Well, if you knows of a better 'ole, go to it!"Nicholas Garland13 Jun 199049471.jpg 
NG5281[no caption]Nicholas Garland23 Sep 1993NG5281.jpg 
PC4480MEANWHILE...Nicholas Garland16 Sep 1998PC4480.jpg 
SBD0734[no caption]Steve Bell08 Dec 1999SBD0734.jpg 
PC3436[no caption]Nicholas Garland24 Mar 1998PC3436.jpg 
NG3488[no caption]Nicholas Garland13 Nov 1987NG3488.jpg 
cu2466"Stand and deliver! Your money or your life!"Michael Cummings01 Jun 1990cu2466.jpg 
WF0221Moscow State Circus 2000Trog [Wally Fawkes]02 Jan 2000WF0221.jpg 
NG5410The Big ThreeNicholas Garland16 Feb 1994NG5410.jpg 
NG5698[no caption]Nicholas Garland09 Feb 1995NG5698.jpg 
NG4188"Well, if you knows of a better 'ole, go to it!"Nicholas Garland13 Jun 1990NG4188.jpg 
51802Yeltsin appoints new Prime MinisterPaul Thomas10 Aug 199951802.jpg 
SBD0395[no caption]Steve Bell07 Oct 1997SBD0395.jpg 
43416The one that got awayNicholas Garland31 Jan 199243416.jpg 
36873"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." (Marx)Nicholas Garland08 May 199136873.jpg 
NG4186Future-of-the-World Cup...Nicholas Garland08 Jun 1990NG4186.jpg 
PC4352"Is that your economy or my sex life?"Tom Johnston02 Sep 1998PC4352.jpg 
NG5388Security NightmareNicholas Garland27 Jan 1994NG5388.jpg 
NG5210"An examination by experts leaves little doubt that a personal contest between the two
men ended, as it could hardly fail to end in such a situation, in their reeling over locked
in each others arms." (Sherlock Holmes - The Final Problem).
Nicholas Garland24 Mar 1993NG5210.jpg 
SBD0291[no caption]Steve Bell06 Nov 1996SBD0291.jpg 
SBD0193We're backing BorisSteve Bell24 Mar 1993SBD0193.jpg 
SBD0433[no caption]Steve Bell05 Feb 1998SBD0433.jpg 
SBD0285[no caption]Steve Bell18 Oct 1996SBD0285.jpg 
DB0093[no caption]Dave Brown25 Aug 1998DB0093.jpg 
SBD0261[no caption]Steve Bell04 Jul 1996SBD0261.jpg 
SBD0002[no caption]Steve Bell23 Aug 1996SBD0002.jpg 
SC0069Gimme a hand here, Boris... ... Boris..??Peter Schrank16 May 1999SC0069.jpg 
SBD0190[no caption]Steve Bell03 Dec 1992SBD0190.jpg 
PC0171Al Gore meets Boris YeltsinPeter Brookes17 Jul 1996PC0171.jpg 
PC3438[no caption]Peter Brookes24 Mar 1998PC3438.jpg 
PC5870[no caption]Peter Brookes26 Mar 1999PC5870.jpg 
41275"All I want to know, Mr. Lamont, is... how the hell do you manage to hold on to YOUR job?"Tom Johnston23 Mar 199341275.jpg 
NG5119[no caption]Nicholas Garland06 Jan 1992NG5119.jpg 
PC4326[no caption]Peter Brookes01 Sep 1998PC4326.jpg 
NG5340[no caption]Nicholas Garland07 Dec 1993NG5340.jpg 
NG5287[no caption]Nicholas Garland24 Sep 1993NG5287.jpg 
PC4303[no caption]Nicola Jennings25 Aug 1998PC4303.jpg 
PC4270[no caption]Peter Schrank31 Aug 1998PC4270.jpg 
PC4390[no caption]Dave Gaskill10 Sep 1998PC4390.jpg 
SBD0632[no caption]Steve Bell06 May 1999SBD0632.jpg 
NG5211[no caption]Nicholas Garland25 Mar 1993NG5211.jpg 
SBD0446[no caption]Steve Bell24 Mar 1998SBD0446.jpg 
PC4277[no caption]Dave Brown18 Aug 1998PC4277.jpg 
PC4350[no caption]Paul Thomas31 Aug 1998PC4350.jpg 
PC4372[no caption]Peter Brookes05 Sep 1998PC4372.jpg 
PC4365[no caption]Peter Brookes04 Sep 1998PC4365.jpg 
PC4042[no caption]Bill McArthur17 Jun 1998PC4042.jpg 
PC4343"Back to your desk, Olga. I don't keep sacking my entire cabinet so we cam be alone!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]25 Aug 1998PC4343.jpg 
SBD0576[no caption]Steve Bell08 Dec 1998SBD0576.jpg 
NG5639"O the wild charge they made! All the world wondered..." (The Charge of the Light Brigade)Nicholas Garland30 Nov 1994NG5639.jpg 
PC4360[no caption]Paul Thomas03 Sep 1998PC4360.jpg 
NG5641"My paramount object in this struggle is to save the union...if I could save the union without freeing any slave I would do it: and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it: and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that." (Abraham Lincoln)Nicholas Garland30 Nov 1994NG5641.jpg 
PC3435[no caption]Chris Priestley24 Mar 1998PC3435.jpg 
DB0193[no caption]Dave Brown28 Apr 1999DB0193.jpg 
PC4327[no caption]Chris Priestley01 Sep 1998PC4327.jpg 
PC4442"Adrift"Bill McArthur10 Sep 1998PC4442.jpg 
48537As Mother Russia is brought to its knees ...Charles Griffin12 Mar 199348537.jpg 
65384Moscow State Circus 2000Trog [Wally Fawkes]02 Jan 200065384.jpg 
PC4285[no caption]Peter Schrank20 Aug 1998PC4285.jpg 
PC4431"Preparing to drop the pilot."Bill McArthur31 Aug 1998PC4431.jpg 
PC4355Some stiff problems to solveNicola Jennings02 Sep 1998PC4355.jpg 
PC4433"In command but not in control."Bill McArthur01 Sep 1998PC4433.jpg 
NG5672"...Clamp...Swab...Sledgehammer..."Nicholas Garland04 Jan 1995NG5672.jpg 
PC4435"The lame-duck self-help group."Bill McArthur02 Sep 1998PC4435.jpg 
PC4430"Crisis ... what crisis?"Bill McArthur29 Aug 1998PC4430.jpg 
41579[Gorbachev Frankenstein]Steve Bell21 Dec 199041579.jpg 
PC4363"For pity's sake Comrade Clinton, we didn't ask you here to drone on about our economy. We want to hear about little black dresses and what exactly you did with that cigar..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]03 Sep 1998PC4363.jpg 
CU1622"Mr. Yeltsin! Could you spare General Lebed to rescue Me!""Michael Cummings29 Jun 1996CU1622.jpg 
PC6193Yeltsin sacks 'too popular' Prime Minister and CabinetPaul Thomas13 May 1999PC6193.jpg 
PC3209Saddam's human shield.Richard Willson15 Feb 1998PC3209.jpg 
PC5206WEIMAR RUSSIAChris Riddell30 Aug 1998PC5206.jpg 
PC4581[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Oct 1998PC4581.jpg 
NG5656[no caption]Nicholas Garland06 Dec 1994NG5656.jpg 
PC0116"Mr. Yeltsin! Could you spare General Lebed to rescue Me!""Michael Cummings29 Jun 1996PC0116.jpg 
PC0168[no caption]Steve Bell17 Jul 1996PC0168.jpg 
PC3829[no caption]Peter Brookes17 Jun 1998PC3829.jpg 
PC4249[no caption]Peter Brookes14 Aug 1998PC4249.jpg 
PC3987[no caption]Chris Priestley17 Jul 1998PC3987.jpg 
SBD0620[no caption]Steve Bell14 Apr 1999SBD0620.jpg 
DB0195[no caption]Dave Brown30 Apr 1999DB0195.jpg 
PC4421"Of course the guy he really wanted was George Soros."Bill McArthur24 Aug 1998PC4421.jpg 
PC1875[no caption]Dave Brown29 May 1997PC1875.jpg 
NG4896[no caption]Nicholas Garland[1991]NG4896.jpg 
NG5333"There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous." (Napoleon)Nicholas Garland01 Jan 1993 - 31 Dec 1993NG5333.jpg 
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