Person NameEdward (1901-1910); VII; reigned
WH5533"King and the Tailors" [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden30 Aug 1904WH5533.jpg 
LSE3835King and Kaiser. The relations of King Ned and Kaiser Bill during the former's visit to Berlin were very cordial. Ned: "Now, Bill, take the advice of your uncle - go slow, and don't make a blanky fool of yourself again!"David Low (1891-1963)18 Feb 1909LSE3835.jpg 
WH0049Published caption: "Once more my plans are foiled!"
Printed under published cartoon: To-day Kind Edward and President Loubet may meet in France. The exchange of compliments between them on the occasion of the King's presence in France shows the German Emperor that Britain means to stand by France, however much he may dislike French influence being supreme in Morocco.
W.K. Haselden06 Apr 1905WH0049.jpg 
LSE0184King and Kaiser. King Edward has written to the Kaiser personally regarding the Tweedmouth incident. It is announced at Berlin that the letter gave the Kaiser evident pleasure. The Kaiser: "Tunder'n blitzen! Does him forget dat I am an emperor! I vill teach 'im that I am something else beside hee's neviu!" [sic]David Low (1891-1963)19 Mar 1908LSE0184.jpg 
GAN/1748No captionGiles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)03 Oct 1968GAN1813.jpg 
WH0069Published caption: A spartan holiday.
Printed under published cartoon: King Edward, who left London for Marienbad yesterday morning, will accept all the conditions prescribed for the "cure" and live "the simple life" during the whole of his stay in Germany.
W.K. Haselden15 Aug 1905WH0069.jpg 
LSE0073Unusually cordial relations. Berlin August 12. The interview between King Edward and The Kaiser is described as unusually cordial. The German press minimise its importance. Ned: Now, Bill, don't be crusty! Be as nice as you can! Can't you see the reporters are looking!" Bill: As my Uncle I vorship you, Sir, but as a monarch I am as good as you, and a jamsight!" [sic]David Low (1891-1963)20 Aug 1908LSE0073.jpg 
WH0565"A change for the better" [on reverse]
Printed under published cartoon:
King Edward: that's better, William; much more like the real thing than -
Emperor william: Ah, yes; that other portrait was quite a mistake. I've had it taken away. (The tone of the German Press is very different now from what it was during the Boer War. Then John Bull was represented as a bloodthirsty and brutal ruffian. Now the Germans are most anxious to be friends).
W.K. Haselden25 Jun 1904WH0565.jpg 
CG/1/1/1/1865no captionGiles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)03 Oct 1968GA2611.jpg 
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