Person NameNoah; Mrs
63566[no caption]Dave Gaskill03 Jan 200363566.jpg 
08575"I like it. It helps to keep me up with the Joneses." / "I'm afraid it may be a year late..."Keith Waite08 Mar 196608575.jpg 
07305"I've got an idea for an opera!" / "You'd think the Royal Commission would be grateful to us for helping reduce the prison population!"Norman Mansbridge28 Jun 196507305.jpg 
65037"They say it's the wettest autumn since records began!" / "Prescott!?" / "Blimey! when did you set out?"Tom Johnston29 Nov 200065037.jpg 
08534"Didn't I tell you we should have taken them by air!"
"The hours He spends in front of the telly ought to get him a first class degree with honours!"
"We've run out of Ingrid Bergman types - will you settle for an Elizabeth Taylor?"
Norman Mansbridge28 Feb 196608534.jpg 
CU0431[Noah's Ark]Michael Cummings16 Jun 1950CU0431.jpg 
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