Person NameJoseph
KL0552[no caption]Kal [Kevin Kallaugher]23 Dec 1986KL0552.jpg 
99941[A modern nativity]Michael Heath15 Dec 201399941.jpg 
GGD0805"You're completely out of touch with how ordinary people live."Grizelda GrizlinghamUndatedGGD0805.jpg 
65374"What do you mean Joan Collins has already got one?!" / "Sorry! .. we couldn't get the Harry Potter castle!" / "Get back! ... Get back!"Tom Johnston21 Dec 200165374.jpg 
64756[no caption]Peter Schrank19 Dec 199964756.jpg 
65380"Well, I'll be glad when he learns to control his miracles!" / "That's right, sir ... I'm beginning to suspect they've moved on to hats!" / "Don't be silly! ... How on earth are you going to get down the pub in this weather?"Tom Johnston27 Dec 200165380.jpg 
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