Person NameRobin
09375[no caption]William Papas20 Jul 196609375.jpg 
09062[no caption]William Papas31 May 196609062.jpg 
09325The Wilman story continuesWilliam Papas11 Jul 196609325.jpg 
59476Batman and robin!Nicholas Garland03 Oct 200159476.jpg 
PC2149"How come everyone recognises me even when I'm wearing this mask?"Charles Griffin25 Jun 1997PC2149.jpg 
PC2163[no caption]Peter Brookes27 Jun 1997PC2163.jpg 
60545[no caption]Paul Thomas15 Feb 200260545.jpg 
08424"Batman" the thrill serial, which has been sweeping America, is starting its London run today.Vicky [Victor Weisz]02 Feb 196608424.jpg 
25012"Well, you can't win them all, Robin!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]31 Aug 197325012.jpg 
09038"Three guesses as to who we're going to merge with!"David Myers23 May 196609038.jpg 
GGD0083No captionGrizelda Grizlingham05 Nov 2011GGD0083.jpg 
10383"Move over, old boy, I'm the Governor." / "Might have known we wouldn't be the only ones this year."Keith Waite30 Dec 196610383.jpg 
09028[no caption]William Papas23 May 196609028.jpg 
103527"Trump l'oeil"Michael Heath06 Mar 2016  
SBD0312[no caption]Steve Bell17 Jan 1997SBD0312.jpg 
103009"I just wonder if I'd be more intimidating as Seagullman?"Nicholas Newman26 Jul 2015103009.jpg 
10230"Has Batman lost? Will Smith survive? See the next thrilling episode!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]06 Dec 196610230.jpg 
10252"Oh, blimey, it's those two again!" [A colour film of "Batman" has just been released]Stanley Franklin09 Dec 196610252.jpg 
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