Person NameGaillard; Félix
LSE5754"How do we pack Old Inflexible.David Low (1891-1963)07 Mar 1958LSE5754.jpg 
VY1060[No caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]11 Dec 1957VY1060.jpg 
LSE5723Final event of the big meeting.David Low (1891-1963)20 Dec 1957LSE5723.jpg 
VY1036"...but, Monsieur Gaillard, we've all got to make sacrifices to save the Atlantic solidarity, united Europe, Western civilisation, the common cause, the Common Market, etc., etc. ..."Vicky [Victor Weisz]18 Nov 1957VY1036.jpg 
VY1121[No caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]06 Mar 1958VY1121.jpg 
VY1042Agreement on the scheme of linking the French and British electricity systems has been reached. - OfficialVicky [Victor Weisz]25 Nov 1957VY1042.jpg 
VY1051"Of course we're on the right road - just keep straight on, chaps ..."Vicky [Victor Weisz]06 Dec 1957VY1051.jpg 
LSE5747Colonel Blimp - French version.David Low (1891-1963)18 Feb 1958LSE5747.jpg 
VY1122"Daddy's on the engine, don't be afraid, Daddy knows what he is doing," said the pretty maid. - Old music hall songVicky [Victor Weisz]07 Mar 1958VY1122.jpg 
VY1061"Who says there ain't no Santa Claus?"Vicky [Victor Weisz]18 Dec 1957VY1061.jpg 
VY1119[No caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]04 Mar 1958VY1119.jpg 
LSE5767"Sorry, don't go that far"David Low (1891-1963)11 Apr 1958LSE5767.jpg 
VY1059"Never mind our next steps - just tell 'em to keep in line ..."Vicky [Victor Weisz]17 Dec 1957VY1059.jpg 
VY1056[no caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]14 Dec 1957VY1056.jpg 
LSE5735News Reel.David Low (1891-1963)17 Jan 1958LSE5735.jpg 
VY1058"Aw! Go away! You're just trying to spread disunity amongst us!"Vicky [Victor Weisz]16 Dec 1957VY1058.jpg 
VY1194"We thought you were dead ..." [also captioned The Death - Bed]Vicky [Victor Weisz]30 May 1958VY1194.jpg 
LSE5724[no caption]David Low (1891-1963)18 Dec 1957LSE5724.jpg 
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