Person NameElectrovic
VY3520"Today Vicky's computer-cartoonist, after having been fed all information, draws electronically a very cross section of the community"Vicky [Victor Weisz]19 Aug 1936 - 25 Feb 1966VY3520.jpg 
VY0664[No caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz][25 Jul 1956]VY0664.jpg 
VY2574[No caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]24 Sep 1964VY2574.jpg 
06177[No caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]08 Oct 196406177.jpg 
VY0657[No caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]17 Jul 1956VY0657.jpg 
VY2580[No caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]08 Oct 1964VY2580.jpg 
05994[No caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]24 Sep 196405994.jpg 
VY2208"Always-with-it-Vicky again hands over to Electrovic, his own computer cartoonist. Here is his first scientifically drawn picture of the new image of the classless Britain of 1963"Vicky [Victor Weisz](1963?)VY2208.jpg 
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