Person NameLittle Red Riding Hood
SurnameLittle Red Riding Hood
Other forms of nameRed Riding Hood, Little
05070Wolf!Frank Benier27 Feb 196405070.jpg 
63672"O, Grandmamma! What big teeth you have!"Nicholas Garland16 Jan 200363672.jpg 
PC2686[no caption]Bill McArthur23 Sep 1997PC2686.jpg 
VY2077[No caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]10 Dec 1962VY2077.jpg 
20928"Oh grandma - what big teeth you've got!"Nicholas Garland16 Aug 197120928.jpg 
42153"What big eyes, and what big teeth you have."Nicholas Garland01 Nov 198842153.jpg 
NG3738"What big eyes, and what big teeth you have."Nicholas Garland01 Nov 1988NG3738.jpg 
WDN0808We are off gold, but the gold fanatics of the Treasury and the Bank of England have saddled us with more of it than we have ever at any time before possessed. Dyson; Will (1880-1938)UnknownWDN0808.jpg 
WDN0815Little Red Riding Hood (French Version)
Mlle. France: "Mon Dieu! What large teeth you have, Grandma!"
Dyson; Will (1880-1938)UnknownWDN0815.jpg 
101083"I'm not so keen on this assisted dying idea!"Nicholas Newman20 Jun 2014101083.jpg 
101977"Why Grandmama, what clear, tight, unwrinkled skin you have!"Michael Heath18 Jan 2015101977.jpg 
WDN0124The malingering poor.
Little Red Riding Hood of National Insurance: "Oh, Granny, what large teeth you have!"
The Wicked Wolf of Malingering Poverty (pretending to be "Grandma Deserving-Case." whom he has gobbled up all at one bite): "All the better to eat you up with."
[But do not be frightened, Little Ones, do you not see that mighty hunter before the Lord, General Handel Booth, close at hand? And are not all of his name specialists in Salvation? He will save Little Red Riding Hood, wax fruit and all, from the Bad Wolf. He has done more notable things than this.]
Dyson; Will (1880-1938)15 July 1913WDN0124.jpg 
NG0726"Oh grandma - what big teeth you've got!"Nicholas Garland16 Aug 1971NG0726.jpg 
LSE1793Producer: "H'm.... hardly the cast I should have chosen myself...."David Low (1891-1963)02 Jan 1932LSE1793.jpg 
LSE5342Low's Topical BudgetDavid Low (1891-1963)01 Feb 1936LSE5342.jpg 
VY0230Today Vicky presents a super-panto with international starsVicky [Victor Weisz]13 Dec 1954VY0230.jpg 
CG/1/4/1/3/8/19No captionGiles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)18 Nov 1953GAA080953.jpg 
DL1057Low's Topical BudgetDavid Low (1891-1963)01 Feb 1936DL1057.jpg 
CG/1/1/1/658No captionGiles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)18 Nov 1953GA0901.jpg 
104695We're out of the woods!Chris Riddell30 Oct 2016104695.jpg 
105641"My, what a big social care bill you have"Nicholas Newman21 May 2017105641.jpg 
105284"And grandma, what big savings you have!"Jonathan Pugh18 Apr 2017105284.jpg 
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