Person NameGoliath
LSE7320David and Goliath (New Version).David Low (1891-1963)13 Oct 1925LSE7320.jpg 
11301'I Suppose You're Going To Be a Sorehead and Fight Back.'Bill Mauldin25 May 1967 
LSE0895David and Goliath - and what price Goliath?David Low (1891-1963)28 Feb 1918LSE0895.jpg 
19146"What do you think you're gonna do, shorty?"Herblock [Herbert Block]03 Dec 1970 
14542[no caption]Michael Cummings02 Jan 196914542.jpg 
LSE6573[no caption]David Low (1891-1963)28 Jun 1921LSE6573.jpg 
NG3017Goliath and DavidNicholas Garland18 Jun 1985NG3017.jpg 
17607"Look out, Goliath! Behiind you!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]08 Apr 197017607.jpg 
38515David and GoliathNicholas Garland17 Jun 198438515.jpg 
38882Goliath and DavidNicholas Garland18 Jun 198538882.jpg 
NG4477"David and Goliath"Nicholas Garland1977?NG4477.jpg 
22880"You're scared? Go home - I'll handle this myself!"Leslie Gibbard20 Jul 197222880.jpg 
WDN0923P.C. Baldwin: Hoi! you! We don't want you interferin': can't you see we've got 'im under arrest?Dyson; Will (1880-1938)UnknownWDN0923.jpg 
23645[no caption]Leslie Gibbard29 Dec 197223645.jpg 
NG2826David and GoliathNicholas Garland17 Jun 1984NG2826.jpg 
DB0029[no caption]Dave Brown16 Jan 1997DB0029.jpg 
NG5275David and GoliathNicholas Garland02 Sep 1993NG5275.jpg 
106791"Check David for sandpaper down his pants!"Nicholas Newman01 Apr 2018106791.jpg 
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