Person NameAly Khan; Prince; died 1960
SurnameAly Khan
Other forms of nameKhan, Aly, Prince
Epithetdied 1960
MW0697[no caption]Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]14 May 1960MW0697.jpg 
JL4250London Laughs. Baby-Kissing Politics / "If we could get a picture of the candidate kissing Yasmine, it might be worth thousands of votes."Joseph Lee09 Jan 1950JL4250.jpg 
JL5140London Laughs: Loves of Rita Hayworth. "Don't grieve too much son. Maybe Rita will have got over her girlish whims by the time you're old enough to take your place in the queue."Joseph Lee10 Sep 1953JL5140.jpg 
JL4878London Laughs. Reconciliations / "Disgusting, isn't it? If this Rita and Ali reconciliation lark catches on some o' you boys are going to be out o' business."Joseph Lee30 Sep 1952JL4878.jpg 
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