Person NameLollobrigida; Gina
14787"Forty years haven't exactly turned you into a Marcello Mastroianni, either!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]07 Feb 196914787.jpg 
09975"They can't say I'm dodging the freese - going to Russia in winter!" / "Bert does so take it to heart when Chelsea get beaten." / "Put her in Wormwood Scrubs and it would soon put a stop to the jailbreaks!"Norman Mansbridge07 Nov 196609975.jpg 
MC0188How I'd dress them by Cummings. / Ike as a traffic light / Krushchev - as an etiquette book / Butler - as an 'L' plate / Lollobrigida - as a rocket (to streamline a too familiar landscape) / His Lordship Earl Attlee as a simple common man (if you can imagine it) / Nye - as a future prime minister in 198 ? / The Chancellor - as Mr. Rising PriceMichael Cummings24 Feb 1956MC0188.jpg 
MC0410A"Some Christmas presents that might have been"Michael Cummings(1957?)MC0410A.jpg 
VY0548"Oh no, not that! We surrender!"Vicky [Victor Weisz]18 Feb 1956VY0548.jpg 
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