Person NameKilmuir; Lord
Other forms of nameFyfe, David Patrick Maxwell
05277"A few more loyal pats on the back like that, George, and our campaign will be superfluous"Michael Cummings25 Apr 196405277.jpg 
LSE8983[no caption]David Low (1891-1963)16 Dec 1948LSE8983.jpg 
LSE4627Narcissus at the poolDavid Low (1891-1963)10 Mar 1954LSE4627.jpg 
VY3685Kilmuir [No published caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]01 May 1964VY3685.jpg 
MC0406"There he goes, the Lord Chancellor! Him and his attitude of 'holier-than-thou!!"Michael Cummings06 Dec 1957MC0406.jpg 
LSE4630The outlook for signs and omensDavid Low (1891-1963)19 Mar 1954LSE4630.jpg 
MC1121[No caption]Michael Cummings14 Jul 1962MC1121.jpg 
VY3178"Quiet calm deliberation disentangles every knot" - one of Mr Macmillan's favourite quotationsVicky [Victor Weisz]03 Nov 1958 - 25 Feb 1966VY3178.jpg 
01760"Members of the crew! I have driven the ship on the rocks! for such shocking incompetence YOU'RE fired!"Michael Cummings15 Jul 196201760.jpg 
DL2943"Darts? O' course we allow darts! - so long as you don't chuck 'em at the staff"David Low (1891-1963)16 Dec 1948DL2943.jpg 
01783"... and, of course, my dear Rab, as Deputy Prime Minister you have the honour of being my food-taster"Michael Cummings25 Jul 196201783.jpg 
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