Person NameMollet; Guy (1905-1975)
LSE5626"In the Spring ..."David Low (1891-1963)13 Mar 1957LSE5626.jpg 
VY0681"Er, this thing still here? I'd almost forgotten it ..."Vicky [Victor Weisz]10 Aug 1956VY0681.jpg 
VY0680"Er, this thing is still here? I'd almost forgotten it."Vicky [Victor Weisz]10 Aug 1956VY0680.jpg 
VY0905"Fin de partie"Vicky [Victor Weisz]25 May 1957VY0905.jpg 
VY0716You have been warnedVicky [Victor Weisz]14 Sep 1956VY0716.jpg 
VY3352"... after all the dirty work I've done for them ..."Vicky [Victor Weisz]23 May 1957VY3352.jpg 
VY0663"About turn!" Dr. Adenaauer hass protested to the allies about the proposed reductions of their forces in Gerrmany. / The Cold War / US / FranceVicky [Victor Weisz]24 Jul 1956VY0663.jpg 
VY3355"Alors! He's bound to win - he's the only competitor ...!"Vicky [Victor Weisz]27 Jan 1954 - 11 Nov 1958VY3355.jpg 
LSE5569Improvement to the Egyptian model.David Low (1891-1963)20 Oct 1956LSE5569.jpg 
VY3426"Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose ..."Vicky [Victor Weisz]19 Aug 1936 - 25 Feb 1966VY3426.jpg 
VY3114"It's all right, it's just a police action...!"Vicky [Victor Weisz]19 Aug 1936 - 25 Feb 1966VY3114.jpg 
LSE5563Rock 'n' roll.David Low (1891-1963)14 Sep 1956LSE5563.jpg 
VY0725"Gentlemen, why not change into something suitable for an Indian summer?"Vicky [Victor Weisz]24 Sep 1956VY0725.jpg 
LSE5502Sleeping Beauty.David Low (1891-1963)11 Apr 1956LSE5502.jpg 
VY0577Rustle of Spring?Vicky [Victor Weisz]27 Mar 1956VY0577.jpg 
VY0892A"Chess is the game where the keen player doesn't mind how long it lasts." - Mr. MacMillan, May 7Vicky [Victor Weisz]11 May 1957VY0892A.jpg 
VY0857A"Socialist!"Vicky [Victor Weisz]30 Mar 1957VY0857A.jpg 
MC0358"You too, Ike! Let us give you some advice..."Michael Cummings26 Sep 1957MC0358.jpg 
VY0588"There is no cause for alarm! Of course we know how to do it - we've been doing it for years and years ..."Vicky [Victor Weisz]11 Apr 1956VY0588.jpg 
VY0759"Well, we've achieved our aims : the belligerents are separated, the canal is open, the oil is flowing freely and Nasser's gone!"Vicky [Victor Weisz]08 Nov 1956VY0759.jpg 
ILW2702[Illingworth cartoon ILW 2702]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197912 November 1956ILW2702.jpg 
LSE5575Night in the desert.David Low (1891-1963)02 Nov 1956LSE5575.jpg 
LSE5583Petrol Prospects.David Low (1891-1963)23 Nov 1956LSE5583.jpg 
VY0840"Non, non, Monsieur Mollet! I'm not tip-toeing out, I'm practising the goose-step!"Vicky [Victor Weisz]12 Mar 1957VY0840.jpg 
VY1201"Ah - saved ..." [Published caption : 'Saved!']Vicky [Victor Weisz]07 Jun 1958VY1201.jpg 
LSE5489Ideal Home Exhibition.David Low (1891-1963)09 Mar 1956LSE5489.jpg 
MC0271Next big three conference : his altitude the President receives Mac and Mollet.Michael Cummings30 Jan 1957MC0271.jpg 
VY0520French Can't Can'tVicky [Victor Weisz]17 Jan 1956VY0520.jpg 
MC0391[Overheard at Brighton by Cummings crossed out]Michael Cummings14 Oct 1957MC0391.jpg 
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