Person NameJesus Christ
SurnameJesus Christ
04988Israel JordanTim [Louis Mitelberg]05 Jan 1964 
20027[no caption]Gerald Scarfe11 Apr 1971 
64915William attempts to walk on waterGerald Scarfe25 Jun 2000 
22268Scarfe's Easter MessageGerald Scarfe02 Apr 1972 
KL0552[no caption]Kal [Kevin Kallaugher]23 Dec 1986KL0552.jpg 
20732"He MIGHT still be heading for Europe but I think he's showing off"Keith Waite12 Jul 197120732.jpg 
JJ0496[no caption]John Jensen03 Jul 1977JJ0496.jpg 
00417The island they named after Christ... Mr. Macmillan announced last week that the Americans were to be allowed to use Christmas Island for atomic testsArthur Wragg11 Feb 196200417.jpg 
00856What happened to Him?Arthur Wragg22 Apr 196200856.jpg 
CG/1/1/2/1380no captionGiles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)08 Apr 1984GA4653.jpg 
05364'He stirreth up the people.' - St Luke. 23.v.Abu Abraham29 Mar 196405364.jpg 
31014[no caption]John Jensen03 Jul 197731014.jpg 
31288"Get thee behind me, Woodrow!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]30 Sep 197731288.jpg 
101930Virgin on the RidiculousDave Brown26 Dec 2014101930.jpg 
SBD0286[no caption]Steve Bell22 Oct 1996SBD0286.jpg 
WDCP0120[No Caption]Dyson; Will (1880-1938)30 September 1928 WDCP0120.jpg 
WDC0076"My son we are powerless, the bankers have spoken..."Dyson; Will (1880-1938)[1929]WDC0076.jpg 
RSN0263[No Caption] Ralph Steadman01 December 1988RSN0263.jpg 
MRD0381This is obviously a spare bedroom! Now clear off!Martin Rowson14 Dec 2013MRD0381.jpg 
WDCP0002Via DollorosaDyson; Will (1880-1938)UndatedWDCP0002.jpg 
96572And Jesus spake unto Zacchaeus:-Nick Hayes16 Apr 201296572.jpg 
96619The ResurrectionDave Brown07 Apr 201296619.jpg 
SC0094No captionPeter Schrank07 Nov 1999SC0094.jpg 
SC0098What north - south divide?Peter Schrank07 Dec 1999SC0098.jpg 
SC0315[no caption]Peter Schrank04 Dec 2005SC0315.jpg 
99941[A modern nativity]Michael Heath15 Dec 201399941.jpg 
101363[Standing on the Cross]Bob Moran10 Aug 2014101363.jpg 
101457"Can you turn the wine back to water? We can charge more"Jonathan Pugh29 Jul 2014101457.jpg 
100810"We have a problem. Someone has a fish allergy"Jonathan Pugh14 May 2014100810.jpg 
MRD0542Dad! Who are those old men wearing dresses who worship statues of me where I'm practically naked?Martin Rowson20 Oct 2014MRD0542.jpg 
SCD0201"Father forgive them, for they know not what they do"Peter Schrank08 Jun 2014SCD0201.jpg 
SCD0198"Oh no! Not another politican taking my name in vain"Peter Schrank20 Apr 2014SCD0198.jpg 
GGD0805"You're completely out of touch with how ordinary people live."Grizelda GrizlinghamUndatedGGD0805.jpg 
MA0051"Get thee behind me, Woodrow!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]30 Sep 1977MA0051.jpg 
95969News of the LevesonSteve Bell29 Nov 201195969.jpg 
SBD0960News of the LevesonSteve Bell29 Nov 2011SBD0960.jpg 
SBD1579[Boris and the Nativity]Steve Bell13 Nov 2015SBD1579.jpg 
65380"Well, I'll be glad when he learns to control his miracles!" / "That's right, sir ... I'm beginning to suspect they've moved on to hats!" / "Don't be silly! ... How on earth are you going to get down the pub in this weather?"Tom Johnston27 Dec 200165380.jpg 
VY1583[No caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]26 Dec 1959VY1583.jpg 
GGD1387[Nativity]Grizelda Grizlingham08 Dec 2017GGD1387.jpg 
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