Person NameMarie Antoinette; Queen of France
SurnameMarie Antoinette
EpithetQueen of France
NG3992[no caption]Nicholas Garland14 Jul 1989NG3992.jpg 
NG2894"C'est une revolte?" "Non, Madame, c'est une revolution!"Nicholas Garland05 Dec 1984NG2894.jpg 
NG1162"Let them eat bread!"Nicholas Garland10 May 1974NG1162.jpg 
64923"Unbelievable!" / "Unless you give me £100 I'll accuse you of pocketing £100!" / "Let them eat brithday cake!"Tom Johnston03 Jul 200064923.jpg 
MW3036"Famous Last Words"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]23 Nov 1973MW3036.jpg 
23692"The people are hungry? Then let them eat paper! With horseradish sauce!"Michael Cummings08 Jan 197323692.jpg 
37311"C'est une revolte?" "Non, Madame, c'est une revolution!"Nicholas Garland05 Dec 198437311.jpg 
19246"Let them eat cake!" / "Let them eat television sets!"Michael Cummings18 Dec 197019246.jpg 
DB0219[no caption]Dave Brown02 Feb 2000DB0219.jpg 
95953Having One's Cake ....Dave Brown03 Dec 201195953.jpg 
WH4979Supply and demand in "antiques". [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden01 Mar 1923WH4979.jpg 
00867"Let 'em eat cake!"Vicky [Victor Weisz]18 Apr 196200867.jpg 
98341EU Budget cuts ....Peter Brookes09 Feb 201398341.jpg 
18678"Our privileges are in danger! Dangerous revolutionaries are after us!"Michael Cummings27 Sep 197018678.jpg 
CU0459["Criticise Leopold? But he's only behaving as any self-respecting monarch should behave."]Michael Cummings31 Jul 1950CU0459.jpg 
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