Person NameBuddha
65143"Who left that Bishop there?" / "Hold it! ... Think of your stress levels!" / "Tell your master we want to talk to him about his council house purchase!" / "I can't believe it's not Buddha!"Tom Johnston21 Mar 200165143.jpg 
AH0142'He who has given up both victory and defeat, he is contented and happy' - Buddha, The Way of the LawArthur Horner15 Apr 1966AH0142.jpg 
65145"What are the odds we'll be around to find out who shot Phil?" / "It's the programme that gives 'nobodies' a chance to get on telly!" / "What ... no Daniella Westbrook?"Tom Johnston12 Mar 200165145.jpg 
NG5347[no caption]Nicholas Garland31 Dec 1993NG5347.jpg 
64880"I can't believe it's not Buddha!" / "For the last time, Sophie.... I don't want to buy your ruddy PR company!" / "Who for?... Archer? ... Hamilton?.... Aitken?...Tom Johnston17 May 200064880.jpg 
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