Person NameLynch; Jack
21047[no caption]Leslie Gibbard07 Sep 197121047.jpg 
23618"Isn't it nice to think that after all these years dear old M.I.5 have made the headlines again?!"Osbert Lancaster22 Dec 197223618.jpg 
17780"Sit down, Murphy, your Luger's showing!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]08 May 197017780.jpg 
20934How to Make the Irish StewGerald Scarfe16 Aug 1971 
21038The second opinion?Mac [Stan McMurtry]06 Sep 197121038.jpg 
21949Under ordersLeslie Gibbard05 Feb 197221949.jpg 
23616"Yes, Mr. Heath! We're cracking down on the I.R.A. by arresting anyone who might help you in cracking down on them!"Michael Cummings22 Dec 197223616.jpg 
20974'But, Mr Lynch, what if the dirty English retaliate by not drinking Guinness?'Jon [William John Philpin Jones]21 Aug 197120974.jpg 
21085"Shure, Patrick, an' 'tis a terrible shame the way some people fight among themselves."Paul Rigby14 Sep 197121085.jpg 
20979[no caption]Gerald Scarfe22 Aug 1971 
22084[no caption]Sidney William Martin27 Feb 197222084.jpg 
22580[no caption]Leslie Gibbard27 May 197222580.jpg 
20927"I assure you - I'm simply trying to blow out the flames...!"John Jensen15 Aug 197120927.jpg 
23481"Seconds out - round two!"Nicholas Garland28 Nov 197223481.jpg 
23048"Never mind how long it is - keep going!"Bernard Cookson04 Sep 197223048.jpg 
24930"This must be the first time in living memory an Irishman forgot something!"Michael Cummings15 Aug 197324930.jpg 
16106[no caption]Leslie Gibbard15 Aug 196916106.jpg 
23525[no caption]Leslie Gibbard05 Dec 197223525.jpg 
23510[no caption]Gerald Scarfe03 Dec 1972 
23078"I hope this doesn't give the idea to Mr. Heath to send the R.A.F. to bomb Dublin..."Michael Cummings11 Sep 197223078.jpg 
JJ0354Published caption: "I assure you - I'm simply trying to blow out the flames...!"John Jensen15 Aug 1971JJ0354.jpg 
NG0849"Seconds out - round two!"Nicholas Garland28 Nov 1972NG0849.jpg 
21021'...And in future keep your army on your own side of the fence!'Leslie Gibbard01 Sep 197121021.jpg 
21648[no caption]Michael Cummings17 Dec 197121648.jpg 
23052'We don't play that game here, my man...'Arthur Horner05 Sep 197223052.jpg 
JJ0208[No caption]John Jensen17 Aug 1969JJ0208.jpg 
21183InternedMichael Cummings25 Oct 197121183.jpg 
22251[no caption]Bernard Cookson28 Mar 197222251.jpg 
23521"There ain't room enough in this country for the two of us!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]04 Dec 197223521.jpg 
22858[no caption]Michael Cummings16 Jul 197222858.jpg 
22226"This was supposed to be a private chat, Brian!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]23 Mar 197222226.jpg 
16120[no caption]Leslie Gibbard18 Aug 196916120.jpg 
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