Person NameChichester; Francis; Sir
11320"Not a word to the public but they've been buying chimp art for years."Keith Waite30 May 196711320.jpg 
12980"Over a bit to starboard ... mind that rock ... watch that boat ahead..."Stanley Franklin27 Feb 196812980.jpg 
11315"Hurry - I don't want to get my hair wet." / "At least we won't have to watch telly tonight."Norman Mansbridge30 May 196711315.jpg 
11287"A promising diplomat young Pinbody - we're thinking of sending him to China." / Chinese Embassy / Letters / Protest Notes / Britain's Policy P.M.Keith Waite25 May 196711287.jpg 
10928"Here's something for your log, Sir Francis - '3 a.m. sighted, 3.15 a.m. landed at Bow Street.'"David Myers23 Mar 196710928.jpg 
11321"I don't like the look of it I tell you, I don't like the look of it at all." / "Sir Francis wil arrive a little late" - news item. / Non-prize-winning entry for the Sun stamp contestKeith Waite29 May 196711321.jpg 
22773"And he wants to know which country has the best exchange rate against the pound."Paul Rigby01 Jul 197222773.jpg 
11310"Looks as if he's heard about John Lennon's Rolls-Royce"Stanley Franklin29 May 196711310.jpg 
10272"...After the flood warning, Francis Chichester's personal account of what it feels like to be marooned, alone on a yacht for 107 days!"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]13 Dec 196610272.jpg 
MW2347"That's life. They let him finish his welcome home lunch, then nick him for smuggling!"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]08 Jul 1967MW2347.jpg 
11303"Goodbye, and remember, not a word to the wife!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]27 May 196711303.jpg 
16984Into the Seventies with WaiteKeith Waite01 Jan 197016984.jpg 
10255"I thought you said you'd be here by Thursday?"Jak [Raymond Jackson]09 Dec 196610255.jpg 
22793"The good news - your flight is ready for take-off. The bad news - 3 1/2% surcharge." / "Single-handed yacht race 46degrees 20' N, 32 degrees 5' W and all's well..." / "Wouldn't mind if they didn't all ask the same embarrassing question - 'Flogged any more yet?'" / "HE'S been listening to the news about whales, and now I'M lumbered with a jumbo tin of the stuff...."David Langdon02 Jul 197222793.jpg 
11360"Don't look now, but here comes Chichester." / "I forsee a period of controlled growth and expansion... A gentle but progressive improvement in your standard of living." / "Britain's first coin-operated weather forecasting machine goes into operation this summer."Keith Waite05 Jun 196711360.jpg 
10291"What with the souvenir hunters, cobber, I reckon your return trip is going to be a cow"David Myers13 Dec 196610291.jpg 
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