Person NameCooper; Henry
18643"Lads, I want you to meet the new coach."Sidney William Martin20 Sep 197018643.jpg 
08982"I see Mr. Docherty's strengthened the side for the return against Barcelona!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]13 May 196608982.jpg 
09021"Clay didn't worry me, but that fellow Muhammmad!"Jon [William John Philpin Jones]23 May 196609021.jpg 
09031"It happens every time the door bell goes!"David Myers20 May 196609031.jpg 
LA0027"Pity. We was going to do a knees-up if you'd won..."David Langdon14 Sep 1969LA0027.jpg 
08793"I'll take Clay, if you'll look after Smith."Jon [William John Philpin Jones]17 Apr 196608793.jpg 
SF0005"Hello, I see Henry Cooper is Seb's new trainer!"Stanley FranklinundatedSF0005.jpg 
09003"Mind if I join you? - I'm a greengrocer, too."Keith Waite19 May 196609003.jpg 
14259"I know, I know. These mornings, go by the clock, not whether it's still dark outside...." / "And a few more electric shaver points around the place ..." / "It's okay, dear. Just some-one's seconds throwing down a challenge ..."David Langdon17 Nov 196814259.jpg 
02695[no caption]Roy Ullyett22 Mar 196302695.jpg 
LA0100A"Blimey, imagine tackling THAT lot, thinking they might be burglars ..."David Langdon01 Nov 1970LA0100A.jpg 
LA0108B"MUST you keep re-showing your old fourth round knockdown of Cassius Clay, Henry?"David Langdon29 Oct 1970LA0108B.jpg 
08822"A pound of spuds and a couple of free tickets for the Big Fight..." / "Never thought I'd ever call HIM my Ton-Up Boy...", "Your claim for 1s. 6d. a job will have to go in the pipeline along with all the others..." / "Would you new MPs stop waking us up with your 'Coos!', 'Oo-ers!' , and 'Fancy thats!"David Langdon24 Apr 196608822.jpg 
13553"He's just had hi big promotion - wall to wall carpets and a bugged telephone." / "The local party is hopelessly divided, one member is for poor Jeremy and the other is against him." / "Now, remember, none of the my-old-man-can-beat-your-old-man."Keith Waite12 Jun 196813553.jpg 
16266"Pity. We was going to do a knees-up if you'd won..." / "Would you mind sorting my Parliamentary letters from the offers of marriage... " / "Much rather she had a Mini as a runabout..." / "Blast Dior! Why is my old winter coat too long for me but okay for HER?"David Langdon14 Sep 196916266.jpg 
LA0246"Honest, you could take Bodell and Gizzi on together WITH your gammy knee..."David Langdon19 Oct 1969LA0246.jpg 
16493"Honest, you could take Bodell and Gizzi on together WITH your gammy knee..."David Langdon19 Oct 196916493.jpg 
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