Person NameTrueman; Fred
01873"... and anyone dropping a catch will be dealt with by the skipper."Jon [William John Philpin Jones]12 Jul 196201873.jpg 
03619"This is your room, Mr. Trueman"Jon [William John Philpin Jones]14 Jun 196303619.jpg 
03403"Not bad for a batsman, eh?"Jon [William John Philpin Jones]14 May 196303403.jpg 
01376"Now one right through the Press box."Jon [William John Philpin Jones]22 Jun 196201376.jpg 
02210"That'll teach you to ask about my lumbago on your way to the wicket."Jon [William John Philpin Jones]01 Dec 196202210.jpg 
01848"Looks like Dexter for manager now."Jon [William John Philpin Jones]19 Jul 196201848.jpg 
05639"Say five times after me..."Jon [William John Philpin Jones]22 Jun 196405639.jpg 
01814"We accept your apology, Mr. Trueman."Derek Fullarton25 Jul 196201814.jpg 
02260[no caption]Roy Ullyett04 Dec 196202260.jpg 
03475"Well, it was a joke in bad taste getting the Hon. Sec. to tell Freddie we're docking another fifty off his bonus."Jak [Raymond Jackson]21 May 196303475.jpg 
02402[no caption]Roy Ullyett18 Dec 196202402.jpg 
08222"Not even an l.b.w."Jon [William John Philpin Jones]01 Jan 196608222.jpg 
04022"Poisoned finger my FOOT!"Jon [William John Philpin Jones]26 Jul 196304022.jpg 
MW1053"Couldn't you get Earl Russell to send a note of protest, Your Grace?"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]27 Oct 1962MW1053.jpg 
14755'If it isn't yer actual Freddie Truman, it must be yer actual Gerald Nabarro!'Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]04 Feb 196914755.jpg 
05844'I tell yer, mate, it they want ter get this lot out they'll 'ave to call in Freddie Trueman.'Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]25 Jul 196405844.jpg 
MW2054Emmwood's Vintage Freds - "In Fred Ig" "Inf-red" "Con Fred Erate" "Fur-Red" "Fred Bare" "Fred Up"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]18 Jun 1964MW2054.jpg 
03330[no caption]Roy Ullyett07 May 196303330.jpg 
67116"Reet, Padre ... there were me an' Brian Statham, t'Aussies, were forty for nowt and t'sun were shinin' on young Benaud's hair..."Clive Collins02 June 199167116.jpg 
MW2173Printed above the cartoon: Emmwood's RHYMES FOR THE TIMES Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]11 Sep 1965MW2173.jpg 
14754"Gad, the MCC have selected a new England team!"Stanley Franklin04 Feb 196914754.jpg 
02444[no caption]Roy Ullyett21 Dec 196202444.jpg 
05652Emmwood's Vintage Freds - "In Fred Ig" "Inf-red" "Con Fred Erate" "Fur-Red" "Fred Bare"
"Fred Up"
Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]18 Jun 196405652.jpg 
02125Ullyett's Top TenRoy Ullyett31 Aug 196202125.jpg 
07636Emmwood's RHYMES FOR THE TIMESEmmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]11 Sep 196507636.jpg 
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