Person NameJuncker; Jean-Claude (1954-)
AboutPrime Minister Luxembourg 1995-2013 President European Commission 2014
MRD0653MoreMartin Rowson23 May 2015MRD0653.jpg 
101109The Female Coach...Peter Brookes24 Jun 2014101109.jpg 
103983Top GearBob Moran29 May 2016103983.jpg 
CLD0753Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!Scott [Clissold; Scott]2017CLD0753.jpg 
BAD0220TurkeyBrian Adcock19 Mar 201672043.jpg 
BAD0172"Hello foreign oiks, let's do business!"Brian Adcock15 Jul 2016BAD0172.jpg 
CLD0778"I can see you're all busy so I'll just leave this here!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]03 Jul 2016CLD0778.jpg 
101173"It looks like we're going to have to grit our teeth and work with this authoritatian fundamentalist, whose regime stands for everything we oppose..."Christian Adams18 Jun 2014101173.jpg 
SCD0190"Rebekah?! Help me! I need a new spin doctor to raise my profile"Peter Schrank29 Jun 2014SCD0190.jpg 
101490C D E FChristian Adams15 Aug 2014101490.jpg 
BJD0173[European Union]Ben Jennings28 Jun 2014BJD0173.jpg 
101221The Art of Picture Cropping...Peter Brookes18 Jul 2014101221.jpg 
BJD0338"So..."Ben Jennings23 May 2015BJD0338.jpg 
101358"Dear Mishter Cameron. Thanksh for the peesh offering. I think perhapsh you and I can do businesh after all..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]01 Jul 2014101358.jpg 
MRD0483100 Years Ago... Martin Rowson28 Jun 2014MRD0483.jpg 
101178JunckerChristian Adams11 Jun 2014101178.jpg 
BJD0337"I hope we can have a productive meeting, Mr Juncker..."Ben Jennings26 May 2015BJD0337.jpg 
101240UnshufflableChristian Adams17 Jul 2014101240.jpg 
MRD0674AtheismMartin Rowson06 Jul 2015MRD0674.jpg 
102772Asteroid Day: 'Raising awareness to prevent impending catastrophe'Christian Adams30 Jun 2015102772.jpg 
SCD0222Angela and the G7 DwarvesPeter Schrank07 Jun 2015SCD0222.jpg 
102912[European Gods and Greece]Christian Adams14 Jul 2015102912.jpg 
102449Je Suis JezzaPeter Brookes13 Mar 2015102449.jpg 
103220OvercrowdingChristian Adams25 Sep 2015103220.jpg 
SBD1519"One for all...and all F*** Greece!"Steve Bell30 Jun 2015SBD1519.jpg 
MRD0668[The Raft of Medusa]Martin Rowson28 Jun 2015MRD0668.jpg 
CLD0463In-Out EU ReferendumScott [Clissold; Scott]24 May 2015CLD0463.jpg 
MRD0670"Well, if that's their attitude!"Martin Rowson29 Jun 2015MRD0670.jpg 
SBD1524Greek Democracy is an Irrelevant CircusSteve Bell08 Jul 2015SBD1524.jpg 
103696A Greek TragedyChristian Adams27 Jan 2016103696.jpg 
102803"Gimme an 'm'!"Morten Morland19 Jun 2015102803.jpg 
MRD0636[Hydra]Martin Rowson22 Feb 2015MRD0636.jpg 
MRD0582Ironies which one imagines would not have been lost on my murdered colleagues ...Martin Rowson12 Jan 2015MRD0582.jpg 
102990"Hang on, that's my job!"Kipper Williams16 Jul 2015102990.jpg 
SCD0227[EU Ocean Liner]Peter Schrank28 Jun 2015SCD0227.jpg 
BAD0102"Mr Cameron, with these modest proposals you are really spoiling us"Brian Adcock26 May 2015BAD0102.jpg 
CLD0540Migrants Crisis LatestScott [Clissold; Scott]06 Sep 2015CLD0540.jpg 
103170State of the Union...Morten Morland10 Sep 2015103170.jpg 
BAD0160Acrimonious.....Brian Adcock26 Jun 2016BAD0160.jpg 
103231State of the Union...Christian Adams10 Sep 2015103231.jpg 
104048Dog Brings Back Small BoneGerald Scarfe21 Feb 2016 
CLD0303"Why on earth would you want to leave?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]29 Jun 2014CLD0303.jpg 
CLD0096And the winner is...?Scott [Clissold; Scott]02 Mar 2014CLD0096.jpg 
MRD0589Relax! I have come to save us all from Austerity!Martin Rowson27 Jan 2015MRD0589.jpg 
BAD0044"It was a moral victory"Brian Adcock30 Jun 2014BAD0044.jpg 
102512[Targets]Dave Brown10 Apr 2015102512.jpg 
102711Working Dinner at Chequers...Morten Morland26 May 2015102711.jpg 
101132David and GoliathDave Brown28 Jun 2014101132.jpg 
104187"You as leader would be a horris scenario"Christian Adams27 May 2016104187.jpg 
104275[Brexit Snakes and Ladders]Christian Adams14 Jul 2016104275.jpg 
104276Working DinnerChristian Adams29 Jun 2016104276.jpg 
104284"Thank goodness that's over"Christian Adams24 Jun 2016104284.jpg 
104317The Last Supper...Peter Brookes29 Jun 2016104317.jpg 
103601DemandsChristian Adams31 Dec 2015103601.jpg 
103608[Cameron on a plate]Dave Brown18 Dec 2015103608.jpg 
104602"What people really want is more Europe!!"Christian Adams07 Sep 2016104602.jpg 
106375Back to WorkPatrick Blower02 Jan 2018106375.jpg 
104776Freedom of movementChristian Adams17 Nov 2016104776.jpg 
105028The Internet Daily : Friday 13 Jan 2017Christian Adams13 Jan 2017105028.jpg 
CLD0882"Pull!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]02 Apr 2017CLD0882.jpg 
CLD0900"Mind if my new friend joins us?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]05 Feb 2017CLD0900.jpg 
MRD1024Is there anybody out there?Martin Rowson19 Jun 2017MRD1024.jpg 
CLD0923BREXITScott [Clissold; Scott]09 Apr 2017CLD0923.jpg 
CLD0926Trump - UK-US Trade Deal to Happen QuicklyScott [Clissold; Scott]09 Jul 2017CLD0926.jpg 
CLD0959"I believe you've all met Nicola?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]14 Mar 2017CLD0959.jpg 
CLD1060[Star Escaping the EU]Scott [Clissold; Scott]30 Mar 2017CLD1060.jpg 
CLD1064"Rule 73...We insist the Brits stop laughing at the new Ronaldo sculpture!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]31 Mar 2017CLD1064.jpg 
105092TicketsBob Moran02 Feb 2017105092.jpg 
104897"Here's to 2017!!"Christian Adams16 Dec 2016104897.jpg 
105027RevealedChristian Adams17 Jan 2017105027.jpg 
105180The Lame Duck Walk - after Chuck BerryChristian Adams20 Mar 2017105180.jpg 
104905BrexitChristian Adams21 Dec 2017104905.jpg 
104985"Tatty Bye!"Bob Moran01 Jan 2017104985.jpg 
105197Small printBob Moran05 Mar 2017105197.jpg 
105343"Tonight, we will be using traditional EU rules"Bob Moran30 Apr 2017105343.jpg 
105167The lettersChristian Adams30 Mar 2017105167.jpg 
BAD0332Coming Soon...Brian Adcock25 Feb 2018BAD0332.jpg 
MRD1097Pausing briefly to acknowledge the thunderous applause...Martin Rowson16 Dec 2017MRD1097.jpg 
MRD1099[Ghostly May]Martin Rowson15 Dec 2017MRD1099.jpg 
MRD1098Disclosure of Vital Evidence Scandal - latest picturesMartin Rowson16 Dec 2017MRD1098.jpg 
MRD1101Embarrassment ThresholdMartin Rowson09 Dec 2017MRD1101.jpg 
MRD11141 Sack Best British Fighting FerretsMartin Rowson13 Nov 2017MRD1114.jpg 
MRD1122Meal Deal Meal No DealMartin Rowson21 Oct 2017MRD1122.jpg 
105015The Sound of Madness...Peter Brookes18 Jan 2017105015.jpg 
105396Le Déjeuner du Brexit d'apres ManetPeter Brookes04 May 2017105396.jpg 
105384May Day!Morten Morland01 May 2017105384.jpg 
BJD0493[Brexit Negotiations]Ben Jennings10 Dec 2017BJD0493.jpg 
MRD1168"What's so wrong about Peace, Love & Understanding?"Martin Rowson24 Mar 2018MRD1168.jpg 
SBD1805"I am the victim of a deliberate, politically-motivated attack!"Steve Bell05 May 2017SBD1805.jpg 
CLD1113"Stop winding the up, Hammond!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]06 Aug 2017CLD1113.jpg 
CLD1133Superstorm...Scott [Clissold; Scott]10 Sep 2017CLD1133.jpg 
CLD1173"Never mind Brexit - what's the latest on Ant and Dec?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]23 Mar 2018CLD1173.jpg 
106133"Yes, I got Mr Juncker a nice pair of socks...what's that clicking noise?...who's that?...someone said 'Zut alors, no wine?'...hello...?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]14 Dec 2017106133.jpg 
106612John Bull and His Friends a Serio-Comic Map of EuropePatrick Blower20 Mar 2018106612.jpg 
105840Je t' non plusPatrick Blower01 Sep 2017105840.jpg 
105970"Good is the news"Patrick Blower06 Oct 2017105970.jpg 
105973"The ball's in your court..."Patrick Blower10 Oct 2017105973.jpg 
105969"This ought to unfreeze everything"Patrick Blower17 Oct 2017105969.jpg 
105911State of the Union AddressPatrick Blower14 Sep 2017105911.jpg 
105958"Bien sur, Monsieur Davis is paying"Patrick Blower23 Oct 2017105958.jpg 
106754At the SupermarketPatrick Blower20 Apr 2018106754.jpg 
106611Cod Do BatterPatrick Blower21 Mar 2018106611.jpg 
BAD0339"Maybe the fumes will drift over to the UK and choke a few Brits"Brian Adcock29 Aug 2017BAD0339.jpg 
BAD0343Temperatures on the rise in Europe...Brian Adcock06 Aug 2017BAD0343.jpg 
BAD0370Brexit Negotiations Latest...Brian Adcock26 May 2018BAD0370.jpg 
BAD0383HellBrexitBrian Adcock06 Dec 2017BAD0383.jpg 
BAD0402"So Prime Minister, is it a downy soft Brexit you'll be persuing now?"Brian Adcock18 Jun 2017BAD0402.jpg 
BAD0418Negotiating Position...Brian Adcock02 Jul 2017BAD0418.jpg 
BAD0452A suspicious stinking tukey,...and some Tesco poultryBrian Adcock28 Dec 2017BAD0452.jpg 
BAD0454Stretching a Point...Brian Adcock23 Mar 2018BAD0454.jpg 
CLD1200America First!Scott [Clissold; Scott]03 Jun 2018CLD1200.jpg 
106520The Beasts from the EastPatrick Blower28 Feb 2018106520.jpg 
106517AcceptanceBob Moran04 Mar 2018106517.jpg 
106583FrozenChris Riddell04 Mar 2018106583.jpg 
106222It's just so great to finally speak to a guy who understandsBob Moran08 Oct 2017106222.jpg 
106221Give me a deal or I'll let him have it!Bob Moran22 Oct 2017106221.jpg 
106220It's alive!Bob Moran29 Oct 2017106220.jpg 
MRD1257"Just look at my winning hand!"Martin Rowson08 Oct 2018MRD1257.jpg 
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