Person NameXi Jinping (1953-)
SurnameXi Jinping
AboutGeneral Secretary of the Communist Party of China
103946State Visit Souvenir...Peter Brookes21 Oct 2015103946.jpg 
BAD0163Awkward...Brian Adcock04 Sep 2016BAD0163.jpg 
MRD0885St. TheresaMartin Rowson05 Sep 2016MRD0885.jpg 
BAD0172"Hello foreign oiks, let's do business!"Brian Adcock15 Jul 2016BAD0172.jpg 
97813Can the Tiger Change its Stripes?Dave Brown17 Nov 201297813.jpg 
BJD0045The Usual SuspectsBen Jennings17 Nov 2012BJD0045.jpg 
SCD0090A tale of two PresidentsPeter Schrank11 Nov 2012SCD0090.jpg 
97662'Remind me, which one of us suits is now in charge of China?'Michael Heath18 Nov 201297662.jpg 
97838The Chinese ReformerBob Moran16 Nov 201297838.jpg 
99604Strictly-New PartnersChristian Adams04 Sep 201399604.jpg 
103126"Honestly. Directions to the gents would have bee enough, Mr. Cameron."Mac [Stan McMurtry]21 Oct 2015103126.jpg 
103125Remember don't say slitty eyes!Mac [Stan McMurtry]20 Oct 2015103125.jpg 
MRD0721TonguesMartin Rowson19 Oct 2015MRD0721.jpg 
MRD0796Strategic ThinkingMartin Rowson30 Mar 2016  
BJD0271"Did he mention human rights?"Ben Jennings24 Oct 2015BJD0271.jpg 
SBD1568"Our #LongTermEconomicPlan is clearly working George!"Steve Bell23 Oct 2015SBD1568.jpg 
BJD0292Goodbye, 2015Ben Jennings02 Jan 2015BJD0292.jpg 
MRD0727Sugar RushMartin Rowson24 Oct 2015MRD0727.jpg 
103280Made in ChinaChristian Adams21 Oct 2015103280.jpg 
103263"Can't they keep these protests under control?"Christian Adams22 Oct 2015103263.jpg 
SBD1567[Chinese Nukes]Steve Bell22 Oct 2015SBD1567.jpg 
103375Chinese TakeawayDave Brown24 Oct 2015103375.jpg 
103319"No,no...after you Mr. President!"Dave Brown21 Oct 2015103319.jpg 
SBD1566Chinese for Cheap GirdersSteve Bell21 Oct 2015SBD1566.jpg 
103483British SteelDavid Simonds14 Feb 2016  
97792A walk in the park ... Peter Brookes06 Nov 201297792.jpg 
BJD0276"We saved the world!"Ben Jennings12 Dec 2015BJD0276.jpg 
105460Ancient Chinese Proverb...Peter Brookes16 Sep 2016105460.jpg 
104534Trojan Horse For the Nuclear AgeMichael Heath18 Sep 2016 
104570May: Golden era for UK-China relationsMorten Morland06 Sep 2016104570.jpg 
104572Saint Theresa of Brexit..?Morten Morland05 Sep 2016104572.jpg 
104601"It's time to fly the flag for investment, expertise and job creation!"Christian Adams16 Sep 2016104601.jpg 
105506One Country Two SystemsPatrick Blower30 Jun 2017105506.jpg 
CLD0943"Happy Valentines!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]12 Feb 2017CLD0943.jpg 
SBD1791"Get outa here with your goddamned wavin' pussy!!"Steve Bell07 Apr 2017SBD1791.jpg 
105599"My gift to the west!"Peter Brookes06 Jul 2017105599.jpg 
105255The International Beneficial Society for a Safer & More Stable WorldChristian Adams18 Apr 2017105255.jpeg 
MRD1168"What's so wrong about Peace, Love & Understanding?"Martin Rowson24 Mar 2018MRD1168.jpg 
105277Scary-Go-RoundMorten Morland04 Apr 2017105277.jpg 
105272Xi Trumps TrumpPeter Brookes07 Apr 2017105272.jpg 
CLD1106Theresa May's China VisitScott [Clissold; Scott]04 Feb 2018CLD1106.jpg 
105959Donald J. Trump ThoughtPatrick Blower25 Oct 2017105959.jpg 
BAD0444So, same s*** different year...Brian Adcock31 Dec 2017BAD0444.jpg 
BAD0474"I think I have spotted a hole in your strategy"Brian Adcock24 Mar 2018BAD0474.jpg 
CLD1200America First!Scott [Clissold; Scott]03 Jun 2018CLD1200.jpg 
106499Let's talk human rights...Peter Brookes02 Feb 2018106499.jpg 
106520The Beasts from the EastPatrick Blower28 Feb 2018106520.jpg 
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