Person NameWelby; Justin (1956-)
AboutAttended Eton and Cambridge. Career in oil industry. 2007 Dean of Liverpool, 2011 Bishop of Durham.
101975"More?!"Christian Adams08 Dec 2014101975.jpg 
SBD1626"Believe me, your madge - some of them are this bent!"Steve Bell11 May 2016SBD1626.jpg 
97786Stinking Bishop (Floreat Etona)Peter Brookes10 Nov 201297786.jpg 
97857Poisoned chaliceChristian Adams22 Nov 201297857.jpg 
97765Guard your steps when you go to the house of God Ecclesiastes5:1Gerald Scarfe11 Nov 2012 
97532The final contestant is the new Archbishop of Canterbury .....Paul Thomas09 Nov 201297532.jpg 
MRD0240Smothering SundayMartin Rowson11 Mar 2013MRD0240.jpg 
99322[Archbishop Canterbury]Andy Watt27 Jul 201399322.jpg 
101642"I'm just popping out to Tesco for five loaves and two fishes - is there anything you want dear?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]09 Dec 2014101642.jpg 
ADD0407Out money lendersAndy Davey26 Jul 2013ADD0407.jpg 
PTD0032"We couldn't afford to heat the water in the font..."Paul Thomas24 Oct 2013PTD0032.jpg 
102374...All creatures great...and small...Brighty [Steve Bright]19 Aug 2013102374.jpg 
102381"Good news, Your Grace..."Brighty [Steve Bright]04 Sep 2013102381.jpg 
102324"Yeah, I fink I read about it. They found him in a car park shoutin', swearin' and beating up a producer"Mac [Stan McMurtry]26 Mar 2015102324.jpg 
103653I've always been a fan...Peter Brookes12 Jan 2016103653.jpg 
103733"Thank goodness! I was afraid you were going to tell me he had an offshore invest fund"Bob Moran10 Apr 2016103733.jpg 
MRD0184Credulity, Superstition, FanaticismMartin Rowson10 Nov 2012MRD0184.jpg 
MRD1020"Stay where you are!!"Martin Rowson26 Jun 2017MRD1020.jpg 
ADD0332This gay marriage thing - er - any pointers?Andy Davey22 Mar 2013ADD0332.jpg 
105755"The lack of unity over Brexit is shameful"Bob Moran01 Aug 2017105755.jpg 
106873"Don't forget to turn your mobile phone off tomorrow. You don't want Meghan's loopy sister calling when you get to the 'just cause or impediment' bit."Mac [Stan McMurtry]18 May 2018106873.jpg 
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