Person NameHollande; Francois (1954-)
PTD0267Liberté. Egalité. UnitéPaul Thomas12 Jan 2015PTD0267.jpg 
100586The Charge of the Lite BrigadeDave Brown16 Feb 2001100586.jpg 
BJD0119Crimean PutinsulaBen Jennings08 Feb 2014BJD0119.jpg 
96533ContagionChris Riddell20 May 201296533.jpg 
96529You could always try removing it!Scott [Clissold; Scott]20 May 201296529.jpg 
BAD0011Iran Nuclear DealBrian Adcock11 Nov 2013BAD0011.jpg 
99406GassedPatrick Blower30 Aug 201399406.jpg 
96773Downfall of GreeceGerald Scarfe20 May 2012 
96552Euro visionChristian Adams27 May 201296552.jpg 
BAD0056"Bloody speed bumps"Brian Adcock01 Sep 2014BAD0056.jpg 
98100Mr BritanniaMichael Heath27 Jan 201398100.jpg 
BAD0220TurkeyBrian Adcock19 Mar 201672043.jpg 
96957Young George ....Dave Brown11 Jun 201296957.jpg 
96680Frog raceGerald Scarfe22 Apr 2012 
SCD0154"We must talk peace"Peter Schrank08 Feb 2015SCD0154.jpg 
100556Singles BarDavid Haldane01 Feb 2014100556.jpg 
102817Causing an Earthquake..?Dave Brown12 Jun 2015102817.jpg 
96780Extra time with penaltiesPhil Disley 21 May 201296780.jpg 
SCD0082No captionPeter Schrank16 May 2012SCD0082.jpg 
ADD0303No, no - you shake it all about first - then you go in or outAndy Davey24 Jan 2013ADD0303.jpg 
100299"Moi? Je suis le President de la belle France"Gerald Scarfe19 Jan 2014 
96531No captionChristian Adams20 May 201296531.jpg 
96781Fairy Story - Will Princess Angela transform Francois?Gerald Scarfe13 May 2012 
96670No captionMorten Morland23 Apr 201296670.jpg 
100631[Putin and his trophies]Peter Brookes25 Mar 2014100631.jpg 
99069We have to be at the top table!Christian Adams11 Jun 201399069.jpg 
96979... and the world looked on.....Gerald Scarfe10 Jun 2012 
SCD0098The Man Who ....Peter Schrank27 Jan 2013SCD0098.jpg 
101490C D E FChristian Adams15 Aug 2014101490.jpg 
96709Ze FiskalpaktChristian Adams16 May 201296709.jpg 
100643Bear BaitingChristian Adams18 Mar 2014100643.jpg 
96756Preparing for a first datePhil Disley 15 May 201296756.jpg 
100317C'est l'economie, Stupide!Dave Brown15 Jan 2014100317.jpg 
97221Aux armes, citoyens!Peter Brookes24 Jul 201297221.jpg 
96729No captionSteve Bell08 May 201296729.jpg 
96645No captionDave Brown24 Apr 201296645.jpg 
SCD0034No captionPeter Schrank06 May 2012SCD0034.jpg 
98832The Blind Leading the Blind in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria .... Peter Brookes after BruegelPeter Brookes08 Jun 201398832.jpg 
96842Pass! Pass!!Christian Adams24 Jun 201296842.jpg 
96991When Francois met Angela (after the late, great Nora Ephron... )Peter Brookes28 Jun 201296991.jpg 
100175Le CrunchChristian Adams02 Feb 2014100175.jpg 
SBD1006No captionSteve Bell08 May 2012SBD1006.jpg 
BJD0173[European Union]Ben Jennings28 Jun 2014BJD0173.jpg 
97858AAAChristian Adams21 Nov 201297858.jpg 
MRD0544Supping with the devil ...Martin Rowson25 Oct 2014MRD0544.jpg 
99621German EagleGerald Scarfe22 Sep 2013 
97349Fresco ruined by amateur restorers ...Morten Morland24 Aug 201297349.jpg 
100339" 'ow dare you call us ze basket case!"Christian Adams09 Jan 2014100339.jpg 
BJD0338"So..."Ben Jennings23 May 2015BJD0338.jpg 
SCD0138[Time running out]Peter Schrank08 Sep 2013SCD0138.jpg 
100917"Apres moi, le deluge"Peter Brookes28 May 2014100917.jpg 
99636On the BrinkDave Brown07 Sep 201399636.jpg 
102359"Blah, blah, blah, blah..."Andy Bunday07 Sep 2014102359.jpg 
99453Washington and the Toxic GasDave Brown24 Aug 201399453.jpg 
99135The Falsettos Meet the Real GangstersDave Brown21 Jun 201399135.jpg 
99149Conversion on the Road to DamascusDave Brown01 Jun 201399149.jpg 
100266"Va Va Voom!"Peter Brookes11 Jan 2014100266.jpg 
101485"Leave then! Partez!! I cast you away!"Christian Adams26 Aug 2014101485.jpg 
102877"Sacré bleu"Bob Moran02 Aug 2015102877.jpg 
100346"Ridiculous, non?"Bob Moran17 Jan 2014100346.jpg 
99778"We've never been closer!"Christian Adams23 Oct 201399778.jpg 
99604Strictly-New PartnersChristian Adams04 Sep 201399604.jpg 
101025"Zut alors! Zhat wurz close!"Dave Brown01 Apr 2014101025.jpg 
SBD1273[Hollande Olympia]Steve Bell15 Jan 2014SBD1273.jpg 
101245[Cossacks]Christian Adams01 October 2003101245.jpg 
101544Study For a Running DogDave Brown16 Aug 2014  
100585Alternative cheap gas supply...Dave Brown07 Mar 2014100585.jpg 
100103"Are you sure this is secret enough monsiuer le president?"Michael Heath19 Jan 2014100103.jpg 
101373[Obama on a Tight Rope]Ben Jennings02 Sep 2013101373.jpg 
101516No Comeback...Morten Morland27 Aug 2014101516.jpg 
101875RecoveryChristian Adams18 Nov 2014101875.jpg 
103899Embrassez Mon BrexitDave Brown04 Mar 2016103899.jpg 
BJD0207NATO's 'Rapid-Reaction Force'Ben Jennings06 Sep 2014BJD0207.jpg 
102221Le pen is mightier than the...let me rephrase that..."Peter Brookes14 Jan 2015102221.jpg 
102772Asteroid Day: 'Raising awareness to prevent impending catastrophe'Christian Adams30 Jun 2015102772.jpg 
SCD0222Angela and the G7 DwarvesPeter Schrank07 Jun 2015SCD0222.jpg 
SBD1597[Dave's EU Dinner]Steve Bell18 Dec 2015SBD1597.jpg 
SBD1386Londongrad Welcomes Responsible OligarchsSteve Bell23 Jul 2014SBD1386.jpg 
102353"I do not go around taking things that don't belong to me!"Brian Adcock17 Nov 2014102353.jpg 
102912[European Gods and Greece]Christian Adams14 Jul 2015102912.jpg 
102449Je Suis JezzaPeter Brookes13 Mar 2015102449.jpg 
103220OvercrowdingChristian Adams25 Sep 2015103220.jpg 
BJD0266[National Leaders Conflict]Ben Jennings03 Oct 2015BJD0266.jpg 
BJD0209All Options on the Table...Ben Jennings05 Sep 2014BJD0209.jpg 
103861Blankety Blank...Morten Morland01 Feb 2016103861.jpg 
103380Call to ArmsGerald Scarfe29 Nov 2015 
MRD0598Always go for the obvious joke ...Martin Rowson07 Feb 2015MRD0598.jpg 
MRD0668[The Raft of Medusa]Martin Rowson28 Jun 2015MRD0668.jpg 
MRD0111RendezvousMartin Rowson19 May 2012MRD0111.jpg 
103290[Statue of Merkel]Christian Adams12 Nov 2015103290.jpg 
CLD0463In-Out EU ReferendumScott [Clissold; Scott]24 May 2015CLD0463.jpg 
103404"It's too high a price for us to pay..."Peter Brookes11 Nov 2015103404.jpg 
MRD0798[Raising the Syrian flag]Martin Rowson28 Mar 2016  
CLD0436"Power mad and against reform - is Blatter running the EU as well?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]09 Jun 2015CLD0436.jpg 
103369"Bomb-bomb bomb-bomb"Dave Brown17 Nov 2015103369.jpg 
103696A Greek TragedyChristian Adams27 Jan 2016103696.jpg 
103363"Um...can I change this for something in a smaller size?"Dave Brown13 Oct 2015103363.jpg 
SBD1500"You're both clearly in the mood for a twentyeightsome!"Steve Bell27 May 2015SBD1500.jpg 
BJD0238"We agree to a ceasefire..."Ben Jennings13 Feb 2015BJD0238.jpg 
GBD0093[Tsipras, Oxi off Merkel]Gary Barker10 Jul 2015GBD0093.jpg 
102782Top Gear...Christian Adams18 Jun 2015102782.jpg 
102790"C'est un amuse-bouche, n'est-ce pas?"Peter Brookes26 Jun 2015102790.jpg 
103373The LifeboatDave Brown14 Nov 2015103373.jpg 
BJD0180Goodbye, 2014!Ben Jennings27 Dec 2014BJD0180.jpg 
MRD0582Ironies which one imagines would not have been lost on my murdered colleagues ...Martin Rowson12 Jan 2015MRD0582.jpg 
103304Shoulder to ShoulderChristian Adams17 Nov 2015103304.jpg 
SCD0221"Please - do something! Help me!!"Peter Schrank14 Jun 2015SCD0221.jpg 
102743SmashingBob Moran12 Jul 2015102743.jpg 
102839Tsipras and the Golden FleeceGerald Scarfe07 Jun 2015 
102228Sisyphus...Morten Morland26 Jan 2015102228.jpg 
102401Greece [and] RussiaPeter Schrank22 Feb 2015102401.jpg 
SCD0227[EU Ocean Liner]Peter Schrank28 Jun 2015SCD0227.jpg 
CLD0325British Recovery to Overtake FranceScott [Clissold; Scott]07 Jul 2014CLD0325.jpg 
102880[Captain America shielding Hollande]Bob Moran23 Aug 2015102880.jpg 
102785Miracle Survivor...Christian Adams24 Jun 2015102785.jpg 
103097All Behind You, FrancoisBob Moran15 Nov 2015103097.jpg 
103583Panto TimeGerald Scarfe20 Dec 2015  
103838Now who's weaponising migrants?"Peter Brookes04 Mar 2016103838.jpg 
104048Dog Brings Back Small BoneGerald Scarfe21 Feb 2016 
96751Hollandaise ...Dave Brown08 May 201296751.jpg 
96815No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]17 Jun 201296815.jpg 
101372"C'mon, you're cramping my style!"Ben Jennings30 Aug 2013101372.jpg 
99136Summit ...Dave Brown18 Jun 201399136.jpg 
SCD0039No captionPeter Schrank20 May 2012SCD0039.jpg 
97364Greek drama!Gerald Scarfe26 Sep 2012 
99065[Putin arm wrestling]Christian Adams18 Jun 201399065.jpg 
97643C.A.P.Christian Adams25 Nov 201297643.jpg 
98229Napoleon crossing his fingers ...Dave Brown15 Jan 201398229.jpg 
98361Cameron refuses to swallow French horsemeatGerald Scarfe10 Feb 2013 
SBD1120Get oeuf yur 'ahh 'urse!Steve Bell15 Feb 2013SBD1120.jpg 
BJD0111Weighing up military action ....Ben Jennings27 Aug 2013BJD0111.jpg 
MRD0399SummitMartin Rowson01 Feb 2014MRD0399.jpg 
MRD0470O Tempora .... Oh, Morons!Martin Rowson07 Jun 2014MRD0470.jpg 
101817[Aces]Christian Adams29 Oct 2014101817.jpg 
101609BillMorten Morland04 Sep 2014101609.jpg 
100267"I want to talk to you about the economy..."Peter Brookes15 Jan 2014100267.jpg 
101943EuroMorten Morland30 Dec 2014101943.jpg 
101244"We must send a very clear signal to Russia"Christian Adams23 Jul 2014101244.jpg 
102258To VladDave Brown06 Feb 2015102258.jpg 
103781Cock and BulldogChristian Adams04 Mar 2016103781.jpg 
CLD0681"Change is coming!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]17 Feb 2016CLD0681.jpg 
BJD0276"We saved the world!"Ben Jennings12 Dec 2015BJD0276.jpg 
99403[Cameron Hollande Obama]Christian Adams27 Aug 201399403.jpg 
96714Flower Show 2012Christian Adams22 May 201296714.jpg 
101925[Snakes and Ladders]Christian Adams01 Jan 2014101925.jpg 
96982Saints in the news....Peter Brookes15 Jun 201296982.jpg 
104164"So good to get away from that bloody idiot!"Peter Brookes27 May 2016104164.jpg 
104275[Brexit Snakes and Ladders]Christian Adams14 Jul 2016104275.jpg 
104276Working DinnerChristian Adams29 Jun 2016104276.jpg 
104317The Last Supper...Peter Brookes29 Jun 2016104317.jpg 
104431Half-Baked.....OffChristian Adams24 Aug 2016104431.jpg 
104447[French Liberty]Morten Morland26 Aug 2016104447.jpg 
103601DemandsChristian Adams31 Dec 2015103601.jpg 
103608[Cameron on a plate]Dave Brown18 Dec 2015103608.jpg 
104601"It's time to fly the flag for investment, expertise and job creation!"Christian Adams16 Sep 2016104601.jpg 
104776Freedom of movementChristian Adams17 Nov 2016104776.jpg 
104823Bien súr...Let them eat cake!Peter Brookes30 Nov 2016104823.jpg 
104870When one door closes...another one shuts in your face!Peter Brookes17 Dec 2016104870.jpg 
CLD0882"Pull!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]02 Apr 2017CLD0882.jpg 
CLD0900"Mind if my new friend joins us?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]05 Feb 2017CLD0900.jpg 
104897"Here's to 2017!!"Christian Adams16 Dec 2016104897.jpg 
105027RevealedChristian Adams17 Jan 2017105027.jpg 
104905BrexitChristian Adams21 Dec 2017104905.jpg 
104985"Tatty Bye!"Bob Moran01 Jan 2017104985.jpg 
105015The Sound of Madness...Peter Brookes18 Jan 2017105015.jpg 
104871Nature NotesPeter Brookes03 Dec 2016104871.jpg 
105384May Day!Morten Morland01 May 2017105384.jpg 
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