Person NameCameron; Samantha (1971-)
96390'Yes, Sam darling, I did meet Murdoch on four or five occasions, but it didn't mean anything'Michael Heath29 Apr 201296390.jpg 
100556Singles BarDavid Haldane01 Feb 2014100556.jpg 
97012No captionBrighty [Steve Bright]16 Jul 201297012.jpg 
PTD0250Meanwhile, in Portugal...Paul Thomas07 Aug 2014PTD0250.jpg 
PTD0021Land of hope and To-ory ....Paul Thomas03 Oct 2013PTD0021.jpg 
BJD0244Moving Back In...Ben Jennings09 May 2015BJD0244.jpg 
96384Tory MP attacks 'too posh' CameronPaul Thomas25 Apr 201296384.jpg 
96806'It's a message to Rebekah. No more texting please - how do I flag" LOL?"'Mac [Stan McMurtry]15 Jun 201296806.jpg 
CLD0046Looks like the economy's not the only thing expanding!Scott [Clissold; Scott]25 Aug 2013CLD0046.jpg 
97297Top Tory quits to join UKIPPaul Thomas19 Sep 201297297.jpg 
97907'We've been invited to a wedding - who the hell are Hotlips and Bunnykins?'Mac [Stan McMurtry]13 Dec 201297907.jpg 
101464"Isn't that nice, Sam? A card with a lovely view of Parliament saying 'Wish you were here'."Mac [Stan McMurtry]20 Aug 2014  
PTD0269"I thought you'd take more notice of me dressed like this..."Paul Thomas12 Sep 2014PTD0269.jpg 
99387"I wonder how long it'll be before Ed Miliband turns up in the house?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]25 Aug 201399387.jpg 
CLD0043"Desperate has-beens thinking they're still relevant ... reminds me of the Labour Party!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]25 Aug 2013CLD0043.jpg 
101394"Be honest, David. Have you reshuffled old Mrs Scroggins?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]16 Jul 2014101394.jpg 
PTD0312"At least trick or treaters won't be asking for 1.7 billion pounds..."Paul Thomas28 Oct 2014PTD0312.jpg 
CLD0443"Boos, jeers and public rejections- I wonder if Miliband, Balls and Clegg are in this?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]13 May 2015CLD0443.jpg 
SBD1537Go Swampy, Go!!!Steve Bell28 Aug 2015SBD1537.jpg 
103701"That's a super castle, gang! But don't forget to close the borders."Michael Heath27 Mar 2016103701.jpg 
102315"Now that they've given the Camerons a Poldark makeover, they can't lose"Michael Heath12 Apr 2015102315.jpg 
99335Surface-to-Air Missiles for Syria ...Peter Brookes16 Jul 201399335.jpg 
PTD0105"Land of hope and To-ry..."Paul Thomas03 Oct 2013PTD0105.jpg 
MRD0650"I offer you all...The Good Life!!!"Martin Rowson14 Apr 2015MRD0650.jpg 
104115"Remember this is only until you find the keys to your ne wplace"Mac [Stan McMurtry]13 Jul 2016104115.jpg 
103890"David. There's a gentleman from the Inland Revenue to see you...David?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]17 Apr 2016103890.jpg 
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