Person NameSturgeon; Nicola (1970-)
MRD0662Caledonian MacBrayne Ferries Fro Sailings [crossed out] SaleMartin Rowson22 Jun 2015MRD0662.jpg 
MRD0646Play nicely now...Martin Rowson09 May 2015MRD0646.jpg 
MRD0648RendezvousMartin Rowson16 May 2015MRD0648.jpg 
102333"However, this sure beats being in Alex Salmonds pocket, Nicola"Mac [Stan McMurtry]17 Mar 2015102333.jpg 
102670Finish [and] StartChristian Adams07 May 2015102670.jpg 
SBD1450"Here you are, jocks, and whatever you do DON'T VOTE LABOUR!"Steve Bell23 Jan 2015SBD1450.jpg 
102458"Rejoice!"Chris Riddell10 May 2015102458.jpg 
SBD1503The Baked Bean in DangerSteve Bell02 Jun 2015SBD1503.jpg 
103944Nature NotesPeter Brookes17 Oct 2015103944.jpg 
BAD0215[Sturgeon's Christmas Dream]Brian Adcock24 Dec 2015BAD0215.jpg 
GBD0119[Cameron and Sturgeon, Punch and Judy]Gary Barker10 Oct 2015GBD0119.jpg 
CLD0816Sturgeon's Indy Dream Shattered? Plunging Oil Revenues Black HoleScott [Clissold; Scott]28 Aug 2016CLD0816.jpg 
102402"Together we can lock David Cameron out of Downing Street"Peter Schrank19 Apr 2015102402.jpg 
CLD0660"See! We're not dead and buried yet!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]08 May 2016CLD0660.jpg 
CLD0674"Couldn't escape if I wanted to...Finally facing my Waterloo!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]15 May 2016CLD0674.jpg 
103932Special Souvenir SupplementDave Brown26 Mar 2016103932.jpg 
CLD0778"I can see you're all busy so I'll just leave this here!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]03 Jul 2016CLD0778.jpg 
MRD0551Trick or Retreat ...Martin Rowson01 Nov 2014MRD0551.jpg 
MRD0615PackedMartin Rowson16 Mar 2015MRD0615.jpg 
96192Slippery fishPeter Brookes14 Jan 201296192.jpg 
102463Cameron Wins Majority!Bob Moran10 May 2015102463.jpg 
SBD1470[Cameron and Sturgeon Lamb]Steve Bell07 Apr 2015SBD1470.jpg 
SBD1485[Cameron, Salmond and Sturgeon with the head of Miliband]Steve Bell30 Apr 2015SBD1485.jpg 
103116"Labour? Pah!"Bob Moran18 Oct 2015103116.jpg 
102565Introducing Minnie MoosePeter Brookes04 Apr 2015102565.jpg 
102520"It's a myth, a fantasy..."Dave Brown21 Apr 2015102520.jpg 
SBD1486"Excuse me, Madam, would you mind standing on the end of that tapeworm?"Steve Bell01 May 2015SBD1486.jpg 
101783The Krankies' CoronationDave Brown16 Oct 2014101783.jpg 
BAD0098Backbone...Brian Adcock30 Mar 2015BAD0098.jpg 
102521Here be Monsters...Dave Brown22 Apr 2015102521.jpg 
SBD1405Betrayed Again!Steve Bell28 Nov 2014SBD1405.jpg 
CLD0418Labour Facing Annihilation in ScotlandScott [Clissold; Scott]28 Apr 2015CLD0418.jpg 
MRD0629Anti-ToriesMartin Rowson06 Apr 2015MRD0629.jpg 
MRD0644[In Ed's pocket]Martin Rowson04 May 2015MRD0644.jpg 
CLD0397SNPScott [Clissold; Scott]03 Apr 2015CLD0397.jpg 
102576"EEEK!"Peter Brookes21 Apr 2015102576.jpg 
102278"I'm anti-austerity..."Peter Brookes12 Feb 2015102278.jpg 
102336"Mr Ambassador, you're really spoiling us"Bob Moran05 Apr 2015102336.jpg 
CLD0413"Can't we wait until the election's actually over, Nicola?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]22 Apr 2015CLD0413.jpg 
102462"Phwoooar!"Bob Moran26 Apr 2015102462.jpg 
SBD1399[Salmond farewell]Steve Bell14 Nov 2014SBD1399.jpg 
102519The ProposalDave Brown18 Apr 2015102519.jpg 
CLD0411"Your move pal!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]19 Apr 2015CLD0411.jpg 
102260Nicola Sporran...Dave Brown12 Feb 2015102260.jpg 
SBD1564Until We Do ItSteve Bell16 Oct 2015SBD1564.jpg 
102560SupervoidChristian Adams22 Apr 2015102560.jpg 
BAD0143TridentBrian Adcock01 Sep 2015BAD0143.jpg 
102341Vote DaveMichael Heath19 Apr 2015102341.jpg 
102714Set in Stone...Morten Morland04 May 2015102714.jpg 
MRD0612Monster...Martin Rowson4th Apr 2015MRD0612.jpg 
102647The Triumph of Death - Rider on a Pale HaggisDave Brown09 May 2015102647.jpg 
102454Political CruftsMorten Morland07 Mar 2015102454.jpg 
CLD0431General Election Latest - Nearly Time to VoteScott [Clissold; Scott]06 May 2015CLD0431.jpg 
BAD0106Neck and Neck...Brian Adcock20 Apr 2015BAD0106.jpg 
MRD0610BallsMartin Rowson06 Apr 2015MRD0610.jpg 
SBD1469"Après moi le chaos of Miliband!"Steve Bell03 Apr 2015SBD1469.jpg 
MRD0643Latest Hydra latestMartin Rowson02 May 2015MRD0643.jpg 
CLD0391"Apparently this storm's going to batter us for weeks!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]01 Apr 2015CLD0391.jpg 
CLD0354"I thought Comic Relief was next week!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]08 Mar 2015CLD0354.jpg 
102513The CannibalsDave Brown04 Apr 2015102513.jpg 
SBD1477Love Locked Out From the Coalition of ChaosSteve Bell17 Apr 2015SBD1477.jpg 
CLD0404"..and it's Eton Mess and Mr Ed...neck and neck!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]12 Apr 2015CLD0404.jpg 
BAD0096Another Sad Remake....Brian Adcock18 Feb 2015BAD0096.jpg 
102646[Dustbin]Dave Brown08 May 2015102646.jpg 
MRD0620Yard saleMartin Rowson20 Apr 2015MRD0620.jpg 
102403Private main parties only!Peter Schrank05 Apr 2015102403.jpg 
102562[Election Marathon]Christian Adams27 Apr 2015102562.jpg 
CLD0435The Nation Decides!Scott [Clissold; Scott]07 May 2015CLD0435.jpg 
MRD0609Hydra #2Martin Rowson18 Apr 2015MRD0609.jpg 
SCD0219[Tossing Big Ben]Peter Schrank10 May 2015SCD0219.jpg 
MRD0637[Three Legged Race]Martin Rowson20 Apr 2015MRD0637.jpg 
102499A Scottish FantasyMac [Stan McMurtry]21 Apr 2015102499.jpg 
103614I'm determined to squeeze a few notes out of it!Dave Brown15 Dec 2015103614.jpg 
CLD0412"Causing chaos in England? Pah! Things will be fan-dabi-dozi!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]21 Apr 2015CLD0412.jpg 
102343Tory-Led Exit from EuropeChris Riddell05 Apr 2015102343.jpg 
BAD0097Below the Belt...Brian Adcock04 May 2015BAD0097.jpg 
102546The Campaign TrailChristian Adams31 Mar 2015102546.jpg 
MRD0645Babes, Mouths, etc...Martin Rowson02 May 2015MRD0645.jpg 
BJD0292Goodbye, 2015Ben Jennings02 Jan 2015BJD0292.jpg 
CLD0401"Happy Easter!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]05 Apr 2015CLD0401.jpg 
102461The House of Commons mingles with the crowd celebrating VE DayMichael Heath10 May 2015102461.jpg 
102692"Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!"Peter Brookes01 May 2015102692.jpg 
CLD0440Paint! Paint! Paint!Scott [Clissold; Scott]10 May 2015CLD0440.jpg 
102575She's Got Ed by the Short and Curlies...Peter Brookes18 Apr 2015102575.jpg 
BAD0107When First Ministers Dream.....Brian Adcock06 Apr 2015BAD0107.jpg 
102913The Unmanageable in Pursuit the InevitableChristian Adams15 Jul 2015102913.jpg 
BAD0114No Wag to the DogBrian Adcock27 Apr 2015BAD0114.jpg 
102642The PiperDave Brown02 May 2015102642.jpg 
102586"The Queen is due here next month, m'Lady. Shall I prepare the guest bedroom?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]25 Jun 2015102586.jpg 
102709Labour Pains...Peter Brookes05 May 2015102709.jpg 
CLD0452"It started off as a friendly handshake!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]17 May 2015CLD0452.jpg 
102972[Salmond, Sturgeon and Cecil the lion]Peter Brookes30 Jul 2015102972.jpg 
CLD0489Scottish Nationalists Defeat Govt Plans to Relax Fox Hunting BansScott [Clissold; Scott]15 Jul 2015CLD0489.jpg 
BAD0146Britain Out of E.U.Brian Adcock12 Oct 2015BAD0146.jpg 
CLD0594Political Long GrassScott [Clissold; Scott]20 Sep 2015CLD0594.jpg 
1032252054 - 40th Anniversary of Scottish ReferendumChristian Adams18 Sep 2015103225.jpg 
103351The Evel Dead XXXDave Brown23 Oct 2015103351.jpg 
103372"Jocks away!"Dave Brown20 Nov 2015103372.jpg 
SCD0210"You dinnae come anywhere near me with that thing"Peter Schrank12 Apr 2015SCD0210.jpg 
MRD0630[Sturgeon, Salmond and Cameron kilt]Martin Rowson30 Mar 2015MRD0630.jpg 
MRD0698"Ha Haa!"Martin Rowson24 Aug 2015MRD0698.jpg 
SBD1478Scottishness, Scottishness, The greatest gift that I possessSteve Bell21 Apr 2015SBD1478.jpg 
102555Election Outcomes Clarified:Christian Adams20 Apr 2015102555.jpg 
SBD1479Pants in Danger Don't Vote LabourSteve Bell22 Apr 2015SBD1479.jpg 
SBD1630Don't just hope for a scottier Scotland, vote for one.Steve Bell03 May 2016SBD1630.jpg 
102662Who should I vote for?Andy Bunday03 May 2015102662.jpg 
103604Teed OffDave Brown12 Dec 2015103604.jpg 
CLD0831"He's no' dead - he's just restin'!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]04 Sep 2016CLD0831.jpg 
BAD0257It's All Becoming Clearer.....Brian Adcock16 Jan 2017BAD0257.jpg 
BAD0260Crack!Brian Adcock16 Oct 2016BAD0260.jpg 
MRD0981Mirror Mirror...Martin Rowson04 Mar 2017MRD0981.jpg 
MRD0982Not a Game, ApparentlyMartin Rowson15 Mar 2017MRD0982.jpg 
MRD0995Nostalgia Corner...Martin Rowson21 Mar 2017MRD0995.jpg 
MRD0996Tribute ActsMartin Rowson20 Mar 2017MRD0996.jpg 
BJD0375Brexit McBrexitfaceBen Jennings14 Mar 2017BJD0375.jpg 
CLD0918"FREEDOM!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]08 Jan 2017CLD0918.jpg 
CLD0920"...err...Rule Britannia..!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]08 Jun 2017CLD0920.jpg 
CLD0923BREXITScott [Clissold; Scott]09 Apr 2017CLD0923.jpg 
CLD0959"I believe you've all met Nicola?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]14 Mar 2017CLD0959.jpg 
CLD0983"On your marks, get set..."Scott [Clissold; Scott]19 Apr 2017CLD0983.jpg 
CLD0992Indy Ref 2Scott [Clissold; Scott]19 Mar 2017CLD0992.jpg 
CLD0997"Seven weeks? I can't take another seven minutes!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]21 Apr 2017CLD0997.jpg 
CLD1012Election MarathonScott [Clissold; Scott]23 Apr 2017CLD1012.jpg 
CLD1048"We're discussing how to build a more united nation!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]28 Mar 2017CLD1048.jpg 
SBD1730[Parachuting Politicians]Steve Bell25 Oct 2016SBD1730.jpg 
BAD0310Gordon's Alive...!Brian Adcock19 Mar 2017BAD0310jpg 
BAD0315"Our precious union..."Brian Adcock05 Mar 2017BAD0315.jpg 
105170"Having a referendum to leave the union would be divisive, and lead to uncertainty and recrimination"Christian Adams28 Mar 2017105170.jpg 
105198[Rugby tackling Theresa May]Bob Moran19 Mar 2017105198.jpg 
105190Scottish Independence second referendumGerald Scarfe05 Mar 2017 
105033Remain LeaveBob Moran26 Jan 2017105033.jpg 
105169One poundChristian Adams27 Mar 2017105169.jpg 
105149Starting Pistols at Dawn...Morten Morland14 Mar 2017105149.jpg 
105265April the First, 2017Peter Brookes01 October 2003105265.jpg 
SBD1825"Okay - you go first"Steve Bell28 Jun 2017SBD1825.jpg 
105593New Balls...David Simonds16 Jul 2017105593.jpg 
105515"More..."Patrick Blower28 Jun 2017105515.jpg 
105972"I will go on and on and on and on and on..."Patrick Blower11 Oct 2017105972.jpg 
BAD0491Christmas Messages...Brian Adcock25 Dec 2017BAD0491.jpg 
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