Person NameBenedict XVI (1927-); Pope
SurnameBenedict XVI
80213[no caption]Martin Rowson28 Nov 200980213.jpg 
SC0320No captionPeter Schrank28 Nov 2006SC0320.jpg 
SC0300[no caption]Peter Schrank21 Apr 2005SC0300.jpg 
MRD0092No captionMartin Rowson26 Mar 2012MRD0092.jpg 
SBD1125[Pope crash]Steve Bell12 Feb 2013SBD1125.jpg 
SC0315[no caption]Peter Schrank04 Dec 2005SC0315.jpg 
ADD0272I see you are getting the hang of Twitter, your HolinessAndy Davey13 Dec 2012ADD0272.jpg 
98411Dun Rome'inChristian Adams12 Feb 201398411.jpg 
98327No, Charles - I'm still not planning to copy the Pope ...Paul Thomas13 Feb 201398327.jpg 
98508The Apotheosis of Benedict ...Dave Brown01 Mar 201398508.jpg 
SBD1128Some cardinals wouldn't touch themselves with bargepoles. Get over it! PopeforceSteve Bell26 Feb 2013SBD1128.jpg 
98390I'm sorry you can't resign, as far as we're concerned you're fit for workTim Sanders12 Feb 201398390.jpg 
BJD0076Resting on one's quarrelsBen Jennings02 Mar 2013BJD0076.jpg 
98999'What? NO ... Ferguson CAN'T retire!!!Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]09 May 201398999.jpg 
98377Pope-on-a-ropeDave Brown16 Feb 201398377.jpg 
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