Person NameFarage; Nigel (1964-)
98139Farage's impossible dream Cameron's nightmareGerald Scarfe03 Mar 2013 
BRD0032Gentleman at the back, with the blue beret, red shirt, eastern european accent and what looks like a prepared question ... Brighty [Steve Bright]11 Nov 2013BRD0032.jpg 
MRD0648RendezvousMartin Rowson16 May 2015MRD0648.jpg 
104681Piggybacking...Morten Morland11 Oct 2016104681.jpg 
BJD0246"Lefties...everywhere!"Ben Jennings18 Apr 2015BJD0246.jpg 
102660Small St8Ben Jennings03 Jan 2015102660.jpg 
101049"Continental pollution - interfering with our British weather..."Christian Adams03 Apr 2014101049.jpg 
MRD0827Playtime's over...Martin Rowson25 Jun 2016MRD0827.jpg 
100184A Merry Xmas to Everyone (Well - Not Everyone)Gerald Scarfe22 Dec 2013 
101813Rochester and StroodChristian Adams24 Oct 2014101813.jpg 
101822"Ban smoking outside!!"Christian Adams16 Oct 2014101822.jpg 
102670Finish [and] StartChristian Adams07 May 2015102670.jpg 
PTD0052"It's from David Cameron..."Paul Thomas21 Nov 2013PTD0052.jpg 
98171'And here you see the Farage flytrap lure his prey into his vast ...'Michael Heath03 Mar 201398171.jpg 
101873ahh! UKIPChristian Adams21 Nov 2014101873.jpg 
101788"It's just an urban myth...isn't it?"Dave Brown29 Oct 2014  
101009Scientists have found that flies have miniscule brains but are brilliant at cunning, evasive actionGerald Scarfe13 Apr 2014 
95881Here's to being at the rim of EuropeGary Barker12 Dec 201195881.jpg 
PTD0280Britain's Pensions in CrisisPaul Thomas15 Aug 2014PTD0280.jpg 
MRD0873Latest from LilliputMartin Rowson20 Aug 2016MRD0873.jpg 
100944One-Man Band...Dave Brown27 May 2014100944.jpg 
PTD0113Farage and Clegg to Debate EU on BBC 2Paul Thomas06 Mar 2013PTD0113.jpg 
101810"We need to listen to the voters!"Morten Morland13 Oct 2014101810.jpg 
97497No captionBrighty [Steve Bright]22 Oct 201297497.jpg 
GBD0130The EU Hokey CokeyGary Barker07 Jun 2016GBD0130.jpg 
MRD0266Pictures Courtesy of BBC NewsMartin Rowson06 May 2013MRD0266.jpg 
101855Nature NotesPeter Brookes22 Nov 2014101855.jpg 
BRD0040UKIP if you want to .... Brighty [Steve Bright]19 Jan 2014BRD0040.jpg 
BJD0315"Now, about some of them promises..."Ben Jennings25 Jun 2016BJD0315.jpg 
101944Look Out Behind You!!!Gerald Scarfe30 Dec 2014 
MRD0869Tragedy, then FarceMartin Rowson04 Aug 2016MRD0869.jpg 
101930Virgin on the RidiculousDave Brown26 Dec 2014101930.jpg 
BJD0319Trump CardBen Jennings04 Jun 2016BJD0319.jpg 
BAD0165"Damn, I'm glad we didn't have to wait about at the back of a queue!"Brian Adcock24 Apr 2016BAD0165.jpg 
CLD0674"Couldn't escape if I wanted to...Finally facing my Waterloo!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]15 May 2016CLD0674.jpg 
GBD0129"The 19th century dead ahead!"Gary Barker21 Jun 2016GBD0129.jpg 
MRD0265Trussst in Meeeee ...Martin Rowson04 May 2013MRD0265.jpg 
GBD0128Euro DecisionGary Barker14 Jun 2016GBD0128.jpg 
MRD0390Eternal VigilanceMartin Rowson04 Jan 2014MRD0390.jpg 
101150The Retreat From EuropeDave Brown06 Jun 2014101150.jpg 
BRD0048[UKIP bovver]Brighty [Steve Bright]28 Apr 2014BRD0048.jpg 
MRD0214This other Eden ...Martin Rowson14 Jan 2013MRD0214.jpg 
100557Nature NotesPeter Brookes01 Feb 2014100557.jpg 
MRD0528A nation ... um ... reborn?Martin Rowson20 Sep 2014MRD0528.jpg 
100141Match the Tattoos!Christian Adams13 Nov 2013100141.jpg 
98761Dave, Nick & Ed and the Local ElectionsChristian Adams28 Apr 201398761.jpg 
98686Flying high ...Morten Morland29 Apr 201398686.jpg 
100599The Triumph of Common SenseDave Brown28 Mar 2014100599.jpg 
100523Politician Alert - Severe!Christian Adams11 Feb 2014100523.jpg 
MRD0531A good day to bury (a) bad news (b) Ukip (c) embarrassing stuff (d) more Iraqis, etc., etc. ...Martin Rowson27 Sep 2014MRD0531.jpg 
MRD0615PackedMartin Rowson16 Mar 2015MRD0615.jpg 
98821Trumped!Christian Adams05 May 201398821.jpg 
99486HS2Christian Adams15 Sep 201399486.jpg 
100549The Floating Vote...Dave Brown14 Feb 2014100549.jpg 
101934DivertedBob Moran28 Dec 2014101934.jpg 
101561Tory Quits After Shock Pics ShameChristian Adams29 Sep 2014101561.jpg 
BJD0124[Grand National]Ben Jennings05 Apr 2014BJD0124.jpg 
101044ExpensesChristian Adams16 Apr 2014101044.jpg 
98555HMG ...Christian Adams04 Mar 201398555.jpg 
100761Approach with CautionBob Moran20 Apr 2014100761.jpg 
98480Little EnglandMorten Morland25 Mar 201398480.jpg 
100934Losing It...Dave Brown01 May 2014100934.jpg 
BJD0093That's it. Just a little more to the right!Ben Jennings27 Jul 2013BJD0093.jpg 
100909Alien...Peter Brookes15 May 2014100909.jpg 
100320River of Blood SportsDave Brown08 Jan 2014100320.jpg 
99401One directionChristian Adams22 Aug 201399401.jpg 
103910Project Fear...Dave Brown01 Mar 2016103910.jpg 
100913DunromaPeter Brookes20 May 2014100913.jpg 
SCD0108Nightmare on Downing StreetPeter Schrank03 Mar 2013SCD0108.jpg 
100935"AAARGH!! ALIENS!"Dave Brown15 May 2014100935.jpg 
100591Beat the right with the red wedgieDave Brown15 Mar 2014100591.jpg 
100400Fashion ShowChristian Adams16 Feb 2014100400.jpg 
98799Heeeere's Nigel!Scott [Clissold; Scott]05 May 201398799.jpg 
101555Unexpected Upset at Clacton-on-SeaGerald Scarfe31 Aug 2014 
PTD0098Farage and Clegg's Second Debate on EUPaul Thomas02 Apr 2014PTD0098.jpg 
98816SwallowedGerald Scarfe05 May 2013 
MRD0545Ed MilibandMartin Rowson27 Oct 2014MRD0545.jpg 
ADD0361EuropeAndy Davey08 May 2013ADD0361.jpg 
101039[Farage the clown]Christian Adams28 Apr 2014101039.jpg 
BJD0079[Farage bee]Ben Jennings30 Apr 2013BJD0079.jpg 
98990One is trying to learn one's lines!Christian Adams07 May 201398990.jpg 
100945Still Life? Raspberry, Cabbage, Pumpkin, LemonDave Brown24 May 2014100945.jpg 
BAD0004"You're gonna need a bigger closet"Brian Adcock28 Apr 2014BAD0004.jpg 
100196Politicians' Christmas TreesMorten Morland28 Dec 2013100196.jpg 
CLD0177Wake Up Call...Scott [Clissold; Scott]12 Oct 2014CLD0177.jpg 
101860Not All Walls Come Down...Peter Brookes11 Nov 2014101860.jpg 
100133Drinking CompetitionChristian Adams28 Nov 2013100133.jpg 
BJD0080Local issues ...Ben Jennings04 May 2013BJD0080.jpg 
PTD0161General Election Debates...Paul Thomas15 Oct 2014PTD0161.jpg 
98206Happy New Austere ... !Brian Adcock31 Dec 201298206.jpg 
100970"Standing in Newark"Christian Adams01 May 2014100970.jpg 
98902Don't U Kip at the wheel, Dave... time to move over to the right!Peter Schrank05 May 201398902.jpg 
SBD1250UKIP are niceSteve Bell19 Nov 2013SBD1250.jpg 
101797FeelingnutsPeter Brookes10 Oct 2014101797.jpg 
DHD0009Nigel FarageDavid HensleyJune 2014DHD0009.jpg 
100298Guard DogsGerald Scarfe12 Jan 2014 
98824Send in the clowns .... Chris Riddell05 May 201398824.jpg 
98597[Farage clown]Christian Adams29 Apr 201398597.jpg 
MRD0424The Great DebateMartin Rowson06 Mar 2014MRD0424.jpg 
BRD0041Tra-la-la-la-laBrighty [Steve Bright]20 Jan 2014BRD0041.jpg 
101924"Dry January? We never touched a drop anyway!!"Christian Adams02 Jan 2014101924.jpg 
101800Unholy Alliances...Peter Brookes23 Oct 2014101800.jpg 
98641Toad of Town Hal ...Dave Brown30 Apr 201398641.jpg 
101827The Great Clacton Bake OffChristian Adams09 Oct 2014101827.jpg 
1019262015 Year PlannerChristian Adams31 Dec 2014101926.jpg 
101008"You've taken your admiration for Putin too far Nigel"Nicholas Newman06 Apr 2014101008.jpg 
100547The Revised Eton Boat SongDave Brown12 Feb 2014100547.jpg 
100256Definitely NOT Pete SeegerPeter Brookes29 Jan 2014100256.jpg 
100846[Farage the Brontosaurus]Bob Moran18 May 2014100846.jpg 
100022Bank of SykesDave Brown19 Nov 2013100022.jpg 
98685The Turnip Prize for Art (Shortlist)Peter Brookes26 Apr 201398685.jpg 
MRD0464Earth[quake crossed out]Martin Rowson24 May 2014MRD0464.jpg 
100965Euro VisionChristian Adams12 May 2014100965.jpg 
MRD0226Year of the Snake ...Martin Rowson11 Feb 2013MRD0226.jpg 
101646Revealed: New Farage LettersBob Moran14 Dec 2014101646.jpg 
100604Europea and the Bulls****erDave Brown22 Feb 2014100604.jpg 
97583Trick pony ...Phil Disley 22 Sep 201297583.jpg 
BJD0137Excuse me, I'd rather you used this one ....Ben Jennings21 Dec 2013BJD0137.jpg 
BRD0039RelateBrighty [Steve Bright]13 Jan 2014BRD0039.jpg 
97856You can't trust him with these!Christian Adams26 Nov 201297856.jpg 
97807So ... if I kiss the frog I get to stay a handsome prince ... are you sure about that?Dave Brown27 Nov 201297807.jpg 
MRD0446Holiday readingMartin Rowson19 Apr 2014MRD0446.jpg 
98064UKIP CrackersMorten Morland27 Dec 201298064.jpg 
97914The Wind Up the Liberals ... Dave Brown17 Dec 201297914.jpg 
MRD0270TwisterMartin Rowson13 May 2013MRD0270.jpg 
MRD0544Supping with the devil ...Martin Rowson25 Oct 2014MRD0544.jpg 
99625UKIP Conference 2013Dave Brown20 Sep 201399625.jpg 
98146The centre ground ...Christian Adams03 Mar 201398146.jpg 
MRD0273PlaytimeMartin Rowson18 May 2013MRD0273.jpg 
101539ThanetDave Brown28 Aug 2014101539.jpg 
SBD1108Britain and EuropeSteve Bell24 Jan 2013SBD1108.jpg 
101895Beware! The UKIP Monster is LooseGerald Scarfe23 Nov 2014 
98701Forthcoming Farago!Gerald Scarfe28 Apr 2013 
100507"Follow me into a brave new future!"Chris Riddell30 Mar 2014100507.jpg 
MRD0465Psephology ...Martin Rowson26 May 2014MRD0465.jpg 
100958Out Out Out OutChristian Adams26 May 2014100958.jpg 
100988[Politicians Race]Morten Morland14 Apr 2014100988.jpg 
MRD0540TV Debate latestMartin Rowson14 Oct 2014MRD0540.jpg 
MRD03882014Martin Rowson30 Dec 2013MRD0388.jpg 
MRD0359Get out!! You're destroying Britain!!!Martin Rowson11 Nov 2013MRD0359.jpg 
MRD0370When beggars die there are no comets seenMartin Rowson30 Nov 2013MRD0370.jpg 
MRD0453[Nigel Farage]Martin Rowson28 Apr 2014MRD0453.jpg 
100995Hoist by his Own PetardPeter Brookes15 Apr 2014100995.jpg 
101023[Farage vs Clegg]Dave Brown03 Apr 2014101023.jpg 
CLD0306"Someone's trying to overtake Cameron again!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]29 Oct 2014CLD0306.jpg 
MRD0439Fancy an electoral pact, you fat pathetic traitor?Martin Rowson07 Apr 2014MRD0439.jpg 
100916[Farage the Guillotine]Peter Brookes27 May 2014100916.jpg 
CLD0210"...Get me out of here!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]16 Nov 2014CLD0210.jpg 
101663Lighting the blue touchpaperMac [Stan McMurtry]17 Oct 2014101663.jpg 
102102"Don't worry, I'll fix this..."David Simonds08 Mar 2015102102.jpg 
GBD0048.... And which one am I supposed to vote for?Gary Barker23 Jun 2013GBD0048.jpg 
100932Which Came First..?Dave Brown03 May 2014100932.jpg 
100598Choose your weapons...Dave Brown26 Mar 2014100598.jpg 
BRD0007UKIP Candidates Register HereBrighty [Steve Bright]29 Apr 2013BRD0007.jpg 
100895The JokerGerald Scarfe18 May 2014 
100239Unexpected MasterstrokeChristian Adams30 Dec 2013100239.jpg 
101014Puffing ToryDave Brown29 Apr 2014101014.jpg 
101482[Clown Farage, Carswell, and Cameron]Christian Adams29 Aug 2014101482.jpg 
BRD0053Quake!Brighty [Steve Bright]25 May 2014BRD0053.jpg 
98915Suits you, sir!Peter Brookes08 May 201398915.jpg 
101805"I've never seen a worse case of knee-jerkitis!"Peter Brookes17 Oct 2014101805.jpg 
MRD0432I warn you not to get not old ....Martin Rowson20 Mar 2014MRD0432.jpg 
102092"Don't you dare fob me off with a cold platter! I want the whole bloody steak and a referendum as soon as possible!!"Bob Moran15 Mar 2015102092.jpg 
98154Crufts 2013Scott [Clissold; Scott]10 Mar 201398154.jpg 
100226[Osborne decapitating Farage]Dave Brown05 Dec 2013100226.jpg 
100632A Nation Decides...Peter Brookes26 mar 2014100632.jpg 
MRD0395I know! Next let's control the Free Movement of Capital!Martin Rowson14 Jan 2014MRD0395.jpg 
98993[UKIP Cameron]Christian Adams02 May 201398993.jpg 
MRD0463Vote with HopeMartin Rowson19 May 2014MRD0463.jpg 
98149[Farage fox]Scott [Clissold; Scott]03 Mar 201398149.jpg 
SBD1309[Farage Clegg]Steve Bell27 Mar 2014SBD1309.jpg 
101047[Cameron, Farage and a Duck]Christian Adams07 Apr 2014101047.jpg 
BRD0054[Dead Ducks]Brighty [Steve Bright]26 May 2014BRD0054.jpg 
100847[Farage on a bicycle]Bob Moran01 Jun 2014100847.jpg 
BRD0055Unfinished business ... Brighty [Steve Bright]01 Jun 2014BRD0055.jpg 
99661The Farage speech in fullPeter Brookes21 Sep 201399661.jpg 
101806Nature NotesPeter Brookes25 Oct 2014101806.jpg 
BJD0176IcarusBen Jennings16 Apr 2014BJD0176.jpg 
101870Freedom of Movement...Christian Adams03 Nov 2014101870.jpg 
MRD0455Things as they truly is ...Martin Rowson30 Apr 2014MRD0455.jpg 
BJD0103Wrecking ball ...Ben Jennings21 Sep 2013BJD0103.jpg 
MRD0575Slouching Towards BethlehemMartin Rowson24 Dec 2014MRD0575.jpg 
100589"No, no...just a small Biere de Bruxelles...shandy!"Dave Brown13 Mar 2014100589.jpg 
SBD1276... Women are worth less ....Steve Bell21 Jan 2014SBD1276.jpg 
100162"Run for your's Anti-Roma and Great Uncle Bulgaria!"Phil Disley 02 Jan 2014100162.jpg 
100574"And the award for best actor in a national crisis goes to..."Morten Morland17 Feb 2014100574.jpg 
BJD0142(Some of) The Stars of 2013Ben Jennings28 Dec 2013BJD0142.jpg 
100901"I've ruled out standing in the Newark by-election"Morten Morland01 May 2014100901.jpg 
SBD1329UKIP Carnival of Colour kicks off:Steve Bell21 May 2014SBD1329.jpg 
SBD1325Officer! Arrest that man! He called me a fascist fruitcake!Steve Bell14 May 2014SBD1325.jpg 
100984[Cameron, Osborne and a UKIP Lion]Morten Morland21 Apr 2014100984.jpg 
SBD1320We must not be distracted from the distraction.Steve Bell01 May 2014SBD1320.jpg 
MRD0539The Teachers Oath (after "The Oath of the Half-Tory")Martin Rowson13 Oct 2014MRD0539.jpg 
100929Pinocchio RexDave Brown08 May 2014100929.jpg 
100648MuppetsChristian Adams26 Mar 2014100648.jpg 
100294[Cameron threatened with Farage]Morten Morland13 Jan 2014100294.jpg 
MRD0536Twilight of the Sods ....Martin Rowson06 Oct 2014MRD0536.jpg 
SBD1288Wet NoonSteve Bell12 Feb 2014SBD1288.jpg 
101000"There are alarming levels of Nigel Farage!"Peter Brookes04 Apr 2014101000.jpg 
101820[Party Leaders on Camera]Christian Adams14 Oct 2014101820.jpg 
100505UKIP HQ Mayfair LondonMichael Heath16 Mar 2014100505.jpg 
101123Election PlatformsMorten Morland07 Jun 2014101123.jpg 
101001Putin Invades Farage...Peter Brookes03 Apr 2014101001.jpg 
CLD0075"I wonder which controversial figure they'll send in next?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]15 Jan 2015CLD0075.jpg 
100939Cafe de EuropaDave Brown17 May 2014100939.jpg 
101742One Man BandwagonChris Riddell23 Nov 2014101742.jpg 
100601Pond LifeDave Brown15 Feb 2014100601.jpg 
SBD1367I'll...Steve Bell14 Oct 2014SBD1367.jpg 
100629Boost For Pensions and SaversPeter Brookes20 Mar 2014100629.jpg 
101819Uneasy RiderChristian Adams21 Oct 2014101819.jpg 
100894Farage Dishes it OutGerald Scarfe25 May 2014 
MRD0553Brain WormMartin Rowson22 Nov 2014MRD0553.jpg 
100962UKIP policy at workChristian Adams15 May 2014100962.jpg 
100993"He always looks like somebody has put a finger up his bottom and he really rather likes it."Peter Brookes23 Apr 2014100993.jpg 
101018Miller and CharybdisDave Brown12 Apr 2014101018.jpg 
BJD0206[Farage Fishing]Ben Jennings30 Aug 2014BJD0206.jpg 
101484Coming to Town...Christian Adams27 Aug 2014101484.jpg 
SBD1458No Dogs, No Fruitcake, No UKIPsSteve Bell13 Mar 2015SBD1458.jpg 
101904The Morning After...Dave Brown12 Nov 2014101904.jpg 
101777Old Nige's Xtra BitterDave Brown24 Oct 2014101777.jpg 
101867[UKIP probe]Peter Brookes13 Nov 2014101867.jpg 
101933If ye canaae beat' em...Bob Moran04 Jan 2015101933.jpg 
BJD0178[Farage and Cameron Preaching]Ben Jennings18 Apr 2014BJD0178.jpg 
101796"Here's Nigey!"Peter Brookes11 Oct 2014101796.jpg 
101903In Another Universe...Dave Brown13 Nov 2014101903.jpg 
101862Degrees of vulnerability...Morten Morland18 Nov 2014101862.jpg 
101792Europa and the BillDave Brown25 Oct 2014101792.jpg 
SBD1358Swallow ThatSteve Bell26 Sep 2014SBD1358.jpg 
102078The Hangover...Dave Brown16 Dec 2014102078.jpg 
SCD0163"1.7 bn pounds, or else..."Peter Schrank26 Oct 2014SCD0163.jpg 
SCD0218"I'm resigning"Peter Schrank17 May 2015SCD0218.jpg 
MRD0611Shocked, I tell you! Shocked!!Martin Rowson21 Mar 2015MRD0611.jpg 
CLD0395UKIPScott [Clissold; Scott]03 Apr 2015CLD0395.jpg 
102416RattledChristian Adams05 Mar 2015102416.jpg 
BJD0203ThanksBen Jennings25 Oct 2014BJD0203.jpg 
102653His Master's VoiceDave Brown16 May 2015102653.jpg 
BJD0194"Hurrah for me!"Ben Jennings11 Oct 2014BJD0194.jpg 
SBD1395[Farage Poppies]Steve Bell05 Nov 2014SBD1395.jpg 
102442Total Eclipse?Peter Brookes21 Mar 2015102442.jpg 
103195Aiming for the StarsDave Brown26 Sep 2015103195.jpg 
CLD0407"And we'll even bring sunshine to the North!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]16 Apr 2015CLD0407.jpg 
GBD0096Stormfront Moving In...Gary Barker01 May 2015GBD0096.jpg 
102439The Flying Weasel...Shock Picture!Dave Brown04 Mar 2015102439.jpg 
102542[Cameron and Farage Neighbours]Christian Adams16 Apr 2015102542.jpg 
102268Kipper ChimeraDave Brown28 Feb 2015102268.jpg 
1022563-Parent Risks...Dave Brown04 Feb 2015102256.jpg 
102177"It's another crank call."Christian Adams27 Jan 2015102177.jpg 
BJD0159Inside UKIP HQBen Jennings26 Jan 2015BJD0159.jpg 
102560SupervoidChristian Adams22 Apr 2015102560.jpg 
BAD0076Happy New Austere!Brian Adcock31 Dec 2012BAD0076.jpg 
SCD0256OUT!Peter Schrank28 Feb 2016  
SBD1471[Resurrection]Steve Bell08 Mar 2015SBD1471.jpg 
102098The Clown, the Git and the WardrobeChris Riddell15 Mar 2015102098.jpg 
MRD0810Realms of FancyMartin Rowson14 May 2016MRD0810.jpg 
MRD0720The Weak are a Long Time in PoliticsMartin Rowson10 Oct 2015MRD0720.jpg 
CLD0270Clang! Clang! Crash! Crash! Clang!Scott [Clissold; Scott]25 May 2014CLD0270.jpg 
102518"Trust me...I'm a doctor!"Dave Brown17 Apr 2015102518.jpg 
SCD0215Behind the Sofa [crossed out] empty chairPeter Schrank08 Mar 2015SCD0215.jpg 
SBD1476[Clegg, Farage and Cameron]Steve Bell16 Apr 2015SBD1476.jpg 
CLD0085"So far the empty chair is making the most sense!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]25 Jan 2015CLD0085.jpg 
BAD0026Heeeeeeere's Nigel......Brian Adcock26 May 2014BAD0026.jpg 
103220OvercrowdingChristian Adams25 Sep 2015103220.jpg 
MRD0612Monster...Martin Rowson4th Apr 2015MRD0612.jpg 
102647The Triumph of Death - Rider on a Pale HaggisDave Brown09 May 2015102647.jpg 
102454Political CruftsMorten Morland07 Mar 2015102454.jpg 
MRD0578PerspectiveMartin Rowson05 Jan 2015MRD0578.jpg 
CLD0431General Election Latest - Nearly Time to VoteScott [Clissold; Scott]06 May 2015CLD0431.jpg 
BAD0106Neck and Neck...Brian Adcock20 Apr 2015BAD0106.jpg 
MRD0822The WorstestMartin Rowson06 Jun 2016MRD0822.jpg 
MRD0616The Higher Politics No. 395,631: How to neutralise the MediaMartin Rowson14 Mar 2015MRD0616.jpg 
CLD0228"Any idea how we can stop it from spreading?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]19 Oct 2014CLD0228.jpg 
SBD1469"Après moi le chaos of Miliband!"Steve Bell03 Apr 2015SBD1469.jpg 
102993Swarm...Dave Brown31 Jul 2015102993.jpg 
102352"Do you remember when it was just the thing in the room?"Brian Adcock24 Nov 2014102352.jpg 
102707A Better Plan. A Better Future.Peter Brookes09 May 2015102707.jpg 
MRD0643Latest Hydra latestMartin Rowson02 May 2015MRD0643.jpg 
MRD0770The Great DebateMartin Rowson06 Feb 2016  
MRD0821The WorstestMartin Rowson06 Jun 2016MRD0821.jpg 
CLD0391"Apparently this storm's going to batter us for weeks!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]01 Apr 2015CLD0391.jpg 
CLD0354"I thought Comic Relief was next week!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]08 Mar 2015CLD0354.jpg 
CLD0066"So far, so good!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]04 Jan 2015CLD0066.jpg 
102513The CannibalsDave Brown04 Apr 2015102513.jpg 
98918Still fighting the last war ...Peter Brookes17 May 201398918.jpg 
MRD0829Campaigning resumedMartin Rowson20 Jun 2016MRD0829.jpg 
BJD0201"Looking good, boys!"Ben Jennings22 Nov 2014BJD0201.jpg 
SBD1477Love Locked Out From the Coalition of ChaosSteve Bell17 Apr 2015SBD1477.jpg 
BAD0141Oldham West & Royton By-Election Round Up......Brian Adcock05 Dec 2015BAD0141.jpg 
BAD0096Another Sad Remake....Brian Adcock18 Feb 2015BAD0096.jpg 
102235Five One-Way Tickets to MarsChristian Adams18 Feb 2015102235.jpg 
MRD0755PathwayMartin Rowson19 Dec 2015MRD0755.jpg 
103680The New English Anthem...Christian Adams14 Jan 2016103680.jpg 
102646[Dustbin]Dave Brown08 May 2015102646.jpg 
102403Private main parties only!Peter Schrank05 Apr 2015102403.jpg 
102562[Election Marathon]Christian Adams27 Apr 2015102562.jpg 
102348Farage Invited to Join TV DebateBrian Adcock14 Oct 2014102348.jpg 
BAD0016[Dave's Year Ahead]Brian Adcock30 Dec 2013BAD0016.jpg 
SCD0195NigezillaPeter Schrank[25] May 2014SCD0195.jpg 
CLD0435The Nation Decides!Scott [Clissold; Scott]07 May 2015CLD0435.jpg 
100138UKIP donationsChristian Adams18 Nov 2013100138.jpg 
MRD0609Hydra #2Martin Rowson18 Apr 2015MRD0609.jpg 
SCD0219[Tossing Big Ben]Peter Schrank10 May 2015SCD0219.jpg 
104764Bonfire of the sanities...Morten Morland05 Nov 2016104764.jpg 
SCD0189"Heere's Nigel!"Peter Schrank12 Oct 2014SCD0189.jpg 
CLD0293"Next!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]28 Dec 2014CLD0293.jpg 
SBD1425"I will only debate if there's a Green in the room"Steve Bell15 Jan 2015SBD1425.jpg 
102194Rt Hon Blanc Mange MPDave Brown15 Jan 2015102194.jpg 
BAD0083Merry Christmas.....!Brian Adcock24 Dec 2014BAD0083.jpg 
MRD0718The ContrastMartin Rowson12 Oct 2015MRD0718.jpg 
MRD0637[Three Legged Race]Martin Rowson20 Apr 2015MRD0637.jpg 
102076Saint Dave and the DragonDave Brown29 Nov 2014102076.jpg 
CLD0368"Is there a bandwagon politicians won't jump on?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]18 Feb 2015CLD0368.jpg 
103261The Ladybird Book ofChristian Adams13 Oct 2015103261.jpg 
102543April FoolsChristian Adams01 Apr 2015102543.jpg 
BAD0097Below the Belt...Brian Adcock04 May 2015BAD0097.jpg 
SBD1392ImmigrantsSteve Bell21 Oct 2014SBD1392.jpg 
102546The Campaign TrailChristian Adams31 Mar 2015102546.jpg 
BJD0180Goodbye, 2014!Ben Jennings27 Dec 2014BJD0180.jpg 
102563April the First, 2015Peter Brookes01Apr 2015102563.jpg 
MRD0218And introducing ... Triple-dip Diplodocus!!!Martin Rowson26 Jan 2013MRD0218.jpg 
98228The Colossus ...Dave Brown14 Jan 201398228.jpg 
MRD0546Fallon Dong:Martin Rowson27 Oct 2014MRD0546.jpg 
SCD0097Events dear boyPeter Schrank20 Jan 2013SCD0097.jpg 
98234Wrong turn ....Dave Brown24 Jan 201398234.jpg 
MRD0274How to achieve that attractive & fashionable swivel-eyed look!Martin Rowson20 May 2013MRD0274.jpg 
MRD0557The Greatest Threat We've Ever Faced .....Martin Rowson25 Nov 2014MRD0557.jpg 
MRD0389Happy New Year!Martin Rowson03 Jan 2014MRD0389.jpg 
98995"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." Acknowledgements to F. Scott FitzgeraldPatrick Blower10 May 201398995.jpg 
SCD0186Three Men in a Boat (to Say Nothing of the Frog)Peter Schrank16 Feb 2014SCD0186.jpg 
CLD0415"Did they have to invite Nigel Farage?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]24 Apr 2015CLD0415.jpg 
GBD0099[Childish Politicians]Gary Barker02 May 2015GBD0099.jpg 
BJD0183Happy New YearBen JenningsJan 2015BJD0183.jpg 
MRD0555KopMartin Rowson12 Nov 2014MRD0555.jpg 
MRD0516Threat Level ... Martin Rowson30 Aug 2014MRD0516.jpg 
102461The House of Commons mingles with the crowd celebrating VE DayMichael Heath10 May 2015102461.jpg 
102541UKIP's Old AllureChristian Adams06 Apr 2015102541.jpg 
MRD0747FlirtyMartin Rowson17 Dec 2015MRD0747.jpg 
103628The Special One Loses the Dressing Room...Peter Brookes19 Dec 2015103628.jpg 
SBD1498Kim Jong NigeSteve Bell21 May 2015SBD1498.jpg 
CLD0448"He's asking Kim Jong-Un if he can borrow his anti aircraft gun!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]15 May 2015CLD0448.jpg 
BJD0268The Second Coming...Ben Jennings26 Sep 2015BJD0268.jpg 
CLD0439"Nigel's a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger films!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]10 May 2015CLD0439.jpg 
102705Smoked, Gutted, & Eaten for Breakfast...Peter Brookes15 May 2015102705.jpg 
BAD0145[Farage and Le Pen]Brian Adcock08 Dec 2015BAD0145.jpg 
103237"This is NOT all about me!"Christian Adams02 Sep 2015103237.jpg 
BAD0146Britain Out of E.U.Brian Adcock12 Oct 2015BAD0146.jpg 
103166Monumental Vandalism...Peter Brookes02 Sep 2015103166.jpg 
BAD0134"Well that's embarrassing"Brian Adcock28 Aug 2015BAD0134.jpg 
BAD0136[Farage and EU flag]Brian Adcock02 Sep 2015BAD0136.jpg 
BAD0161"Uk advised to reduce its intake of..."Brian Adcock09 Jan 2016BAD0161.jpg 
BJD0293UKIPBen Jennings19 Dec 2015BJD0293.jpg 
103599Your Cut Out 'n' Keep Simple Guide to VotingChristian Adams03 Dec 2015  
100195Antics Roadshow...Morten Morland30 Dec 2013100195.jpg 
MRD0781Joint EnterpriseMartin Rowson19 Feb 2016  
103846By Your Friends Shall Ye Be Known...Peter Brookes23 Feb 2016103846.jpg 
MRD0802Workers Rights Safety NetMartin Rowson04 Apr 2016  
99471Shooting themselves in the bongos ....Dave Brown08 Aug 201399471.jpg 
100018[Cameron clearing the way for UKIP]Dave Brown28 Nov 2013100018.jpg 
101907BubblesDave Brown22 Nov 2014101907.jpg 
98914UkipperedPeter Brookes04 May 201398914.jpg 
SBD1164No captionSteve Bell09 May 2013SBD1164.jpg 
98801Eurovision ...Scott [Clissold; Scott]19 May 2013  
99622The gate crasherGerald Scarfe29 Sep 2013 
98257Renewal of vows ....Christian Adams07 Jan 201398257.jpg 
101793Drunk With PowerGerald Scarfe12 Oct 2014 
101803Frighten a Foreigner for Hallowe'en!Peter Brookes30 Oct 2014101803.jpg 
98506The Princess and the ToadDave Brown02 Mar 201398506.jpg 
MRD0193Fostering ....Martin Rowson26 Nov 2012MRD0193.jpg 
BRD0001News Coalition 2013 Presents .... Monster Raving Swivel-Eyed Loon Party!Brighty [Steve Bright]20 May 2013BRD0001.jpg 
98202You've held on to that ball far too long, Farage!Peter Brookes25 Jan 201398202.jpg 
BJD0069Easter FestivitiesBen Jennings25 Mar 2013BJD0069.jpg 
MRD0385Who wants a Clegg!Martin Rowson23 Dec 2013MRD0385.jpg 
MRD0386Just in case Santa turns out to be Bulgarian ....Martin Rowson23 Dec 2013MRD0386.jpg 
98957Right a bit ... right a bit .....Dave Brown06 May 201398957.jpg 
MRD0399SummitMartin Rowson01 Feb 2014MRD0399.jpg 
103921"Look's Cousin It!"Dave Brown23 Feb 2016103921.jpg 
MRD0470O Tempora .... Oh, Morons!Martin Rowson07 Jun 2014MRD0470.jpg 
BRD0005No captionBrighty [Steve Bright]06 May 2013BRD0005.jpg 
BRD0045Oh, my saviour!Brighty [Steve Bright]07 Apr 2014BRD0045.jpg 
MRD0537Of course I knew them when they didn't have a pit to hiss in ...Martin Rowson11 Oct 2014MRD0537.jpg 
BJD0135Right-to-be-forgotten ....Ben Jennings17 May 2014BJD0135.jpg 
100907And talking of hostile takeovers...Peter Brookes08 May 2014100907.jpg 
MRD0596Playing God ....Martin Rowson04 Feb 2015MRD0596.jpg 
101784"Meep-meep!"Dave Brown17 Oct 2014101784.jpg 
101683"...who do you think you are kidding?"Patrick Blower12 Oct 2014101683.jpg 
SCD0181Kitchen Sink DramaPeter Schrank23 Nov 2014SCD0181.jpg 
BJD0153"C'mon boys, lead the way..."Ben Jennings27 Dec 2013BJD0153.jpg 
BAD0013[Clegg, Farage and Europe]Brian Adcock10 Mar 2014BAD0013.jpg 
CLD0126European Court of Human Rights RulingsScott [Clissold; Scott]05 Oct 2014CLD0126.jpg 
SCD0158"...And now over to Nigel Farage with the UK immigration forecast"Peter Schrank29 Dec 2013SCD0158.jpg 
BJD0165Right-to-be-Forgotten...Ben Jennings17 May 2014BJD0165.jpg 
MRD0705TidesMartin Rowson05 Sep 2015MRD0705.jpg 
SBD1402World Toilet Day of ShameSteve Bell20 Nov 2014SBD1402.jpg 
CLD0364New Host for Top Gear?Scott [Clissold; Scott]15 Mar 2015CLD0364.jpg 
102681Farage Hits Back...Christian Adams15 May 2015102681.jpg 
102517Up in Smoke...Dave Brown16 Apr 2015102517.jpg 
102555Election Outcomes Clarified:Christian Adams20 Apr 2015102555.jpg 
MRD0523In other news ....Martin Rowson08 Sep 2014MRD0523.jpg 
103686"The wheels have come off?! Whose fault is that?!!"Christian Adams04 Jan 2016103686.jpg 
103826BrexitPeter Brookes31 Mar 2016103826.jpg 
MRD0820Eventually...Martin Rowson09 Jun 2016MRD0820.jpg 
104305Do You Really Want to Set Sail With This Crew?Gerald Scarfe19 Jun 2016 
MRD0881Peak EeekMartin Rowson26 Aug 2016MRD0881.jpg 
CLD0779Farage Steps Down as UKIP LeaderScott [Clissold; Scott]05 Jul 2016CLD0779.jpg 
SBD1684Hey' I'm the victim here!!Steve Bell21 Jun 2016SBD1684.jpg 
SBD1683Hating PointSteve Bell17 Jun 2016SBD1683.jpg 
102662Who should I vote for?Andy Bunday03 May 2015102662.jpg 
MRD0221The King of Africa.....Martin Rowson02 Feb 2012MRD0221.jpg 
MRD0891Nobel Peace Prize announced...Martin Rowson08 Oct 2016MRD0891.jpg 
MRD0892So Hard it's becoming a Strain? Treat Yourself to the BRomide Enriched LaXative BReakfast bowlful!Martin Rowson06 Oct 2016MRD0892.jpg 
MRD0902Dancing on a PinheadMartin Rowson17 Sep 2016MRD0902.jpg 
104117"Game, set and match...but wait...the losters are asking for the result to be looked at again..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]28 Jun 2016104117.jpg 
MRD0871Harnessing the Spirit...Martin Rowson22 Aug 2016MRD0871.jpg 
MRD0235Midterm ... Martin Rowson02 Mar 2013MRD0235.jpg 
MRD0244No more Punch & Judy PoliticsMartin Rowson18 Mar 2013MRD0244.jpg 
MRD0377Swapsies!Martin Rowson13 Dec 2013MRD0377.jpg 
101925[Snakes and Ladders]Christian Adams01 Jan 2014101925.jpg 
101918Happy New Year 2015Michael Heath28 Dec 2014101918.jpg 
99071Lane hoggers ...Christian Adams06 Jun 201399071.jpg 
99946Old Riddell's Political Almanac 2014Chris Riddell29 Dec 201399946.jpg 
10416623 June : Farage Can't Take Yes For an Answer...Peter Brookes18 May 2016104166.jpg 
104188"Go on then...we'll have what he's having."Christian Adams01 Jun 2016104188.jpg 
104200"LEAVE!"Christian Adams13 May 2016104200.jpg 
104315Toil and Trouble...Peter Brookes25 Jun 2016104315.jpg 
104317The Last Supper...Peter Brookes29 Jun 2016104317.jpg 
104318He's all plastic!Peter Brookes04 Jun 2016104318.jpg 
104319Britain's Beaches are SO BracingPeter Brookes01 Jun 2016104319.jpg 
104359Time Gentleman, PleaseChristian Adams05 Jul 2016104359.jpg 
104322Saloon Bar Politics...Peter Brookes18 Jun 2016104322.jpg 
104325Birthday Boy...Peter Brookes02 Jun 2016104325.jpg 
104326"I'm taking back control!"Morten Morland20 Jun 2016104326.jpg 
104429"U.S.Exit... from the real world!!"Christian Adams26 Aug 2016104429.jpg 
BJD0372Mates...Ben Jennings27 Oct 2016BJD0372.jpg 
MRD0916Lest We Forget : Lots We've ForgottenMartin Rowson14 Nov 2016MRD0916.jpg 
MRD0925Black FridayMartin Rowson26 Nov 2016MRD0925.jpg 
MRD0930No Third RunwayMartin Rowson03 Dec 2016MRD0930.jpg 
MRD0941"We're on the march!!"Martin Rowson12 Dec 2016MRD0941.jpg 
MRD0932Atlantic BridgeMartin Rowson19 Dec 2016MRD0932.jpg 
MRD0940BossypantiasMartin Rowson12 Dec 2016MRD0940.jpg 
103621Political Pantomime HorsesMorten Morland28 Dec 2015103621.jpg 
103623Christmas Parties...Morten Morland21 Dec 2015103623.jpg 
CLD0836"We thought we'd sell tickets to our next party meeting!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]07 Oct 2016CLD0836.jpg 
CLD0854"Me and my shaaadow!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]15 Nov 2016CLD0854.jpg 
CLD0858Farage to be made a Lord?Scott [Clissold; Scott]17 Nov 2016CLD0858.jpg 
CLD0864Theresa May Hints at Brexit DelaysScott [Clissold; Scott]22 Nov 2016CLD0864.jpg 
CLD0865"Oops - Sorry!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]23 Nov 2016CLD0865.jpg 
104851'Buona sera, Mr Farage. How woulda you like to be prime minister of Italy?'Mac [Stan McMurtry]06 Dec 2016104851.jpg 
104532Brexit is So BracingBob Moran18 Sep 2016104532.jpg 
MRD0958Democracy Now! 2nd E.U. ReferendumMartin Rowson06 Feb 2017MRD0958.jpg 
MRD0962Suck-Up Starts HereMartin Rowson28 Jan 2017MRD0962.jpg 
104861Lost in fogPatrick Blower29 Dec 2016104861.jpg 
BAD0267First in the Queue...!Brian Adcock14 Nov 2016BAD0267.jpg 
104671Seize the day. Votes.Christian Adams06 Oct 2016104671.jpg 
BAD0291Trump to Meet the QueenBrian Adcock21 Nov 2016BAD0291.jpg 
MRD0973"Get on with your work! We're still clearly not nearly repulsive enough!"Martin Rowson24 Feb 2017MRD0973.jpg 
104782I want my life back...Christian Adams14 Nov 2016104782.jpg 
104779American EmbassyChristian Adams23 Nov 2016104779.jpg 
MRD0982Not a Game, ApparentlyMartin Rowson15 Mar 2017MRD0982.jpg 
104688Credibility hits new lowPeter Brookes07 Oct 2016 
105355Free Fall!Gerald Scarfe02 Apr 2017105355.jpg 
104775Nature NotesPeter Brookes19 Nov 2016 
104711Pointless treatmentsPeter Brookes25 Oct 2016 
104686Literary sensation! Author's true identity revealed...Peter Brookes05 Oct 2016104686.jpg 
MRD0988Green RoomMartin Rowson27 Mar 2017MRD0988.jpg 
104772Planet Earth IIPeter Brookes16 Nov 2016104772.jpg 
98954Increased childcare ratio ....Dave Brown10 May 201398954.jpg 
MRD0269Gadarene Swine latest .....Martin Rowson11 May 2013MRD0269.jpg 
104870When one door closes...another one shuts in your face!Peter Brookes17 Dec 2016104870.jpg 
104773American Gothic...Peter Brookes23 Nov 2016104773.jpg 
104962New Year's ResolutionsChristian Adams02 Jan 2017104962.jpg 
105162"Look at these couple of beauts - perfect for the back seat driver!!"Christian Adams01 Mar 2017105162.jpg 
BJD03762017 This WayBen Jennings31 Dec 2016BJD0376.jpg 
BJD0374[Christmas Day]Ben Jennings16 Dec 2016BJD0374.jpg 
105163What are you giving up for Lent..?Christian Adams02 Mar 2017105163.jpg 
MRD1022Birthday BoyMartin Rowson24 Jun 2017MRD1022.jpg 
MRD1031Naughty!Martin Rowson10 Jun 2017MRD1031.jpg 
MRD1034Good night, ladies; good night, sweet ladies; good night good nightMartin Rowson03 Jun 2017MRD1034.jpg 
MRD1053Jeanne DarkMartin Rowson09 May 2017MRD1053.jpg 
BJD0404"Don't worry, Kippers. You're safe with the Tories!"Ben Jennings06 May 2017BJD0404.jpg 
BJD0410The Go-BetweenBen Jennings12 Nov 2016BJD0410.jpg 
MRD1073"But before we ignore the Lammy Report, let's get a round up of the rest of the xenophobia news..."Martin Rowson09 Sep 2017MRD1073.jpg 
MRD1078Table TurningMartin Rowson02 Sep 2017MRD1078.jpg 
CLD0972Brex1tScott [Clissold; Scott]16 Jul 2017CLD0972.jpg 
CLD1008"Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]22 Jan 2017CLD1008.jpg 
CLD1020Celebrity SnowmenScott [Clissold; Scott]24 Dec 2016CLD1020.jpg 
SBD1744"...if you're ever in the US let me know...and Nigel says 'Hi!'"Steve Bell18 Nov 2016SBD1744.jpg 
SBD1746[Ambassador]Steve Bell23 Nov 2016SBD1746.jpg 
SBD1758"Extremist lover! This is all your fault!!"Steve Bell21 Dec 2016SBD1758.jpg 
SBD1783Blame Multi-culturalismSteve Bell24 Mar 2017SBD1783.jpg 
MDR0968Who knew?Martin Rowson01 Mar 2017MDR0968.jpg0968.jpg 
MRD1087DominoesMartin Rowson01 October 2003MRD1087.jpg 
102050Farage Visits the NorthMatt [Pritchett; Matthew]09 Dec 2014102050.jpg 
104973New Year's Resolutions 2017Morten Morland02 Jan 2017104973.jpg 
MRD1101Embarrassment ThresholdMartin Rowson09 Dec 2017MRD1101.jpg 
MRD1102"I have in my hand a piece of paper..."Martin Rowson05 Dec 2017MRD1102.jpg 
MRD1129V For VictoryMartin Rowson20 Mar 2018MRD1129.jpg 
104881Political Christmas Trees 2016Morten Morland27 Dec 2016104881.jpg 
104872Nature NotesPeter Brookes24 Dec 2016104872.jpg 
105013Hooked on The Donald TrumpspottingPeter Brookes20 Jan 2017105013.jpg 
105636Hard BrexitMorten Morland02 Jul 2017105636.jpg 
BJD0445Drunk TankBen Jennings30 Dec 2017BJD0445.jpg 
BJD0494EU PensionBen Jennings04 Dec 2017BJD0494.jpg 
MRD1168"What's so wrong about Peace, Love & Understanding?"Martin Rowson24 Mar 2018MRD1168.jpg 
MRD1170The Condemned ate a hearty meal...Martin Rowson23 Jan 2018MRD1170.jpg 
MRD1175Well, if you know a better shithole...Martin Rowson13 Jan 2018MRD1175.jpg 
CLD1140"You ever see the film Groundhog Day....?!?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]12 Jan 2018CLD1140.jpg 
MRD1184ProblemMartin Rowson11 May 2018MRD1184.jpg 
MRD1186[Carousel]Martin Rowson05 May 2018MRD1186.jpg 
MRD1196For what seems like 80 Sodding Years...Martin Rowson31 Jul 2018MRD1196.jpg 
MRD1204(To the) Finland (Station)Martin Rowson17 Jul 2018MRD1204.jpg 
MRD1212"More novichok, Mr. President?"Martin Rowson14 Jul 2018MRD1212.jpg 
MRD1226"Wahhh! It's all your fault!! Waaaaaahhh!!!"Martin Rowson11 Jun 2018MRD1226.jpg 
MRD1228The Contrast 2018Martin Rowson18 Sep 2018MRD1228.jpg 
BAD0344Will he, won't he...?Brian Adcock22 Jan 2018BAD0344.jpg 
BAD0384He's back, again...Brian Adcock19 Aug 2018BAD0384.jpg 
BAD0481"Well that bit still works ok"Brian Adcock19 Feb 2018BAD0481.jpg 
MRD1250Cacky RacesMartin Rowson23 Oct 2018MRD1250.jpg 
MRD1251"We're making Britain grate again!!!"Martin Rowson22 Oct 2018MRD1251.jpg 
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