Person NameMerkel; Angela (1954-)
MRD0653MoreMartin Rowson23 May 2015MRD0653.jpg 
MRD0655Ban these Legal Highs!Martin Rowson29 May 2015MRD0655.jpg 
9389121st Century SisyphusPeter Schrank19 Jun 201193891.jpg 
96090No captionPeter Schrank29 Jan 201296090.jpg 
100581To the RescueDave Brown01 Mar 2014100581.jpg 
101745"It is imperative that we maintain freedom of movement for everyone"Bob Moran30 Nov 2014101745.jpg 
95704'Great line, Nick - that one about British pymies.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]13 Dec 201195704.jpg 
PTD0267Liberté. Egalité. UnitéPaul Thomas12 Jan 2015PTD0267.jpg 
100586The Charge of the Lite BrigadeDave Brown16 Feb 2001100586.jpg 
BJD0119Crimean PutinsulaBen Jennings08 Feb 2014BJD0119.jpg 
SBD1394[Merkel and Cameron Arm Wrestle]Steve Bell04 Nov 2014SBD1394.jpg 
96533ContagionChris Riddell20 May 201296533.jpg 
96529You could always try removing it!Scott [Clissold; Scott]20 May 201296529.jpg 
95479No captionPeter Schrank06 Nov 201195479.jpg 
96956SisyphusDave Brown23 Jun 201296956.jpg 
100762"Ok...You asked for it"Bob Moran27 Apr 2014100762.jpg 
MRD0039No captionMartin Rowson09 Dec 2011MRD0039.jpg 
96773Downfall of GreeceGerald Scarfe20 May 2012 
101109The Female Coach...Peter Brookes24 Jun 2014101109.jpg 
SCD0019Two-speed EuropePeter Schrank11 Dec 2011SCD0019.jpg 
96552Euro visionChristian Adams27 May 201296552.jpg 
103983Top GearBob Moran29 May 2016103983.jpg 
SBD1681"Are we there yet?"Steve Bell22 Jan 2016SBD1681.jpg 
95525No captionChristian Adams27 Oct 201195525.jpg 
95598In a cold storage unit, Brussels .....Peter Brookes25 Oct 201195598.jpg 
SBD1672help REFUGEES OUTSteve Bell05 Feb 2016SBD1672.jpg 
BAD0056"Bloody speed bumps"Brian Adcock01 Sep 2014BAD0056.jpg 
101242SanctionsChristian Adams21 Jul 2014101242.jpg 
98100Mr BritanniaMichael Heath27 Jan 201398100.jpg 
BAD0220TurkeyBrian Adcock19 Mar 201672043.jpg 
95799No captionSteve Bell15 Nov 201195799.jpg 
103932Special Souvenir SupplementDave Brown26 Mar 2016103932.jpg 
95902Chicken ...Dave Brown08 Dec 201195902.jpg 
95956Panda Diplomacy ...Dave Brown05 Dec 201195956.jpg 
97819Don't panic! Don't panic! I'll give 'em the old cold steel ..... they don't like it up 'em you know!Dave Brown09 Nov 201297819.jpg 
96940No captionSteve Bell07 Jun 201296940.jpg 
96731No captionSteve Bell18 May 201296731.jpg 
95566Sarko's new baby ...Dave Brown28 Oct 201195566.jpg 
95885The stars of 2011...Ben Jennings30 Dec 201195885.jpg 
MMD0005No captionMorten Morland31 Oct 2011MMD0005.jpg 
96957Young George ....Dave Brown11 Jun 201296957.jpg 
94824[no caption]David Simonds14 Aug 201194824.jpg 
95018No captionChristian Adams17 Aug 201195018.jpg 
95457No captionBob Moran30 Sep 201195457.jpg 
95247Balancing ActGerald Scarfe18 Sep 2011 
SCD0154"We must talk peace"Peter Schrank08 Feb 2015SCD0154.jpg 
95655Here's to the futureChristian Adams04 Dec 201195655.jpg 
95896No captionMorten Morland24 Dec 201195896.jpg 
96163No captionPatrick Blower16 Dec 201196163.jpg 
95449Greek Prime Minister meets Sarkozy and Merkel...Paul Thomas03 Nov 201195449.jpg 
95378No captionChristian Adams23 Oct 201195378.jpg 
95767Europa and the Bull. A Nasty ShockGerald Scarfe06 Nov 2011 
101808"This is my Thatcher moment..."Morten Morland27 Oct 2014101808.jpg 
95487PatronisingChristian Adams03 Oct 201195487.jpg 
95577Papandora's BoxDave Brown05 Nov 201195577.jpg 
95605No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]20 Nov 201195605.jpg 
102817Causing an Earthquake..?Dave Brown12 Jun 2015102817.jpg 
95797Strictly - Winners and Losers ...Christian Adams18 Dec 201195797.jpg 
96780Extra time with penaltiesPhil Disley 21 May 201296780.jpg 
95466No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]06 Nov 201195466.jpg 
96413Eurovision ...Morten Morland03 Mar 201296413.jpg 
95281Time to kick ass!Phil Disley 17 Sep 201195281.jpg 
95539The LifeboatDave Brown01 Oct 201195539.jpg 
96739No captionSteve Bell22 May 201296739.jpg 
95564No captionDave Brown27 Oct 201195564.jpg 
SCD0038The devil and the deep blue seaPeter Schrank17 Jun 2012SCD0038.jpg 
95693No captionPaul Thomas09 Dec 201195693.jpg 
95753Frau Merkel serves up her strong brewGerald Scarfe04 Dec 2011 
96353No captionDave Brown14 Feb 201296353.jpg 
96944German manufacturing shrinksKipper Williams22 Jun 201296944.jpg 
96155'Camerkozy'Bob Moran09 Dec 201196155.jpg 
SCD0082No captionPeter Schrank16 May 2012SCD0082.jpg 
SCD0016No captionPeter Schrank20 Nov 2011SCD0016.jpg 
95791No captionSteve Bell08 Nov 201195791.jpg 
95933No captionMorten Morland29 Dec 201195933.jpg 
95181No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]25 Sep 201195181.jpg 
95880No captionSteve Bell09 Dec 201195880.jpg 
99736Earwig (Obama nokia)Peter Brookes26 Oct 201399736.jpg 
95386No captionSteve Bell30 Sep 201195386.jpg 
MRD0025The Man who once briefly imagined that Democracy was more important than Market Stability ...Martin Rowson05 Nov 2011MRD0025.jpg 
95231Just what is it that makes today's world so different, so unappealing?Christian Adams15 Sep 201195231.jpg 
95478No captionChristian Adams06 Nov 201195478.jpg 
ADD0303No, no - you shake it all about first - then you go in or outAndy Davey24 Jan 2013ADD0303.jpg 
MRD0121The name's Bond ... Spanish Government 10 Year Bond!Martin Rowson09 Jun 2012MRD0121.jpg 
MRD0029Europa and the bull (Britain and the bullshit)Martin Rowson19 Nov 2011MRD0029.jpg 
MRD0040City saved! Europe isolated!!Martin Rowson10 Dec 2011MRD0040.jpg 
96531No captionChristian Adams20 May 201296531.jpg 
95573No captionDave Brown03 Nov 201195573.jpg 
94913Summer BlockbusterMartin Rowson06 Aug 201194913.jpg 
SCD0190"Rebekah?! Help me! I need a new spin doctor to raise my profile"Peter Schrank29 Jun 2014SCD0190.jpg 
95686No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]04 Dec 201195686.jpg 
SCD0014No captionPeter Schrank30 Oct 2011SCD0014.jpg 
95698No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]11 Dec 201195698.jpg 
96712World's End 2012Christian Adams21 May 201296712.jpg 
99732Achtung spies!Gerald Scarfe27 Oct 2013 
SBD1244[Merkel Dumbo]Steve Bell06 Nov 2013SBD1244.jpg 
96781Fairy Story - Will Princess Angela transform Francois?Gerald Scarfe13 May 2012 
MRD0109The 300 (th attempt to form a Greek Government)Martin Rowson14 May 2012MRD0109.jpg 
100631[Putin and his trophies]Peter Brookes25 Mar 2014100631.jpg 
99069We have to be at the top table!Christian Adams11 Jun 201399069.jpg 
95787No captionSteve Bell04 Nov 201195787.jpg 
102955PrometheusDave Brown11 Jul 2015102955.jpg 
96979... and the world looked on.....Gerald Scarfe10 Jun 2012 
96537Team EuroDavid Simonds27 May 201296537.jpg 
SCD0098The Man Who ....Peter Schrank27 Jan 2013SCD0098.jpg 
101490C D E FChristian Adams15 Aug 2014101490.jpg 
96997Meanwhile, in Mexico ...Peter Brookes21 Jun 201296997.jpg 
97223Spanish bailout ...Peter Brookes25 Jul 201297223.jpg 
MRD0075Seconds....Martin Rowson11 Feb 2012MRD0075.jpg 
95975The Queen and Emperor of Europe and the British BulldogGerald Scarfe11 Dec 2011 
101090Cameron's EU NegotiationsGerald Scarfe29 Jun 2014 
96709Ze FiskalpaktChristian Adams16 May 201296709.jpg 
100643Bear BaitingChristian Adams18 Mar 2014100643.jpg 
94775[no caption]Scott [Clissold; Scott]07 Aug 201194775.jpg 
96730Austerity electing a new Greek peopleSteve Bell15 May 201296730.jpg 
96756Preparing for a first datePhil Disley 15 May 201296756.jpg 
95823Hornbill (Bunga bunga)Peter Brookes12 Nov 201195823.jpg 
96736No captionSteve Bell24 May 201296736.jpg 
97762Angela Milchen and the benefits of long-term breast feedingGerald Scarfe21 Oct 2012 
96648They think it's all over ....Scott [Clissold; Scott]10 Jun 201296648.jpg 
96955No captionDave Brown22 Jun 201296955.jpg 
96729No captionSteve Bell08 May 201296729.jpg 
96819EurogeddonChris Riddell10 Jun 201296819.jpg 
96310Priceless ancient artefact stolen in GreeceMorten Morland18 Feb 201296310.jpg 
MRD0114Who? Me?!?Martin Rowson28 May 2012MRD0114.jpg 
SBD1011No captionSteve Bell18 May 2012SBD1011.jpg 
SCD0022No captionPeter Schrank18 Dec 2011SCD0022.jpg 
96842Pass! Pass!!Christian Adams24 Jun 201296842.jpg 
96272No captionChristian Adams20 Feb 201296272.jpg 
96991When Francois met Angela (after the late, great Nora Ephron... )Peter Brookes28 Jun 201296991.jpg 
96952New Democracy ....Dave Brown19 Jun 201296952.jpg 
97189A Valkyrie decides who lives or dies in battleGerald Scarfe17 Jun 2012 
97229Rules of the Game 1. Beach VolleyballPeter Brookes31 Jul 201297229.jpg 
96911[Merkel football goal]Christian Adams21 Jun 201296911.jpg 
SBD1014No captionSteve Bell24 May 2012SBD1014.jpg 
GBD0031IMFGary Barker17 Nov 2011GBD0031.jpg 
SBD0939No captionSteve Bell30 Sep 2011SBD0939.jpg 
SBD0949No captionSteve Bell27 Oct 2011SBD0949.jpg 
SBD1006No captionSteve Bell08 May 2012SBD1006.jpg 
97426Acropolis [Now crossed out] LaterDave Brown23 Aug 201297426.jpg 
97861The Eurotrap 60th YearChristian Adams19 Nov 201297861.jpg 
SBD1307You shall not go to the G8 in Sochi!Steve Bell25 Mar 2014SBD1307.jpg 
BJD0173[European Union]Ben Jennings28 Jun 2014BJD0173.jpg 
95463No captionPeter Brookes30 Sep 201195463.jpg 
96987Transit across sun .... never to be seen again.Peter Brookes07 Jun 201296987.jpg 
SCD0096Danger! Do not feed the euroscepticsPeter Schrank13 Jan 2013SCD0096.jpg 
MRD0544Supping with the devil ...Martin Rowson25 Oct 2014MRD0544.jpg 
MRD0242Look, some of these countries' debt stank so much Germany had to bail them out with a pile of money this high! And then they call me a Nazi!!Martin Rowson16 Mar 2013MRD0242.jpg 
MRD0247Offshore bank accountMartin Rowson23 Mar 2013MRD0247.jpg 
99621German EagleGerald Scarfe22 Sep 2013 
SCD0140Mr President .... vat big ears you hef!Peter Schrank27 Oct 2013SCD0140.jpg 
98618Holiday homeChristian Adams16 Apr 201398618.jpg 
95814No captionPeter Brookes11 Nov 201195814.jpg 
97349Fresco ruined by amateur restorers ...Morten Morland24 Aug 201297349.jpg 
98491Vote MerkelDave Brown26 Mar 201398491.jpg 
98574Breaking up? Nonsense! It'll hold together!!Scott [Clissold; Scott]31 Mar 201398574.jpg 
98591Do you do urgent miracles?Scott [Clissold; Scott]24 Mar 201398591.jpg 
ADD04203rd TermAndy Davey24 Sep 2013ADD0420.jpg 
BJD0338"So..."Ben Jennings23 May 2015BJD0338.jpg 
101549GasDave Brown02 Aug 2014101549.jpg 
SCD0138[Time running out]Peter Schrank08 Sep 2013SCD0138.jpg 
100607[Giant Merkel-tiny Cameron]Dave Brown27 Feb 2014100607.jpg 
MRD0483100 Years Ago... Martin Rowson28 Jun 2014MRD0483.jpg 
102359"Blah, blah, blah, blah..."Andy Bunday07 Sep 2014102359.jpg 
101872Fall of the Wall 25 YeatsChristian Adams10 Nov 2014101872.jpg 
95669No captionMorten Morland28 Oct 201195669.jpg 
99135The Falsettos Meet the Real GangstersDave Brown21 Jun 201399135.jpg 
BJD0121[Merkel Cameron]Ben Jennings01 Mar 2014BJD0121.jpg 
99765Seeing the lightDave Brown26 Oct 201399765.jpg 
102271Greek Tragedy (To Be Continued...)Gerald Scarfe22 Feb 2015 
101870Freedom of Movement...Christian Adams03 Nov 2014101870.jpg 
102400ECB HeliumPeter Schrank25 Jan 2015102400.jpg 
101178JunckerChristian Adams11 Jun 2014101178.jpg 
99604Strictly-New PartnersChristian Adams04 Sep 201399604.jpg 
BJD0142(Some of) The Stars of 2013Ben Jennings28 Dec 2013BJD0142.jpg 
102204[Greece and Merkel]Dave Brown27 Jan 2015102204.jpg 
100585Alternative cheap gas supply...Dave Brown07 Mar 2014100585.jpg 
101901"What 'point of no return'..?"Dave Brown04 Nov 2014101901.jpg 
101104In a Tight Spot...Peter Brookes27 Jun 2014101104.jpg 
102189"Full Steam Ahead!"Christian Adams06 Jan 2015102189.jpg 
101145[EU boat]Dave Brown11 Jun 2014101145.jpg 
101167Telling OffChristian Adams25 Jun 2014101167.jpg 
101875RecoveryChristian Adams18 Nov 2014101875.jpg 
102201Getting Things Moving...Dave Brown23 Jan 2015102201.jpg 
102630[Merkel catching Tsipras]Bob Moran21 Jun 2015102630.jpg 
102203MoonshineDave Brown24 Jan 2015102203.jpg 
SCD0212"CHICKEN!"Peter Schrank18 Feb 2015SCD0212.jpg 
SBD1380[Merkel Kick]Steve Bell11 Jul 2014SBD1380.jpg 
102956Leap Second Delays Midnight...Dave Brown01 Jul 2015102956.jpg 
103227[Merkel and an empty stable]Christian Adams16 Sep 2015103227.jpg 
GBD0080"Cough up by the 30th or the legs are next"Gary Barker22 Jun 2015GBD0080.jpg 
102254Kebabbed!Dave Brown31 Jan 2015102254.jpg 
102823Royal Visit...Dave Brown25 Jun 2015102823.jpg 
MRD0674AtheismMartin Rowson06 Jul 2015MRD0674.jpg 
SCD0192HoneyPeter Schrank23 Mar 2014SCD0192.jpg 
102772Asteroid Day: 'Raising awareness to prevent impending catastrophe'Christian Adams30 Jun 2015102772.jpg 
GBD0083All We Are Saying is Give Greece Her PantsGary Barker06 Feb 2015GBD0083.jpg 
SCD0240While Showing off the Gardens at Chequers...Peter Schrank11 Oct 2015SCD0240.jpg 
SCD0222Angela and the G7 DwarvesPeter Schrank07 Jun 2015SCD0222.jpg 
SBD1597[Dave's EU Dinner]Steve Bell18 Dec 2015SBD1597.jpg 
102353"I do not go around taking things that don't belong to me!"Brian Adcock17 Nov 2014102353.jpg 
102912[European Gods and Greece]Christian Adams14 Jul 2015102912.jpg 
102449Je Suis JezzaPeter Brookes13 Mar 2015102449.jpg 
MRD0661Extreme Water SportsMartin Rowson20 Jun 2015MRD0661.jpg 
103220OvercrowdingChristian Adams25 Sep 2015103220.jpg 
102810State Visit...Morten Morland24 Jun 2015102810.jpg 
SBD1519"One for all...and all F*** Greece!"Steve Bell30 Jun 2015SBD1519.jpg 
CLD0160"Nick Clegg wants a quick go then we'll be out of yur way!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]09 Mar 2014CLD0160.jpg 
BJD0209All Options on the Table...Ben Jennings05 Sep 2014BJD0209.jpg 
103861Blankety Blank...Morten Morland01 Feb 2016103861.jpg 
95889No captionSteve Bell22 Dec 201195889.jpg 
102270"Who are you wearing?"Morten Morland23 Feb 2015102270.jpg 
MRD0598Always go for the obvious joke ...Martin Rowson07 Feb 2015MRD0598.jpg 
MRD0668[The Raft of Medusa]Martin Rowson28 Jun 2015MRD0668.jpg 
MRD0111RendezvousMartin Rowson19 May 2012MRD0111.jpg 
MRD0755PathwayMartin Rowson19 Dec 2015MRD0755.jpg 
94778[no caption]Peter Schrank07 Aug 201194778.jpg 
103290[Statue of Merkel]Christian Adams12 Nov 2015103290.jpg 
CLD0463In-Out EU ReferendumScott [Clissold; Scott]24 May 2015CLD0463.jpg 
103404"It's too high a price for us to pay..."Peter Brookes11 Nov 2015103404.jpg 
95393No captionPeter Brookes15 Sep 201195393.jpg 
SCD0011[no caption]Peter Schrank15 Sep 2011SCD0011.jpg 
CLD0436"Power mad and against reform - is Blatter running the EU as well?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]09 Jun 2015CLD0436.jpg 
MRD0127Democracy latest?Martin Rowson18 Jun 2012MRD0127.jpg 
SCD0225"Heads or tails?"Peter Schrank21 Jun 2015SCD0225.jpg 
MRD0670"Well, if that's their attitude!"Martin Rowson29 Jun 2015MRD0670.jpg 
SBD1524Greek Democracy is an Irrelevant CircusSteve Bell08 Jul 2015SBD1524.jpg 
103696A Greek TragedyChristian Adams27 Jan 2016103696.jpg 
103363"Um...can I change this for something in a smaller size?"Dave Brown13 Oct 2015103363.jpg 
PTD0078"Welcome to Buckingham Palace, Frau Merkel..."Paul Thomas28 Feb 2014PTD0078.jpg 
103336"NO IFS, NO BUTS MERKEL. THESE ARE MY DEMANDS!...ER,...IF THEY'RE ALRIGHT WITH YOU"Mac [Stan McMurtry]11 Nov 2015103336.jpg 
SBD1500"You're both clearly in the mood for a twentyeightsome!"Steve Bell27 May 2015SBD1500.jpg 
102803"Gimme an 'm'!"Morten Morland19 Jun 2015102803.jpg 
BJD0238"We agree to a ceasefire..."Ben Jennings13 Feb 2015BJD0238.jpg 
103261The Ladybird Book ofChristian Adams13 Oct 2015103261.jpg 
BAD0065[Ukraine Chess]Brian Adcock03 Mar 2014BAD0065.jpg 
SCD0176"Like a bird on the wire"Peter Schrank05 Oct 2014SCD0176.jpg 
GBD0093[Tsipras, Oxi off Merkel]Gary Barker10 Jul 2015GBD0093.jpg 
102782Top Gear...Christian Adams18 Jun 2015102782.jpg 
102790"C'est un amuse-bouche, n'est-ce pas?"Peter Brookes26 Jun 2015102790.jpg 
MRD0636[Hydra]Martin Rowson22 Feb 2015MRD0636.jpg 
103373The LifeboatDave Brown14 Nov 2015103373.jpg 
102544"Why can't they just have a civilised debate?"Christian Adams03 Apr 2015102544.jpg 
102563April the First, 2015Peter Brookes01Apr 2015102563.jpg 
MRD0582Ironies which one imagines would not have been lost on my murdered colleagues ...Martin Rowson12 Jan 2015MRD0582.jpg 
MRD0085Emperors' New StraitjacketsMartin Rowson03 Mar 2012MRD0085.jpg 
MRD0292TransparenciesMartin Rowson17 Jun 2013MRD0292.jpg 
BJD0292Goodbye, 2015Ben Jennings02 Jan 2015BJD0292.jpg 
102175"This year we're posting a record-breaking 317 billion Euros debt!"Christian Adams29 Jan 2015102175.jpg 
103613Merry ChristmasDave Brown16 Dec 2015103613.jpg 
MRD0579Merkel flies in ...Martin Rowson07 Jan 2015MRD0579.jpg 
CLD0590The Farce Awakens...Scott [Clissold; Scott]20 Dec 2015CLD0590.jpg 
102240PokeChristian Adams09 Feb 2015102240.jpg 
SCD0221"Please - do something! Help me!!"Peter Schrank14 Jun 2015SCD0221.jpg 
102743SmashingBob Moran12 Jul 2015102743.jpg 
102839Tsipras and the Golden FleeceGerald Scarfe07 Jun 2015 
102228Sisyphus...Morten Morland26 Jan 2015102228.jpg 
102401Greece [and] RussiaPeter Schrank22 Feb 2015102401.jpg 
102807Leaderhosen...Morten Morland08 Jun 2015102807.jpg 
MRD0747FlirtyMartin Rowson17 Dec 2015MRD0747.jpg 
102633Cannes Can'tsBob Moran24 May 2015102633.jpg 
SCD0227[EU Ocean Liner]Peter Schrank28 Jun 2015SCD0227.jpg 
102631[Cameron and Merkel as children]Bob Moran07 Jun 2015102631.jpg 
MRD0693Good Samaritan latestMartin Rowson20 Aug 2015MRD0693.jpg 
BAD0108Going Out or Staying In....?Brian Adcock29 Jun 2015BAD0108.jpg 
103816A Helping Hand...Morten Morland08 Mar 2016103816.jpg 
103504Vote ToryBob Moran14 Feb 2016103504.jpg 
102911Die Letzte Chance BierkellerChristian Adams10 Jul 2015102911.jpg 
CLD0561"He'd like to discuss rearranging our deckchairs!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]10 Nov 2015CLD0561.jpg 
102977Let's shake on it...Peter Brookes14 Jul 2015102977.jpg 
CLD0446"It's been artificially created and always ends in chaos!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]14 Jun 2015CLD0446.jpg 
102785Miracle Survivor...Christian Adams24 Jun 2015102785.jpg 
GBD0079A Week in a Very Long TimeGary Barker13 Jul 2015GBD0079.jpg 
102825Another Closed ATM...Dave Brown30 Jun 2015102825.jpg 
102788"I don't want that. I don't want that. I don't want that."Christian Adams25 Jun 2015102788.jpg 
CLD0540Migrants Crisis LatestScott [Clissold; Scott]06 Sep 2015CLD0540.jpg 
102908[Merkel vs Tsipras]Christian Adams07 Jul 2015102908.jpg 
102836The Choice!Gerald Scarfe28 Jun 2015 
103233Hurricane DaveChristian Adams09 Sep 2015103233.jpg 
102784Spot the DifferenceChristian Adams22 Jun 2015102784.jpg 
SBD1515[Greek Roulette]Steve Bell23 Jun 2015SBD1515.jpg 
103281Snooping...Christian Adams02 Nov 2015103281.jpg 
102982Dreadlocks...Peter Brookes04 Jul 2015102982.jpg 
BAD0160Acrimonious.....Brian Adcock26 Jun 2016BAD0160.jpg 
103796Leap YearChristian Adams29 Feb 2016103796.jpg 
10334410 YearsBob Moran06 Dec 2015103344.jpg 
SBD1520GrexitSteve Bell01 Jul 2015SBD1520.jpg 
MRD0719"It'll be fine! At Marks & Spencer we'd have exchangd it for a smaller size in the workers' rights gusset departyment!"Martin Rowson12 Oct 2015MRD0719.jpg 
MRD0723The BouncerMartin Rowson17 Oct 2015MRD0723.jpg 
103293Dancing the EU TangoBob Moran16 Oct 2015103293.jpg 
103097All Behind You, FrancoisBob Moran15 Nov 2015103097.jpg 
103583Panto TimeGerald Scarfe20 Dec 2015  
103221Made in Germany...Christian Adams23 Sep 2015103221.jpg 
SCD0248"So...vot can I gif you?"Peter Schrank20 Dec 2015SCD0248.jpg 
103625Dave and the BeanstalkMorten Morland29 Dec 2015103625.jpg 
CLD0566Solution to EU Migrant CrisisScott [Clissold; Scott]11 Oct 2015CLD0566.jpg 
SCD0253Welcome!Peter Schrank24 Jan 2016SCD0253.jpg 
103805Emergency BrakeBob Moran02 Feb 2016103805.jpg 
103157Foreign Female Politician on Banknotes? (News Item)...Peter Brookes18 Sep 2015103157.jpg 
MRD0805No, MY name is SpartacusMartin Rowson16 Apr 2016  
MRD0659PerspectiveMartin Rowson08 Jun 2015MRD0659.jpg 
104048Dog Brings Back Small BoneGerald Scarfe21 Feb 2016 
95940No captionChristian Adams27 Dec 201195940.jpg 
96815No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]17 Jun 201296815.jpg 
95855On the RocksDave Brown12 Nov 201195855.jpg 
SCD0018No captionPeter Schrank04 Dec 2011SCD0018.jpg 
96985One man, two guvnorsPeter Brookes12 Jun 201296985.jpg 
101577Ding! Ding! "Round one!!"Christian Adams04 Sep 2014101577.jpg 
CLD0303"Why on earth would you want to leave?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]29 Jun 2014CLD0303.jpg 
95526A useful contraption for putting pressure on eurozone leadersBob Moran28 Oct 201195526.jpg 
98677Gentlemen Prefer Blondes PGPeter Brookes13 Apr 201398677.jpg 
MRD0625Now there's yer problem straight away...Martin Rowson21 Feb 2015MRD0625.jpg 
MRD0036Visit ...Martin Rowson03 Dec 2011MRD0036.jpg 
ADD0062No captionAndy Davey02 Nov 2011ADD0062.jpg 
99136Summit ...Dave Brown18 Jun 201399136.jpg 
MRD0418Yesterday in ParliamentMartin Rowson28 Feb 2014MRD0418.jpg 
SBD1012No captionSteve Bell22 May 2012SBD1012.jpg 
95828No captionChristian Adams17 Nov 201195828.jpg 
97180Can you make that cash in hand, luv?Christian Adams25 Jul 201297180.jpg 
SCD0039No captionPeter Schrank20 May 2012SCD0039.jpg 
97364Greek drama!Gerald Scarfe26 Sep 2012 
96951No captionDave Brown18 Jun 201296951.jpg 
99065[Putin arm wrestling]Christian Adams18 Jun 201399065.jpg 
96275The deal is, you'll have to work for almost nothing until you can prove you're responsible enough to stay with usChristian Adams22 Feb 201296275.jpg 
SBD0964No captionSteve Bell06 Dec 2011SBD0964.jpg 
99315Whac-a-moleDave Brown03 Jul 201399315.jpg 
100399"When Chancellor Merkel visits this week I'm going to talk loudly about EU reform"Christian Adams23 Feb 2014100399.jpg 
99412EurozoneChristian Adams15 Aug 201399412.jpg 
MRD0470O Tempora .... Oh, Morons!Martin Rowson07 Jun 2014MRD0470.jpg 
101817[Aces]Christian Adams29 Oct 2014101817.jpg 
101609BillMorten Morland04 Sep 2014101609.jpg 
SBD1239[Merkel phone bug]Steve Bell25 Oct 2013SBD1239.jpg 
100572Mrs Merkel was only recently on crutches...Peter Brookes28 Feb 2014100572.jpg 
100620Crimea: Germany's Lady With the LampPeter Brookes08 Mar 2014100620.jpg 
101943EuroMorten Morland30 Dec 2014101943.jpg 
101244"We must send a very clear signal to Russia"Christian Adams23 Jul 2014101244.jpg 
102093"Ceasefire"Bob Moran15 Feb 2015102093.jpg 
102288The Plumb Pudding in DangerMorten Morland09 Feb 2015102288.jpg 
102258To VladDave Brown06 Feb 2015102258.jpg 
102279Putintin in UkrainePeter Brookes13 Feb 2015102279.jpg 
102781"I am very concerned about this little country on the outskirts of the EU endlessly agonsing over whether to stay in Europe."Christian Adams17 Jun 2015102781.jpg 
102958[Merkel as Achilles]Dave Brown07 Jul 2015102958.jpg 
102512[Targets]Dave Brown10 Apr 2015102512.jpg 
103165Man Caught Hiding in Engine...Peter Brookes03 Sep 2015103165.jpg 
SBD1660WilkommenSteve Bell02 Mar 2016SBD1660.jpg 
CLD0681"Change is coming!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]17 Feb 2016CLD0681.jpg 
95459No captionChristian Adams29 Sep 201195459.jpg 
101132David and GoliathDave Brown28 Jun 2014101132.jpg 
SBD1704"Read my lips..."Steve Bell06 Sep 2016SBD1704.jpg 
95600No captionChris Riddell20 Nov 201195600.jpg 
96714Flower Show 2012Christian Adams22 May 201296714.jpg 
95531No captionPatrick Blower04 Nov 201195531.jpg 
MRD0120So who asked Mr. Growth and Stability then?Martin Rowson08 Jun 2012MRD0120.jpg 
101925[Snakes and Ladders]Christian Adams01 Jan 2014101925.jpg 
104164"So good to get away from that bloody idiot!"Peter Brookes27 May 2016104164.jpg 
104186"I'm looking forward to cashing in my loyalty points!!"Christian Adams23 May 2016104186.jpg 
104199"I wear the trousers round here!!"Christian Adams11 May 2016104199.jpg 
104275[Brexit Snakes and Ladders]Christian Adams14 Jul 2016104275.jpg 
104276Working DinnerChristian Adams29 Jun 2016104276.jpg 
104284"Thank goodness that's over"Christian Adams24 Jun 2016104284.jpg 
104317The Last Supper...Peter Brookes29 Jun 2016104317.jpg 
104365"It's always good to see more women at the top!"Christian Adams21 Jul 2016104365.jpg 
104431Half-Baked.....OffChristian Adams24 Aug 2016104431.jpg 
103601DemandsChristian Adams31 Dec 2015103601.jpg 
103608[Cameron on a plate]Dave Brown18 Dec 2015103608.jpg 
104059Obama at Windsor...Peter Brookes22 Apr 2016104059.jpg 
104572Saint Theresa of Brexit..?Morten Morland05 Sep 2016104572.jpg 
104861Lost in fogPatrick Blower29 Dec 2016104861.jpg 
104776Freedom of movementChristian Adams17 Nov 2016104776.jpg 
104786Fourth term...Christian Adams21 Nov 2016104786.jpg 
104711Pointless treatmentsPeter Brookes25 Oct 2016 
104864Germany's rabid right...Peter Brookes22 Dec 2016104864.jpg 
104870When one door closes...another one shuts in your face!Peter Brookes17 Dec 2016104870.jpg 
104898Merkel's doomed love...?Christian Adams09 Dec 2016 
105173Listening In...Christian Adams06 Mar 2017105173.jpg 
CLD0882"Pull!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]02 Apr 2017CLD0882.jpg 
CLD0883"Come on Nicola - what are you afraid of?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]02 Apr 2017CLD0883.jpg 
CLD0900"Mind if my new friend joins us?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]05 Feb 2017CLD0900.jpg 
CLD0923BREXITScott [Clissold; Scott]09 Apr 2017CLD0923.jpg 
CLD0926Trump - UK-US Trade Deal to Happen QuicklyScott [Clissold; Scott]09 Jul 2017CLD0926.jpg 
CLD0943"Happy Valentines!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]12 Feb 2017CLD0943.jpg 
CLD0959"I believe you've all met Nicola?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]14 Mar 2017CLD0959.jpg 
CLD0977"...And we're orf!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]17 Mar 2017CLD0977.jpg 
CLD1009[Trump's Hair]Scott [Clissold; Scott]22 Jan 2017CLD1009.jpg 
CLD1060[Star Escaping the EU]Scott [Clissold; Scott]30 Mar 2017CLD1060.jpg 
SBD1758"Extremist lover! This is all your fault!!"Steve Bell21 Dec 2016SBD1758.jpg 
105172STARTChristian Adams14 Mar 2017105172.jpg 
104897"Here's to 2017!!"Christian Adams16 Dec 2016104897.jpg 
105027RevealedChristian Adams17 Jan 2017105027.jpg 
MRD1087DominoesMartin Rowson01 October 2003MRD1087.jpg 
104905BrexitChristian Adams21 Dec 2017104905.jpg 
104909How to cook the turkeyChristian Adams23 Dec 2017104909.jpg 
105034"Mr Trump, your immigration policy is a total disaster"Bob Moran31 Jan 2017105034.jpg 
104985"Tatty Bye!"Bob Moran01 Jan 2017104985.jpg 
105343"Tonight, we will be using traditional EU rules"Bob Moran30 Apr 2017105343.jpg 
BAD0337Strictly Brexit Dancing...Brian Adcock24 Sep 2018BAD0337.jpg 
105015The Sound of Madness...Peter Brookes18 Jan 2017105015.jpg 
105604Entente Cordiale...Peter Brookes15 Jul 2017105604.jpg 
105384May Day!Morten Morland01 May 2017105384.jpg 
105258"How do you deal with Putin? Come On, Come on!!"Christian Adams12 Apr 2017105258.jpeg 
MRD1168"What's so wrong about Peace, Love & Understanding?"Martin Rowson24 Mar 2018MRD1168.jpg 
CLD1113"Stop winding the up, Hammond!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]06 Aug 2017CLD1113.jpg 
CLD1173"Never mind Brexit - what's the latest on Ant and Dec?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]23 Mar 2018CLD1173.jpg 
106095[German Duck]Morten Morland21 Nov 2017106095.jpg 
106614[Populist Clamp]Patrick Blower06 Mar 2018106614.jpg 
106612John Bull and His Friends a Serio-Comic Map of EuropePatrick Blower20 Mar 2018106612.jpg 
105973"The ball's in your court..."Patrick Blower10 Oct 2017105973.jpg 
105907Treasures of FlorencePatrick Blower20 Sep 2017105907.jpg 
105910AfDPatrick Blower26 Sep 2017105910.jpg 
106953"And now to my next diplomatic triumph"Patrick Blower11 Jun 2018106953.jpg 
MRD1218[May Migrant]Martin Rowson30 Jun 2018MRD1218.jpg 
106484Meanwhile in Munich:Nicola Jennings19 Feb 2018106484.jpg 
BAD0339"Maybe the fumes will drift over to the UK and choke a few Brits"Brian Adcock29 Aug 2017BAD0339.jpg 
BAD0343Temperatures on the rise in Europe...Brian Adcock06 Aug 2017BAD0343.jpg 
BAD0375G7 2018Brian Adcock10 Jun 2018BAD0375.jpg 
BAD0411"Everything is ok, I've just got a cold today, that's all"Brian Adcock08 Oct 2017BAD0411.jpg 
BAD0415[Merkel Criticism]Brian Adcock30 May 2017BAD0415.jpg 
BAD0425No Free Lunch...Brian Adcock30 Apr 2017BAD0425.jpg 
BAD0454Stretching a Point...Brian Adcock23 Mar 2018BAD0454.jpg 
CLD1194Merkel's EuropeScott [Clissold; Scott]01 Jul 2018CLD1194.jpg 
106221Give me a deal or I'll let him have it!Bob Moran22 Oct 2017106221.jpg 
106220It's alive!Bob Moran29 Oct 2017106220.jpg 
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