Person NameObama; Barack (1961-)
975394 more yearsDavid Simonds11 Nov 201297539.jpg 
98008Fiscal CliffScott [Clissold; Scott]30 Dec 201298008.jpg 
BJD0056Victory Parade ... Ben Jennings05 Jan 2013BJD0056.jpg 
PTD0262William and Kate on Kiss Cam at Basketball Match...Paul Thomas10 Dec 2014PTD0262.jpg 
96098Marriage .... of convenienceChristian Adams11 Mar 201296098.jpg 
99455Hall of Mirrors ...Dave Brown28 Aug 201399455.jpg 
97818Cleaning UpDave Brown10 Nov 201297818.jpg 
99117Get in there and kick arse didn't do me any harm!Gerald Scarfe16 Jun 2013 
100586The Charge of the Lite BrigadeDave Brown16 Feb 2001100586.jpg 
MRD0048Broken by Boxing DayMartin Rowson26 Dec 2011MRD0048.jpg 
101493IraqChristian Adams12 Aug 2014101493.jpg 
96533ContagionChris Riddell20 May 201296533.jpg 
96529You could always try removing it!Scott [Clissold; Scott]20 May 201296529.jpg 
95479No captionPeter Schrank06 Nov 201195479.jpg 
99406GassedPatrick Blower30 Aug 201399406.jpg 
96773Downfall of GreeceGerald Scarfe20 May 2012 
BJD0198"Mr. President - Prime Minister Cameron has arrived for cyber war games..."Ben Jennings17 Jan 2015BJD0198.jpg 
96429No captionSteve Bell15 Mar 201296429.jpg 
MRD0841Handy!Martin Rowson22 Apr 2016MRD0841.jpg 
MRD0322The Riddle of the Sphinx ...Martin Rowson17 Aug 2013MRD0322.jpg 
BAD0219RemainBrian Adcock18 Apr 2016BAD0219.jpg 
SCD0015No captionPeter Schrank25 Sep 2011SCD0015.jpg 
BAD0163Awkward...Brian Adcock04 Sep 2016BAD0163.jpg 
SCD0146subject: Middle East Strategy FailPeter Schrank17 Aug 2014SCD0146.jpg 
MRD0885St. TheresaMartin Rowson05 Sep 2016MRD0885.jpg 
BAD0212"My turn"Brian Adcock25 Apr 2016BAD0212.jpg 
95261Rug pulling ...Dave Brown23 Sep 201195261.jpg 
101242SanctionsChristian Adams21 Jul 2014101242.jpg 
95151We are united behind the Libyan people's victory over oppressionGary Barker27 Aug 201195151.jpg 
CLD0799"When is David Cameron picking up the rest of his things?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]17 Jul 2016CLD0799.jpg 
MRD0843Brush up your ShakespeareMartin Rowson23 Apr 2016MRD0843.jpg 
MRD0419Cough!Martin Rowson01 Mar 2014MRD0419.jpg 
101596The Blind Leading the BlindDave Brown27 Sep 2014101596.jpg 
98623ClassChristian Adams04 Apr 201398623.jpg 
MRD0334StalemateMartin Rowson21 Sep 2013MRD0334.jpg 
103932Special Souvenir SupplementDave Brown26 Mar 2016103932.jpg 
96940No captionSteve Bell07 Jun 201296940.jpg 
95318No captionPeter Schrank09 Sep 201195318.jpg 
MRD0173WTF?Martin Rowson13 Oct 2012MRD0173.jpg 
99408Obama's new petChristian Adams21 Aug 201399408.jpg 
94847[no caption]Dave Brown02 Aug 201194847.jpg 
94765[no caption]Christian Adams31 Jul 201194765.jpg 
GBD0034USA gun control - the great debateGary Barker27 Jul 2012GBD0034.jpg 
95861Threat or not? Is there any life in it?Gerald Scarfe29 Jan 2012 
95254Decisive actionGerald Scarfe21 Aug 2011 
94880Captain AmericaChristian Adams01 Aug 201194880.jpg 
97531Second terms are easier to win in America because you're not hamstrung by EU membership ....Paul Thomas08 Nov 201297531.jpg 
96468No captionDave Brown15 Mar 201296468.jpg 
95908No captionDave Brown23 Dec 201195908.jpg 
97912Bungee Jumper Above a Sea of FogDave Brown29 Dec 201297912.jpg 
BAD0118Obama Announces Massive "Clean Power" Plan......Brian Adcock04 Aug 2015BAD0118.jpg 
MRD0181No captionMartin Rowson03 Nov 2012MRD0181.jpg 
99671"This doesn't look like Damascus!"Peter Brookes14 Sep 201399671.jpg 
97685Idea ... the future .... leadership ... belief ... strength ... progress ... prosperityChristian Adams30 Oct 201297685.jpg 
96780Extra time with penaltiesPhil Disley 21 May 201296780.jpg 
94996Not with a bang...Dave Brown20 Aug 201194996.jpg 
95006Brought to bookBob Moran23 Aug 201195006.jpg 
95281Time to kick ass!Phil Disley 17 Sep 201195281.jpg 
94772RepublicansPeter Schrank31 Jul 201194772.jpg 
96170'Okay. One more game then can we talk a bit more about Afghanistan?'Mac [Stan McMurtry]15 Mar 201296170.jpg 
ABD0004[no caption]Andy Bunday01 Feb 2010ABD0004.jpg 
96506'It's no use you having a crush on David Cameron. He's straight, and he's put gay marriage on hold'Michael Heath13 May 201296506.jpg 
94827[no caption]Christian Adams25 May 201194827.jpg 
96500"Michelle's put you in the Tony Blair suite"David Haldane14 Mar 201296500.jpg 
99498'I'm sorry everybody, Russell Brand has hijacked the summit'Michael Heath08 Sep 201399498.jpg 
MRD0020Wake...Martin Rowson22 Oct 2011MRD0020.jpg 
96370No captionPaul Thomas16 Mar 201296370.jpg 
98245Inauguration dayGerald Scarfe20 Jan 2013 
96796No captionPeter Brookes31 May 201296796.jpg 
97956[Obama cliff]Christian Adams31 Dec 201297956.jpg 
ADD0265No captionAndy Davey06 Nov 2012ADD0265.jpg 
SCD0122SyriaPeter Schrank16 Jun 2013SCD0122.jpg 
97793Muskox (Obama olfactorum)Peter Brookes03 Nov 201297793.jpg 
95181No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]25 Sep 201195181.jpg 
SCD0141Don't be a Bliar [sic] Mr CameronPeter Schrank01 Sep 2013SCD0141.jpg 
99736Earwig (Obama nokia)Peter Brookes26 Oct 201399736.jpg 
96601No captionChristian Adams12 Apr 201296601.jpg 
97569Making their mark ... Morten Morland31 Aug 201297569.jpg 
96531No captionChristian Adams20 May 201296531.jpg 
99108[Obama Bush]Morten Morland11 Jun 201399108.jpg 
SBD1091[Mitt Obama]Steve Bell18 Oct 2012SBD1091.jpg 
101093Butting InGerald Scarfe08 Jun 2014 
101010Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Super Ed!Gerald Scarfe20 Apr 2014 
GBD0026There's something I need to ask you .... me too ...Gary Barker22 Mar 2012GBD0026.jpg 
96734Camp David ...Ben Jennings21 May 201296734.jpg 
SCD0119Seal Prime Minister of the Disunited KingdomPeter Schrank14 May 2013SCD0119.jpg 
99732Achtung spies!Gerald Scarfe27 Oct 2013 
BJD0197Australia 2014Ben Jennings16 Nov 2014BJD0197.jpg 
96319No captionDave Brown08 Mar 201296319.jpg 
96499No captionMorten Morland14 Mar 201296499.jpg 
GBD0014I say I'm armin' an' you say....Gary Barker26 Nov 2011GBD0014.jpg 
96189No captionPeter Schrank10 Feb 201296189.jpg 
100224Trying it on...Dave Brown11 Dec 2013100224.jpg 
99662"I think we're getting mixed messages here..."Peter Brookes26 Sep 201399662.jpg 
97788No captionPeter Brookes08 Nov 201297788.jpg 
SCD0145[Big crocodile]Peter Schrank18 Aug 2013SCD0145.jpg 
101893Working TogetherGerald Scarfe09 Nov 2014 
100631[Putin and his trophies]Peter Brookes25 Mar 2014100631.jpg 
SCD0087Four more years?Peter Schrank04 Nov 2012SCD0087.jpg 
BJD0102Now are you going to try your best to stop killing civilians?Ben Jennings17 Aug 2013BJD0102.jpg 
ADD0385Heeey! Jeffrey!Andy Davey20 Jun 2013ADD0385.jpg 
96430No captionSteve Bell14 Mar 201296430.jpg 
94881[no caption]Christian Adams02 Aug 201194881.jpg 
99454[Obama Cameron]Dave Brown27 Aug 201399454.jpg 
95150Test tube sausage under constructionBob Moran02 Sep 201195150.jpg 
100643Bear BaitingChristian Adams18 Mar 2014100643.jpg 
94775[no caption]Scott [Clissold; Scott]07 Aug 201194775.jpg 
ADD0134No captionAndy Davey14 Mar 2012ADD0134.jpg 
SCD0035No captionPeter Schrank14 Oct 2012SCD0035.jpg 
97938No captionGerald Scarfe30 Dec 2012 
96763No captionDave Brown22 May 201296763.jpg 
BJD0039Handy SandyBen Jennings03 Nov 2012BJD0039.jpg 
MRD0327Bank Holiday Beach Fun ...Martin Rowson26 Aug 2013MRD0327.jpg 
97820No captionDave Brown08 Nov 201297820.jpg 
97706Me... worried about hurrican Sandy? sure! What else could it be? Ahem!Dave Brown30 Oct 201297706.jpg 
99317[Obama european flag]Dave Brown01 Jul 201399317.jpg 
MRD0183Neck 'n' NeckMartin Rowson05 Nov 2012MRD0183.jpg 
98487Sabre rattlingGerald Scarfe31 Mar 2013 
99637[Obama and Putin frozen handshake]Dave Brown06 Sep 201399637.jpg 
97763I hear you knocking but you can't come in hopefullyGerald Scarfe28 Oct 2012 
GBD0027Battling Obama v The Romney Mitt for the Middle Ground Champion of the WorldGary Barker06 Oct 2012GBD0027.jpg 
ADD0267No captionAndy Davey08 Nov 2012ADD0267.jpg 
101790Going ViralDave Brown18 Oct 2014101790.jpg 
101575The Obama Welsh DragonChristian Adams05 Sep 2014101575.jpg 
ADD0184No captionAndy Davey20 Jun 2012ADD0184.jpg 
99347[Obama hieroglyphs]Peter Brookes04 Jul 201399347.jpg 
MRD0330I Want Doesn't GetMartin Rowson31 Aug 2013MRD0330.jpg 
97109ObamacareChris Riddell09 Sep 201297109.jpg 
SCD0112This is a red line. Do not cross it!Peter Schrank28 Apr 2013SCD0112.jpg 
97795... And millions of our citizens could be without power for some time to come ...Peter Brookes01 Nov 201297795.jpg 
ADD0269No captionAndy Davey08 Nov 2012ADD0269.jpg 
97688Superman's career rethink....Christian Adams25 Oct 201297688.jpg 
95937It's just what I wanted!Morten Morland26 Dec 201195937.jpg 
SBD1080And the winner is ....Steve Bell07 Nov 2012SBD1080.jpg 
99748"These terrorists are threatening the United States of America..."Morten Morland02 Jul 201399748.jpg 
99675Nobel Peace Prize 2009Peter Brookes04 Sep 201399675.jpg 
97723No captionDave Brown05 Oct 201297723.jpg 
SCD0090A tale of two PresidentsPeter Schrank11 Nov 2012SCD0090.jpg 
SBD1307You shall not go to the G8 in Sochi!Steve Bell25 Mar 2014SBD1307.jpg 
SBD1161Guantanamo: Why bang 'em up .... when you can bang 'em by remote?Steve Bell03 May 2013SBD1161.jpg 
101243[Obama and Miliband]Christian Adams22 Jul 2014101243.jpg 
97584Stepping upPhil Disley 08 Sep 201297584.jpg 
SBD1066We can't kill our way out of this mess!Steve Bell24 Oct 2012SBD1066.jpg 
97842'We must reach across the political divide to our dumb-ass opponents'Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]08 Nov 201297842.jpg 
97718No captionDave Brown18 Oct 201297718.jpg 
97822Dope NopeDave Brown06 Nov 201297822.jpg 
100197Obama CareMorten Morland27 Dec 2013100197.jpg 
SCD0096Danger! Do not feed the euroscepticsPeter Schrank13 Jan 2013SCD0096.jpg 
98255Result!Christian Adams02 Jan 201398255.jpg 
99119The hand shakeGerald Scarfe02 Jun 2013 
98251Fiscal cliffBob Moran02 Jan 201398251.jpg 
98232No captionDave Brown21 Jan 201398232.jpg 
MRD0253[Pissing contest]Martin Rowson05 Apr 2013MRD0253.jpg 
SCD0140Mr President .... vat big ears you hef!Peter Schrank27 Oct 2013SCD0140.jpg 
BJD0100Anyone want to hear what I think?Ben Jennings07 Sep 2013BJD0100.jpg 
MRD0291Red linesMartin Rowson15 Jun 2013MRD0291.jpg 
101088Another Ice AgeGerald Scarfe20 Jul 2014 
97745Round 2 ...Peter Brookes18 Oct 201297745.jpg 
MRD0328I have a nightmare ...Martin Rowson29 Aug 2013MRD0328.jpg 
98809Harry wows the States!Paul Thomas14 May 201398809.jpg 
98591Do you do urgent miracles?Scott [Clissold; Scott]24 Mar 201398591.jpg 
99037Historic agreement on Syria ...Paul Thomas19 Jun 201399037.jpg 
98700Hold up!Gerald Scarfe21 Apr 2013 
97524[Obama fireworks]Christian Adams04 Nov 201297524.jpg 
98680The gun lobby ...Peter Brookes19 Apr 201398680.jpg 
102208The Old Special Relationship Sets out to Fight TerrorGerald Scarfe18 Jan 2015 
BJD0104O c'mon, no more!Ben Jennings24 Aug 2013BJD0104.jpg 
SBD1183.... and I say, an end to Cold War posturing ....Steve Bell20 Jun 2013SBD1183.jpg 
99731American ShutdownGerald Scarfe06 Oct 2013 
101549GasDave Brown02 Aug 2014101549.jpg 
94040"So much for the special relationship"David Haldane28 May 201194040.jpg 
CLD0140Britain Signs up to US-Led Coalition to Attack ISScott [Clissold; Scott]07 Sep 2014CLD0140.jpg 
SCD0138[Time running out]Peter Schrank08 Sep 2013SCD0138.jpg 
101619"I guess he's still a bit reluctant!"Peter Brookes12 Sep 2014101619.jpg 
101487[Obama in a Graveyard]Christian Adams21 Aug 2014101487.jpg 
101569War on TerrorChristian Adams12 Sep 2014101569.jpg 
99425Of course we've planned for the aftermath of a strike!Morten Morland29 Aug 201399425.jpg 
99039President Obama gets George Osborne's name wrong ... Paul Thomas21 Jun 201399039.jpg 
SBD1221Don't just sit there - Degrade SomethingSteve Bell04 Sep 2013SBD1221.jpg 
98192Second Attempt ...Morten Morland21 Jan 201398192.jpg 
99636On the BrinkDave Brown07 Sep 201399636.jpg 
102359"Blah, blah, blah, blah..."Andy Bunday07 Sep 2014102359.jpg 
102085The DisUnited States of AmericaGerald Scarfe07 Dec 2014 
SBD1222Changing horses in midstream?Steve Bell05 Sep 2013SBD1222.jpg 
98940Washington crossing his fingersDave Brown25 May 201398940.jpg 
99630[Obama flying on a rocket]Dave Brown12 Sep 201399630.jpg 
101872Fall of the Wall 25 YeatsChristian Adams10 Nov 2014101872.jpg 
99453Washington and the Toxic GasDave Brown24 Aug 201399453.jpg 
94930[no caption]Morten Morland02 Aug 201194930.jpg 
MRD0402Common GroundMartin Rowson23 Jan 2014MRD0402.jpg 
99135The Falsettos Meet the Real GangstersDave Brown21 Jun 201399135.jpg 
SBD1298We 8 tyrantsSteve Bell07 Mar 2014SBD1298.jpg 
99109Shadowy Theatre ....Morten Morland10 Jun 201399109.jpg 
99620Onward???Gerald Scarfe08 Sep 2013 
99737Then...Now...Peter Brookes25 Oct 201399737.jpg 
99461National Security AgencyDave Brown20 Aug 201399461.jpg 
99106Hands up if you're one of the good guys!Morten Morland15 Jun 201399106.jpg 
99765Seeing the lightDave Brown26 Oct 201399765.jpg 
MRD0515Down among the savages ....Martin Rowson25 Aug 2014MRD0515.jpg 
99438Maintaining the influence ...Morten Morland16 Aug 201399438.jpg 
MRD0568Deep in the heart of the secret British state ....Martin Rowson13 Dec 2014MRD0568.jpg 
SCD0137Big Barack is Watching YouPeter Schrank25 Aug 2013SCD0137.jpg 
99992Nuclear Deal...Morten Morland 09 Nov 201399992.jpg 
99640[Obama playing bomb golf]Dave Brown03 Sep 201399640.jpg 
99778"We've never been closer!"Christian Adams23 Oct 201399778.jpg 
101546"Goooooood morning ahem! IRAQ!"Dave Brown13 Aug 2014101546.jpg 
101541The SowerDave Brown23 Aug 2014101541.jpg 
99604Strictly-New PartnersChristian Adams04 Sep 201399604.jpg 
BJD0142(Some of) The Stars of 2013Ben Jennings28 Dec 2013BJD0142.jpg 
101067The 'Selfie'...Dave Brown22 Jul 2014101067.jpg 
BAD0023Global Impact.....Brian Adcock14 Oct 2013BAD0023.jpg 
99781Debt crisis latestChristian Adams15 Oct 201399781.jpg 
100634PopePeter Brookes28 Mar 2014100634.jpg 
101611"A NATO rapid reaction force?"Morten Morland06 Sep 2014101611.jpg 
101324Bucket ListBob Moran07 Sep 2014101324.jpg 
102032[Obama Guevara]Christian Adams19 Dec 2014102032.jpg 
101556Superman at StonehengeGerald Scarfe07 Sep 2014 
102364IraqGary Barker11 Aug 2014102364.jpg 
102182"I'm with him!"Christian Adams16 Jan 2015102182.jpg 
101092The Road to Iraq...Gerald Scarfe15 Jun 2014 
101108"I'll have a quarter pounder cheeseburger with large fries, and a McFlurry to go..."Peter Brookes18 Jun 2014101108.jpg 
101373[Obama on a Tight Rope]Ben Jennings02 Sep 2013101373.jpg 
101375The West Reacts to Syria Crisis...Ben Jennings23 Aug 2013101375.jpg 
102086...And the winner is...North KoreaGerald Scarfe12 Dec 2014 
101524Shock and Awe...Morten Morland09 Aug 2014101524.jpg 
101875RecoveryChristian Adams18 Nov 2014101875.jpg 
PTD0104The Buck Stops With CongressPaul Thomas03 Sep 2013PTD0104.jpg 
BAD0077"On your marks, get set, wait for it...wait for it...wait for it..."Brian Adcock02 Sep 2013BAD0077.jpg 
BAD0039[Knee Jerk]Brian Adcock04 Sep 2014BAD0039.jpg 
102219"I'm going to lick this!"Peter Brookes16 Jan 2015102219.jpg 
CLD0299Iraq BunkerScott [Clissold; Scott]28 Sep 2014CLD0299.jpg 
BJD0214ChangeBen Jennings11 Aug 2014BJD0214.jpg 
SCD0171DemocracyPeter Schrank18 Aug 2013SCD0171.jpg 
SBD1426"Yo, bro!!"Steve Bell16 Jan 2015SBD1426.jpg 
SCD0184The Fog of War (Again)Peter Schrank28 Sep 2014SCD0184.jpg 
100146[Obama listening to the Earth]Christian Adams01 Nov 2013100146.jpg 
BJD0207NATO's 'Rapid-Reaction Force'Ben Jennings06 Sep 2014BJD0207.jpg 
103953[European Bunker]Christian Adams25 Apr 2016103953.jpg 
SCD0192HoneyPeter Schrank23 Mar 2014SCD0192.jpg 
SCD0222Angela and the G7 DwarvesPeter Schrank07 Jun 2015SCD0222.jpg 
MRD0760From the summit of Davos...Martin Rowson20 Jan 2016MRD0760.jpg 
102353"I do not go around taking things that don't belong to me!"Brian Adcock17 Nov 2014102353.jpg 
BJD0215Ad NauseumBen Jennings12 Aug 2014BJD0215.jpg 
BJD0266[National Leaders Conflict]Ben Jennings03 Oct 2015BJD0266.jpg 
103700"Interfering in other people's arguments is never a good idea!"Michael Heath24 Apr 2016103700.jpg 
BJD0209All Options on the Table...Ben Jennings05 Sep 2014BJD0209.jpg 
GBD0088Bombing Iraq into Black Hoods Since 2003Gary Barker03 Oct 2014GBD0088.jpg 
103380Call to ArmsGerald Scarfe29 Nov 2015 
94778[no caption]Peter Schrank07 Aug 201194778.jpg 
MRD0798[Raising the Syrian flag]Martin Rowson28 Mar 2016  
SBD1162Syria - more red linesSteve Bell07 May 2013SBD1162.jpg 
103369"Bomb-bomb bomb-bomb"Dave Brown17 Nov 2015103369.jpg 
94926[no caption]Andy Bunday30 July 201194926.jpg 
MRD0639Birthday CakeMartin Rowson23 Feb 2015MRD0639.jpg 
BAD0065[Ukraine Chess]Brian Adcock03 Mar 2014BAD0065.jpg 
MRD0513And cha-a-a-aaange your Partner!!! Doh-di-doh ....Martin Rowson23 Aug 2014MRD0513.jpg 
MRD0713Come on in, the escalation's lovely!Martin Rowson02 Oct 2015MRD0713.jpg 
MRD0587The Great ModerniserMartin Rowson24 Jan 2015MRD0587.jpg 
MRD0292TransparenciesMartin Rowson17 Jun 2013MRD0292.jpg 
MRD0149They also serve who only stand & talk ....Martin Rowson04 Aug 2012MRD0149.jpg 
99432Obama on Syria ...Morten Morland23 Aug 201399432.jpg 
99606[Cameron and Obama pumping up Putin]Christian Adams02 Sep 201399606.jpg 
MRD0493Assisted dying latestMartin Rowson14 Jul 2014MRD0493.jpg 
102240PokeChristian Adams09 Feb 2015102240.jpg 
BAD0073The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back...Brian Adcock26 Aug 2013BAD0073.jpg 
103304Shoulder to ShoulderChristian Adams17 Nov 2015103304.jpg 
ADD0260I always say - go for the guy with the best earsAndy Davey26 Oct 2012ADD0260.jpg 
103379RoutineGerald Scarfe04 Oct 2015 
103262CoordinationChristian Adams02 Oct 2015103262.jpg 
MRD0714BloodbathMartin Rowson03 Oct 2015MRD0714.jpg 
102976He who sups with the devil should use a long spoon...Peter Brookes15 Jul 2015102976.jpg 
102907Isil-ationismChristian Adams03 Jul 2015102907.jpg 
BJD0309"Mankind demonstrated it possessed the means to destroy itself..."Ben Jennings28 May 2016BJD0309.jpg 
BJD0275[Obama and Uncle Sam]Ben Jennings07 Dec 2015BJD0275.jpg 
MRD0748[Boys Boys Boys]Martin Rowson04 Jan 2016MRD0748.jpg 
103385Saving Assad's AssGerald Scarfe11 Oct 2015 
103284"Ha! Now the West is looking up to Russia in the Middle East!"Christian Adams06 Nov 2015103284.jpg 
103357Spirit of IraqDave Brown02 Oct 2015103357.jpg 
102915Running Rings...Christian Adams16 Jul 2015102915.jpg 
MRD0767Not gravitational waving but gravitational drowningMartin Rowson13 Feb 2016  
103080"This is how to play Russian Roulette..."David Simonds11 Oct 2015  
MRD0735Us...Martin Rowson16 Nov 2015MRD0735.jpg 
103097All Behind You, FrancoisBob Moran15 Nov 2015103097.jpg 
98239The Good the Bad and the Nearly Always BankruptIain Green02 Jan 201398239.jpg 
BJD0298Special RelationshipsBen Jennings12 Mar 2016  
CLD0519Kanye West Running For PresidentScott [Clissold; Scott]01 Sep 2015CLD0519.jpg 
MRD0761Become Utterly IrresistibleMartin Rowson18 Jan 2015MRD0761.jpg 
103714[Shoot the Obama duck]Dave Brown13 Jan 2016103714.jpg 
103854Cruft's Special Relationship Prize...Peter Brookes12 Mar 2016103854.jpg 
103709The Story of Superman Saving the WorldGerald Scarfe17 Jan 2016 
MRD0659PerspectiveMartin Rowson08 Jun 2015MRD0659.jpg 
95957No captionDave Brown16 Dec 201195957.jpg 
96229No captionPaul Thomas15 Mar 201296229.jpg 
94791[no caption]Andy Davey02 Aug 201194791.jpg 
101577Ding! Ding! "Round one!!"Christian Adams04 Sep 2014101577.jpg 
94906Bets off?Martin Rowson01 Aug 201194906.jpg 
101372"C'mon, you're cramping my style!"Ben Jennings30 Aug 2013101372.jpg 
97792A walk in the park ... Peter Brookes06 Nov 201297792.jpg 
98412[USA Korea]Christian Adams13 Feb 201398412.jpg 
94966Obama discusses U.S. debt with the Republican elephantGerald Scarfe31 Jul 2011 
94829[no caption]Christian Adams26 May 201194829.jpg 
96109Cameron flies in to U.S.Paul Thomas14 Mar 201296109.jpg 
CLD0096And the winner is...?Scott [Clissold; Scott]02 Mar 2014CLD0096.jpg 
99136Summit ...Dave Brown18 Jun 201399136.jpg 
96224No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]18 Mar 201296224.jpg 
96031No captionChristian Adams05 Jan 201296031.jpg 
SCD0039No captionPeter Schrank20 May 2012SCD0039.jpg 
SCD0048No captionPeter Schrank09 Sep 2012SCD0048.jpg 
99065[Putin arm wrestling]Christian Adams18 Jun 201399065.jpg 
98830The Fifth HorsemanDave Brown15 Jun 201398830.jpg 
97753How d'you do? Welcome to the incumbent-recently-humiliated-by-challenger club!Peter Brookes06 Oct 201297753.jpg 
MRD0324Riddle of the Sphinx Part 2Martin Rowson20 Aug 2013MRD0324.jpg 
99315Whac-a-moleDave Brown03 Jul 201399315.jpg 
101602Old Arab Proverb...Dave Brown19 Sep 2014101602.jpg 
BJD0111Weighing up military action ....Ben Jennings27 Aug 2013BJD0111.jpg 
MRD0287Prisms .....Martin Rowson10 Jun 2013MRD0287.jpg 
BAD0027Housingbubblezilla...!Brian Adcock19 May 2014BAD0027.jpg 
98952No captionDave Brown02 May 201398952.jpg 
101554Strange BedfellowsGerald Scarfe28 Aug 2014 
99144Little Brother is Watching You TooDave Brown10 Jun 201399144.jpg 
SBD1263[Mandela selfie]Steve Bell11 Dec 2013SBD1263.jpg 
99561'Okay, guys, my turn - I spy with my little eye ...'Mac [Stan McMurtry]03 Oct 201399561.jpg 
MRD0470O Tempora .... Oh, Morons!Martin Rowson07 Jun 2014MRD0470.jpg 
101609BillMorten Morland04 Sep 2014101609.jpg 
MRD0512Sooooo bracing ... Martin Rowson09 Aug 2014MRD0512.jpg 
101499Dear Benjamin, Stop bombing Gaza. Yours, Barack.Christian Adams01 Aug 2014101499.jpg 
102205Climbing to El Capitan...the Unsupported ClimberDave Brown16 Jan 2015102205.jpg 
GBD0075"I'll see your red line and I'll raise you 355.."Gary Barker26 Aug 2013GBD0075.jpg 
102081"Hope this doesn't blow up in my face..."Dave Brown19 Dec 2014102081.jpg 
SCD0191"I've got something to show you"Peter Schrank[14] Dec 2014SCD0191.jpg 
BJD0202[Obama and Cameron]Ben Jennings23 Aug 2014BJD0202.jpg 
97909No captionDave Brown24 Dec 201297909.jpg 
97790No we can't ...Peter Brookes07 Nov 201297790.jpg 
103654Gun Control, Middle East, Putin Etc, Etc....Peter Brookes14 Jan 2016103654.jpg 
103728"Staaaaaay. Staaaaaay. Staaaaaay. Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay. STAY."Bob Moran24 Apr 2016103728.jpg 
MRD0745"Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too!"Martin Rowson20 Nov 2015MRD0745.jpg 
MRD0874Dance of DeathMartin Rowson19 Aug 2016MRD0874.jpg 
SBD1331More 80s nostalgia: Star Wars is back!Steve Bell23 May 2014SBD1331.jpg 
BJD0276"We saved the world!"Ben Jennings12 Dec 2015BJD0276.jpg 
GBD0120Triassic ParkGary Barker25 Jun 2015GBD0120.jpg 
99676[Cameron and Obama beach towels]Peter Brookes03 Sep 201399676.jpg 
CLD0739"What happened to the stars and stripes?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]24 Apr 2016CLD0739.jpg 
BAD0038Kicking Off Time.....Brian Adcock23 Jun 2014BAD0038.jpg 
BAD0218[Nuclear Chase]Brian Adcock03 Apr 2016BAD0218.jpg 
SBD1704"Read my lips..."Steve Bell06 Sep 2016SBD1704.jpg 
99403[Cameron Hollande Obama]Christian Adams27 Aug 201399403.jpg 
99457I have a dre ..... nightmare!Dave Brown29 Aug 201399457.jpg 
95531No captionPatrick Blower04 Nov 201195531.jpg 
97450No captionDave Brown14 Sep 201297450.jpg 
97812No captionDave Brown19 Nov 201297812.jpg 
MRD0368The Plum Pudding Saved - or - Some Cocks & some Bull ...Martin Rowson25 Nov 2013MRD0368.jpg 
101925[Snakes and Ladders]Christian Adams01 Jan 2014101925.jpg 
104164"So good to get away from that bloody idiot!"Peter Brookes27 May 2016104164.jpg 
104311And the winner is...Peter Brookes08 Jun 2016104311.jpg 
MRD0937[Aleppo/Guernica]Martin Rowson15 Dec 2016MRD0937.jpg 
MRD0934The Angels of Peace Descend on AleppoMartin Rowson17 Dec 2016MRD0934.jpg 
MRD0935The Angels of Peace Descend on AleppoMartin Rowson17 Dec 2016MRD0935.jpg 
CLD0845Trump Meets Obama at White HouseScott [Clissold; Scott]11 Nov 2016CLD0845.jpg 
104059Obama at Windsor...Peter Brookes22 Apr 2016104059.jpg 
104063Obama Plays London...Peter Brookes23 Apr 2016104063.jpg 
104572Saint Theresa of Brexit..?Morten Morland05 Sep 2016104572.jpg 
BAD0287Tit For Trump...Brian Adcock31 Dec 2016BAD0287.jpg 
BAD0290He's lost touch with realityBrian Adcock28 Dec 2016BAD0290.jpg 
104816How much will remain?Gerald Scarfe13 Nov 2016 
104725The last mileGerald Scarfe16 Oct 2016 
105173Listening In...Christian Adams06 Mar 2017105173.jpg 
BJD0405"Grow up!"Ben Jennings07 Jan 2017BJD0405.jpg 
SBD1741[Rendezvous]Steve Bell11 Nov 2016SBD1741.jpg 
104995[Trump takes down Obama]Bob Moran22 Jan 2017104995.jpg 
104983Happy New Fear!Gerald Scarfe01 Jan 2017 
104875"Happy New Year!"Morten Morland31 Dec 2016104875.jpg 
105475Vote LeaveMorten Morland14 May 2017105475.jpg 
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