Person NameSarkozy; Nicolas (1955-)
96312The AutocratDave Brown27 Feb 201296312.jpg 
9389121st Century SisyphusPeter Schrank19 Jun 201193891.jpg 
95704'Great line, Nick - that one about British pymies.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]13 Dec 201195704.jpg 
95479No captionPeter Schrank06 Nov 201195479.jpg 
MRD0039No captionMartin Rowson09 Dec 2011MRD0039.jpg 
MRD0001[no caption]Martin Rowson02 Sep 2011MRD0001.jpg 
SCD0019Two-speed EuropePeter Schrank11 Dec 2011SCD0019.jpg 
95525No captionChristian Adams27 Oct 201195525.jpg 
95598In a cold storage unit, Brussels .....Peter Brookes25 Oct 201195598.jpg 
95211No captionSteve Bell16 Sep 201195211.jpg 
95151We are united behind the Libyan people's victory over oppressionGary Barker27 Aug 201195151.jpg 
MRD0031European War for Civilization and Democracy...Martin Rowson12 Nov 2011MRD0031.jpg 
95902Chicken ...Dave Brown08 Dec 201195902.jpg 
95956Panda Diplomacy ...Dave Brown05 Dec 201195956.jpg 
95824The Entente Cordiale in danger...Scott [Clissold; Scott]18 Dec 201195824.jpg 
95816DebtsinaPeter Brookes05 Nov 201195816.jpg 
95566Sarko's new baby ...Dave Brown28 Oct 201195566.jpg 
95885The stars of 2011...Ben Jennings30 Dec 201195885.jpg 
MMD0005No captionMorten Morland31 Oct 2011MMD0005.jpg 
95997No captionDavid Simonds19 Feb 201295997.jpg 
96680Frog raceGerald Scarfe22 Apr 2012 
94824[no caption]David Simonds14 Aug 201194824.jpg 
95018No captionChristian Adams17 Aug 201195018.jpg 
95457No captionBob Moran30 Sep 201195457.jpg 
95247Balancing ActGerald Scarfe18 Sep 2011 
95079Spoils of war ... Dave Brown26 Aug 201195079.jpg 
MRD0027No captionMartin Rowson12 Nov 2011MRD0027.jpg 
95655Here's to the futureChristian Adams04 Dec 201195655.jpg 
95071Liberty Leading the PeopleDave Brown03 Sep 201195071.jpg 
95896No captionMorten Morland24 Dec 201195896.jpg 
96163No captionPatrick Blower16 Dec 201196163.jpg 
95449Greek Prime Minister meets Sarkozy and Merkel...Paul Thomas03 Nov 201195449.jpg 
95378No captionChristian Adams23 Oct 201195378.jpg 
96306The Parisian CandidateDave Brown18 Feb 201296306.jpg 
95767Europa and the Bull. A Nasty ShockGerald Scarfe06 Nov 2011 
95072[no caption]Dave Brown02 Sep 201195072.jpg 
95577Papandora's BoxDave Brown05 Nov 201195577.jpg 
95797Strictly - Winners and Losers ...Christian Adams18 Dec 201195797.jpg 
95006Brought to bookBob Moran23 Aug 201195006.jpg 
95466No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]06 Nov 201195466.jpg 
96413Eurovision ...Morten Morland03 Mar 201296413.jpg 
95281Time to kick ass!Phil Disley 17 Sep 201195281.jpg 
95564No captionDave Brown27 Oct 201195564.jpg 
95250Arab SpringGerald Scarfe04 Sep 2011 
95693No captionPaul Thomas09 Dec 201195693.jpg 
95753Frau Merkel serves up her strong brewGerald Scarfe04 Dec 2011 
94998[no caption]Dave Brown23 Aug 201194998.jpg 
96155'Camerkozy'Bob Moran09 Dec 201196155.jpg 
95181No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]25 Sep 201195181.jpg 
MRD0025The Man who once briefly imagined that Democracy was more important than Market Stability ...Martin Rowson05 Nov 2011MRD0025.jpg 
95231Just what is it that makes today's world so different, so unappealing?Christian Adams15 Sep 201195231.jpg 
95478No captionChristian Adams06 Nov 201195478.jpg 
MRD0040City saved! Europe isolated!!Martin Rowson10 Dec 2011MRD0040.jpg 
95573No captionDave Brown03 Nov 201195573.jpg 
95686No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]04 Dec 201195686.jpg 
SCD0014No captionPeter Schrank30 Oct 2011SCD0014.jpg 
95698No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]11 Dec 201195698.jpg 
95979Sarky Christmas CardGerald Scarfe18 Dec 2011 
96781Fairy Story - Will Princess Angela transform Francois?Gerald Scarfe13 May 2012 
96670No captionMorten Morland23 Apr 201296670.jpg 
96703Je suis free!Christian Adams08 May 201296703.jpg 
MRD0075Seconds....Martin Rowson11 Feb 2012MRD0075.jpg 
95150Test tube sausage under constructionBob Moran02 Sep 201195150.jpg 
95975The Queen and Emperor of Europe and the British BulldogGerald Scarfe11 Dec 2011 
96404President Sarkozy starts his re'election campaignGerald Scarfe11 Mar 2012 
94775[no caption]Scott [Clissold; Scott]07 Aug 201194775.jpg 
101078His Waterloo...Dave Brown03 Jul 2014101078.jpg 
96632Toulouse or not to lose ...Dave Brown10 Apr 201296632.jpg 
96691Pin-upsChristian Adams04 May 201296691.jpg 
96729No captionSteve Bell08 May 201296729.jpg 
96645No captionDave Brown24 Apr 201296645.jpg 
SCD0034No captionPeter Schrank06 May 2012SCD0034.jpg 
SCD0022No captionPeter Schrank18 Dec 2011SCD0022.jpg 
GBD0031IMFGary Barker17 Nov 2011GBD0031.jpg 
SBD0949No captionSteve Bell27 Oct 2011SBD0949.jpg 
SBD1006No captionSteve Bell08 May 2012SBD1006.jpg 
101086An Arresting Incident During the Tour de FranceGerald Scarfe06 Jul 2014 
95897Preparing your festive birdPeter Brookes17 Dec 201195897.jpg 
95814No captionPeter Brookes11 Nov 201195814.jpg 
95669No captionMorten Morland28 Oct 201195669.jpg 
101248L'Election 2017Christian Adams02 Jul 2014101248.jpg 
95977Not waving but drowningMichael Heath18 Dec 201195977.jpg 
94778[no caption]Peter Schrank07 Aug 201194778.jpg 
95393No captionPeter Brookes15 Sep 201195393.jpg 
SCD0011[no caption]Peter Schrank15 Sep 2011SCD0011.jpg 
MRD0582Ironies which one imagines would not have been lost on my murdered colleagues ...Martin Rowson12 Jan 2015MRD0582.jpg 
MRD0085Emperors' New StraitjacketsMartin Rowson03 Mar 2012MRD0085.jpg 
67741I can't hear anything actually hitting the ground...Morten Morland24 Oct 200367741.jpg 
96751Hollandaise ...Dave Brown08 May 201296751.jpg 
95023No captionChristian Adams23 Aug 201195023.jpg 
SCD0018No captionPeter Schrank04 Dec 2011SCD0018.jpg 
95526A useful contraption for putting pressure on eurozone leadersBob Moran28 Oct 201195526.jpg 
SCD0012[no caption]Peter Schrank16 Sep 2011SCD0012.jpg 
MRD0036Visit ...Martin Rowson03 Dec 2011MRD0036.jpg 
ADD0062No captionAndy Davey02 Nov 2011ADD0062.jpg 
SBD0964No captionSteve Bell06 Dec 2011SBD0964.jpg 
95736No captionChristian Adams15 Jan 201295736.jpg 
95459No captionChristian Adams29 Sep 201195459.jpg 
95531No captionPatrick Blower04 Nov 201195531.jpg 
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