Person NameJohn Paul (1920-2005); II; Pope
SurnameJohn Paul
KL0273[no caption]Kal [Kevin Kallaugher]06 Mar 1983KL0273.jpg 
64054Thank you for granting me this audience, your HolinessTim Sanders22 Feb 200364054.jpg 
NG1947[no caption]Nicholas Garland30 Sep 1979NG1947.jpg 
PC5458[no caption]Bill McArthur28 Jan 1999PC5458.jpg 
PC1105[no caption]Hector Breeze01 Apr 1997PC1105.jpg 
NG2617[no caption]Nicholas Garland24 Jun 1983NG2617.jpg 
NG3004[no caption]Nicholas Garland11 May 1985NG3004.jpg 
35874"But, my dear comrade, why on earth can't you believe me?"Michael Cummings07 Jan 198335874.jpg 
NG2614[no caption]Nicholas Garland21 Jun 1983NG2614.jpg 
64057[no caption]Peter Schrank23 Feb 200364057.jpg 
NG2453[no caption]Nicholas Garland29 May 1982NG2453.jpg 
PC3124[no caption]Peter Brookes22 Jan 1998PC3124.jpg 
62254[no caption]Richard Willson19 Aug 200262254.jpg 
64045[no caption]Dave Brown21 Feb 200364045.jpg 
NG2007[no caption]Nicholas Garland09 Feb 1980NG2007.jpg 
37362[no caption]Nicholas Garland24 Jun 198337362.jpg 
PC3338[no caption]Bill McArthur22 Jan 1998PC3338.jpg 
RS0255[no caption]Ralph Steadman05 October 1979RS0255.jpg 
SBD0219[no caption]Steve Bell06 Sep 1994SBD0219.jpg 
64831"Dinner is almost micro-waved, darling!" / "Now, how do we persuade Ffion to have twins?" / "Look darling ... his first F.B.I. raid! / "If you'd like... the chief rabbi could have a word with the orangemen in N. Ireland!"Tom Johnston27 Mar 200064831.jpg 
CLD0284"Not like that!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]27 Apr 2014CLD0284.jpg 
64022[no caption]Steve Bell19 Feb 200364022.jpg 
NG2172[no caption]Nicholas Garland? 1980NG2172.jpg 
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