Person NameWellington; Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852); Duke of
ForenamesArthur Wellesley
Other forms of nameWellesley, Arthur
EpithetDuke of
mudyx03The Prime LobsterWilliam Heath, 1795-1840Jan 1828]mudyx03.jpg 
mudyx09The most noble Arthur Marquis of Wellington, K.B. &c. &c. &c.T. Williamson1 Sep 1812mudyx09.jpg 
NG2873"Up guards and at 'em..."Nicholas Garland25 Oct 1984NG2873.jpg 
ILW12041947 versionIllingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197914 Jan 1947ILW1204.jpg 
WH4363Epsteinising our statues. [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden04 Jul 1929WH4363.jpg 
NG3361A[no caption]Nicholas Garland19 Mar 1987NG3361A.jpg 
mudyx0fRefuge for the destitute!!!William Heath, 1795-184026 Aug 1830mudyx0f.jpg 
mudyxgrWho's to have the stick?John Doyle, 1797-186815 Apr 1839mudyxgr.jpg 
mudyx08Field Marshal, His Grace the Duke of Wellington, K.G & G.C.B.John Jackson, 1778-183127 Aug 1817mudyx08.jpg 
NG4042"Hard pounding this, gentlemen; let's see who will pound longest." (The Duke of Wellington at Waterloo)Nicholas Garland27 Oct 1989NG4042.jpg 
mudyxw6Achilles defending his friend Patroclus a classical group very freely taken from the
John Doyle, 1797-1868Mar 1843mudyxw6.jpg 
mudyxknA pair of longheaded fellows.John Doyle, 1797-18683 Sep 1841mudyxkn.jpg 
mudyxfkThe triumph of forensick eleoquence.John Doyle, 1797-186810 Aug 1835.mudyxfk.jpg 
mudyxf0A monument to true military greatnessJohn Doyle, 1797-1868Mar 1843mudyxf0.jpg 
mudyxa2A curious figure that kicks all kinds of ways!John Doyle, 1797-1868Mar 1843mudyxa2.jpg 
mudyx0hThe master general of the ordinanceRichard Dighton1819mudyx0h.jpg 
mudyx9wThree United-States-Men Scene, PiccadillyJohn Doyle, 1797-186820 Apr 1843mudyx9w.jpg 
mudyx2kTableau from the new play of"Mary Stewart" sketched with great freedomJohn Doyle, 1797-18686 Mar 1840mudyx2k.jpg 
mudyx2f"A trip to Dover"John Doyle, 1797-186817 Oct 1839.mudyx2f.jpg 
mudyxg7DentatusJohn Doyle, 1797-186829 Mar 1839mudyxg7.jpg 
LSE1608Old Low's almanack.- / Prophecies for 1930[sic]David Low (1891-1963)22 Dec 1930LSE1608.jpg 
mudyxm2Our hero caught napping at last!John Doyle, 1797-186818 Jan 1844.mudyxm2.jpg 
mudyxdpThe Head watchman of the TreasuryArtist unknown1827mudyxdp.jpg 
mudyx00Alarming state of the times - pleasant itimationWilliam Heath, 1795-18409 Nov 1830mudyx00.jpg 
mudyxgjWhist!John Doyle, 1797-186820 May 1839mudyxgj.jpg 
mudyxhxThe feast near eaten or Master George and his little visitorWilliam Heath, 1795-1840[ca 1830]mudyxhx.jpg 
mudyx6xA deserter.John Doyle, 1797-186829 Jan 1839mudyx6x.jpg 
mudyx6aThe wolf & the lamb a parody on Mr Mulready's highly popular picture.John Doyle, 1797-18687 Mar 1838mudyx6a.jpg 
mue030nThe Great Joss and his playthings.Artist unknown[1830?]mue030n.jpg 
mudyx05A Game old cock The hero of a hundred fights.Artist unknown[ca 1840?]mudyx05.jpg 
mudyxg6Acis and GalateaJohn Doyle, 1797-186818 Jul 1842mudyxg6.jpg 
mudyx6qDesign for a Wellington testimonial.John Doyle, 1797-186818 Jul 1839mudyx6q.jpg 
mue03ahA Collection of caricatures on the Catholic question 1829Artist unknown1829mue03ah.jpg 
mudyx06The DictatorArtist unknown1840?]mudyx06.jpg 
mudyx60"First catch your hare" Mrs Glasse.John Doyle, 1797-186826 Dec 1843mudyx60.jpg 
mue03aeA Collection of caricatures on the Catholic question 1829Artist unknown1829mue03ae.jpg 
mudyx0q[No caption]Artist unknownca. 1840mudyx0q.jpg 
mudyx8pSharp practice or, Baron Munchausen fairly outdone!John Doyle, 1797-186826 Jul 1836mudyx8p.jpg 
mudyxxhA pleasant reminiscenceJohn Doyle, 1797-186812 Dec 1837mudyxxh.jpg 
mue030uThe Man wot can change the sovereignArtist unknown18 May 1829mue030u.jpg 
mudyxyuAn extraordinary likeness. vide Times Augt. 3rd 1837John Doyle, 1797-186821 Aug 1837mudyxyu.jpg 
mudyxpaA scene from Don Giovanni.John Doyle, 1797-186810 Oct 1838mudyxpa.jpg 
mudyxgtScene from the farce of the Invincibles as lately performed in the Queeen's TheatreJohn Doyle, 1797-186823 May 1839mudyxgt.jpg 
mudyxe2Achilles in the sulks after his retreat, or, The Great Captain on the stool of repentance!!Artist unknown7 May 1827mudyxe2.jpg 
mue03anA collection of caricatures on the Catholic question 1829William Heath, 1795-1840[1829]mue03an.jpg 
mudyx01A masked batteryJohn Doyle, 1797-18684 Oct 1830mudyx01.jpg 
06304'Publish! - and be damned!"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]19 Nov 196406304.jpg 
39389"Up guards and at 'em..."Nicholas Garland25 Oct 198439389.jpg 
mudyx0gAn eclipse lately discovered in the Georgium Sidus, and quite unexpected by any of the
SharpshooterJun 1829mudyx0g.jpg 
mudyxlaDoing penance in a white sheet. A la Jane Shore Being an awful warning to duetists in
general and certain high individuals in particular.
John Doyle, 1797-186817 Oct 1839mudyxla.jpg 
mudyx5uA sweeping insinuation.John Doyle, 1797-18687 Apr 1843mudyx5u.jpg 
mudyxfyA scene from the "Critic". Puff. - There's a situation for you! ... I have them all at a
dead lock! for every one of them is afraid to let go first.
John Doyle, 1797-186827 Jul 1843mudyxfy.jpg 
mudyxmdWho's to strike first? or, How long is this to last? An anti-fighting-in-the-cockpit
regulation during the late war, was to place the hostile parties astride an arms chest nailing
them fast by the stern sheets, at such distance that neither could strike without the other's
John Doyle, 1797-18685 Sep 1843.mudyxmd.jpg 
mudyxfxCharacteristic dialogue between two Irish chieftains taken from a curious illumination
lately discovered
John Doyle, 1797-186810 Aug 1843mudyxfx.jpg 
mudyxm3Late threatened upset near Windsor.John Doyle, 1797-186818 Jan 1844.mudyxm3.jpg 
mudyx2eA disagreeable position!John Doyle, 1797-186813 Feb 1838mudyx2e.jpg 
mudyxq6To be, or not to be. that is the question. Not Satan to the ear of Eve did e'er such pious
counsel give
Henry Heath, fl. 1824-18508 [Ma 1827.]mudyxq6.jpg 
102067Women at the Front...Peter Brookes20 Dec 2014102067.jpg 
mudyx99An old coast guard, looking out A strange sail on the horizonJohn Doyle, 1797-186821 Mar 1848mudyx99.jpg 
21207"Of course it's a total phoney - he's getting more deserters than I am!"Paul Rigby25 Oct 197121207.jpg 
mudyxllA bitter draught.John Doyle, 1797-186823 Apr 1842mudyxll.jpg 
mudyx7xA dis-orderly.John Doyle, 1797-186815 Mar 1838mudyx7x.jpg 
mudyxd7Vacation amusements.John Doyle, 1797-18685 Oct 1840mudyxd7.jpg 
mudyx7jGulliver and his nurseJohn Doyle, 1797-186814 Jun 1839mudyx7j.jpg 
mudyxa4A duti-ful subject or "The man wot never interferes in any business over which he has no
John Doyle, 1797-186827 Jul 1843mudyxa4.jpg 
mudyxfjAn original sketch from which it is presumed Hogarth took his well-known picture of The
Cock Pit
John Doyle, 1797-186816 Feb 1837mudyxfj.jpg 
mudyxw5Alarming situation! in India from an old tame elephant running wild!!!John Doyle, 1797-1868Feb 1843mudyxw5.jpg 
mudyx7mThe taking of Chusan.John Doyle, 1797-186831 Dec 1840mudyx7m.jpg 
mudyxmlA mis-representation of the ghost scene in Hamlet. Something between the sublime &
the ridiculous.
John Doyle, 1797-18681 Jun 1836.mudyxml.jpg 
mudyxatThe game of Pope-Joan! As lately played at CourtJohn Doyle, 1797-186810 Dec 1839mudyxat.jpg 
mudyx2hA ship in distress crew throwing the cargo over boardJohn Doyle, 1797-18685 Jul 1839mudyx2h.jpg 
mudyx92Something between the sublime & the ridiculous A Conservative vision - a little
John Doyle, 1797-186827 Apr 1837mudyx92.jpg 
LSE5291Low's topical budgetDavid Low (1891-1963)05 Jan 1935LSE5291.jpg 
mudyxa5"Where there's smoke there's fire"John Doyle, 1797-18683 Jul 1841mudyxa5.jpg 
mudyx1wA lesson in elephant riding! studied from nature in the Zoological GardensJohn Doyle, 1797-186814 May 1844mudyx1w.jpg 
mudyx95An Irish faction fightJohn Doyle, 1797-186818 Jul 1846mudyx95.jpg 
mudyxxtA scene from the farce of "The Critic." a little alteredJohn Doyle, 1797-186812 May 1848mudyxxt.jpg 
mudyx9tA row in the play-groundJohn Doyle, 1797-18683 Dec 1838mudyx9t.jpg 
mudyxl6Ancient concerts - a rehearsal His Grace on this occasion made his debut as a musical
director & certainly acquitted himself ably & successfully - Morning Chronicle
May 10th 1838
John Doyle, 1797-186814 May 1838mudyxl6.jpg 
mudyx79Coach-dinner - Castle Inn - Windsor.John Doyle, 1797-186831 Dec 1838mudyx79.jpg 
MC0241When the heroes of the 20th century get their pedestalsMichael Cummings27 Sep 1956MC0241.jpg 
DL0470Old Low's almanack.- / Prophecies for 1930[sic]David Low (1891-1963)22 Dec 1930DL0470.jpg 
mudyxq2Diogenes in search of an honest ministryHenry Heath, fl. 1824-185030 Apr 1827mudyxq2.jpg 
mudyxm8He would be a recruit.John Doyle, 1797-186830 Mar 1844.mudyxm8.jpg 
mue031dTake up your bed, and walk!!!William Heath, 1795-18401 Oct 1829mue031d.jpg 
mudyx0pTreasure seekersRobert Seymour, 1798-1836ca. 1830]mudyx0p.jpg 
MW2099'Publish! - and be damned!"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]19 Nov 1964MW2099.jpg 
DL0913Low's topical budgetDavid Low (1891-1963)05 Jan 1935DL0913.jpg 
mudyx93A fair game.John Doyle, 1797-186810 Jul 1835mudyx93.jpg 
NG5680"Hard pounding this. Gentlemen : Let's see who will pound longest." (The Duke of Wellington at Waterloo)Nicholas Garland19 Jan 1995NG5680.jpg 
mudyxdnThe Tory Band, concerting an overture to the serio, ludicro, tragico, comico, whimsiculo,
burletta, called the Resignations
Artist unknown1827mudyxdn.jpg 
mudyxgqLa Belle Alliance new versionJohn Doyle, 1797-186821 Jul 1838mudyxgq.jpg 
mudyxx6Sheep at a gap.John Doyle, 1797-18684 Apr 1846mudyxx6.jpg 
mudyxhaThe waits.John Doyle, 1797-186831 Dec 1840mudyxha.jpg 
mudyx4qA rude design for a grand historical picture of The death of Caesar.John Doyle, 1797-186820 Apr 1836mudyx4q.jpg 
mudyx61Cincinnatus again or The prophecy fulfilled.John Doyle, 1797-18681 Mar 1849mudyx61.jpg 
mudyx04The Prime-Ear of Great Britain A new species of Ass, presented by his M- to the Zoological
William Heath, 1795-1840Jan 1828]mudyx04.jpg 
mudyxauFall of Achilles! "Achiles was devotedly attached to Polyxena; and as he sought her in the
Temple of Minerva, it is said Paris aimed an arrow at his vulnerable heel, of which wound ..."
John Doyle, 1797-18683 Aug 1839.mudyxau.jpg 
mudyxxdA scene from Vatheck (realized) "The Caliph more furious than the rest, followed close,
& gave as many kicks as he could. His zeal caused him to receive many kicks intended for
the ball. Mozanhabad and two or three other Viziers, whose wisdom had hitherto resisted the
general attraction, wishing to prevent the Caliph from making a shew of himself, threw themselves
on their knees to step him, but he jumped over their heads, & continued his course."
John Doyle, 1797-186822 Dec 1845mudyxxd.jpg 
mudyxkqAuction extraordinaryJohn Doyle, 1797-186823 Feb 1838mudyxkq.jpg 
mudyx5fChristmas show.John Doyle, 1797-186828 Dec 1844mudyx5f.jpg 
18141A Cummings postscript to it all... / "My God! Blucher's arrived on time - but he's gone over to the enemy!"Michael Cummings30 Jan 196318141.jpg 
mudyxweThe new Christmas pantomimeJohn Doyle, 1797-186822 Dec 1845mudyxwe.jpg 
mudyx07AnticipationRobert Seymour, 1798-183620 Nov 1829mudyx07.jpg 
mudyxwxAn illustration of "The complete angler!" That would astonish old Izaak could he come to
John Doyle, 1797-186824 Jun 1839mudyxwx.jpg 
mudyx9fHercules assisted by Iolas attacks the (Indian) HydraJohn Doyle, 1797-186814 May 1844mudyx9f.jpg 
mudyxuyA gentle warning!John Doyle, 1797-186826 Jul 1836mudyxuy.jpg 
mudyx1aThe new polka or, Dance of peaceJohn Doyle, 1797-186825 Oct 1844mudyx1a.jpg 
mudyx5xA cutter for sale! or A br...m at the mast headJohn Doyle, 1797-186817 Mar 1843mudyx5x.jpg 
mudyx5w"A song of triumph" Very freely taken from the celebrated picture by Rubens. In the
possession of a cabinet minister.
John Doyle, 1797-186822 Mar 1843mudyx5w.jpg 
mudyxl2A contrast.John Doyle, 1797-186819 Nov 1838.mudyxl2.jpg 
mudyxnmThe Derby favorite, a little amiss!John Doyle, 1797-18686 [Au 1840,]mudyxnm.jpg 
mudyxkyVacation amusements.John Doyle, 1797-18685 Oct 1840mudyxky.jpg 
mudyxguForbidding the bannsJohn Doyle, 1797-18683 Jul 1838mudyxgu.jpg 
mudyxhfDemosthenes on the sea shore. Giving a lesson to a new disciple.John Doyle, 1797-186818 Dec 1838mudyxhf.jpg 
mudyxd2Symptoms of insubordination.John Doyle, 1797-18681 Aug 1839.mudyxd2.jpg 
mudyxe0Triumph of Cicero.Artist unknown24 May 1827.mudyxe0.jpg 
mudyxq5Anticipation, or, A peep behind the screen.Henry Heath, fl. 1824-185023 Apr 1827mudyxq5.jpg 
mudyxdyThe King Commander in Chief; or, the Upset of the Waterloo-man, Bags & Baggage.Artist unknown8 May 1827mudyxdy.jpg 
mudyx02The field of BatterseaWilliam Heath, 1795-1840Mar 1829mudyx02.jpg 
mudyxh2A cautious gameJohn Doyle, 1797-186823 Oct 1841mudyxh2.jpg 
mudyxdaDry nursesJohn Doyle, 1797-186821 Jul 1838.mudyxda.jpg 
mudyx0nDruming out or, Making an example of a mutineerWilliam Heath, 1795-1840May 1828]mudyx0n.jpg 
mudyx0aKing's Colledge to wit - a practical essayArtist unknown1829mudyx0a.jpg 
WH5479My memoirs: By the young reminiscencer. [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden02 Aug 1920WH5479.jpg 
mudyx58Christmas pantomime, No.2. Extraordinary harlequin leap!John Doyle, 1797-186821 Jan 1846mudyx58.jpg 
mudyxp7A Canadian winter, Skating extraordinary - A great smash! - Scene of confusion &c.John Doyle, 1797-186826 Jan 1838.mudyxp7.jpg 
mudyxk3Taking up a fare _ "All the world's a stage"John Doyle, 1797-186824 May 1837mudyxk3.jpg 
mudyx0xFollowing the leaderJohn Doyle, 1797-186812 May 1837mudyx0x.jpg 
mudyx59The drill. "Dismiss"-"as you were" (steady there in the rear rank.)John Doyle, 1797-186818 Jan 1846mudyx59.jpg 
mudyxm1Angling extraordinary!John Doyle, 1797-186828 Dec 1843mudyxm1.jpg 
mudyxmfFancy ball - Jim Crow dance & chorus.John Doyle, 1797-186817 Apr 1837.mudyxmf.jpg 
mudyxklNew omnibus!John Doyle, 1797-186820 Oct 1841mudyxkl.jpg 
mudyx77A criminal in custody.John Doyle, 1797-186825 Feb 1841mudyx77.jpg 
mudyx78A coachman wanted - candidates for the place.John Doyle, 1797-186829 Jan 1839mudyx78.jpg 
mudyxgnJonah thrown overboard to appease the stormJohn Doyle, 1797-186821 Jul 1838mudyxgn.jpg 
mudyx1nA cabinet puddingJohn Doyle, 1797-186821 Feb 1842mudyx1n.jpg 
mudyxarComus and the lady! a Mask!John Doyle, 1797-18689 Apr 1840.mudyxar.jpg 
mudyx80Beginning in good old English style.John Doyle, 1797-186813 Sep 1841mudyx80.jpg 
mudyx82An Irish wakeJohn Doyle, 1797-18688 Nov 1839mudyx82.jpg 
mudyxd5The thimble rig!John Doyle, 1797-18685 Jun 1839mudyxd5.jpg 
mudyxd8Another peep into the play ground "You're none of my child."John Doyle, 1797-186831 Dec 1838.mudyxd8.jpg 
mudyxq3George and the dragon.Henry Heath, fl. 1824-185029 [Ap 1827.]mudyxq3.jpg 
mudyxuxBreaking up for the vacationJohn Doyle, 1797-186811 Aug 1840mudyxux.jpg 
mudyxwnNew version of John Gilpin after StotharJohn Doyle, 1797-18682 Mar 1846mudyxwn.jpg 
mudyxmpA battering train.John Doyle, 1797-18686 Jun 1836mudyxmp.jpg 
mudyxh9The corn doctors! A fair subjectJohn Doyle, 1797-186815 May 1841mudyxh9.jpg 
mudyx54The Trojans petition dido for "protection".John Doyle, 1797-18686 Feb 1846  
mudyxupA fancy ball winding up with Sir Roger de Coverley in appropriate costumeJohn Doyle, 1797-186826 Jul 1846mudyxup.jpg 
mudyxf7Going to the fair with it! A cant phrase for doing any thing in an extravagant way - known
it is presumed to most persons
John Doyle, 1797-186830 Mar 1837mudyxf7.jpg 
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