Person NamePetain; Philippe (1856-1951)
DL1738"Forward - against liberty and our friends!"David Low (1891-1963)06 Jun 1941DL1738.jpg 
DL1728[no caption]David Low (1891-1963)14 May 1941DL1728.jpg 
DL1730[no caption]David Low (1891-1963)19 May 1941DL1730.jpg 
DL1871The squeeze processDavid Low (1891-1963)27 May 1942DL1871.jpg 
DL1701Net spread in sight of the birdDavid Low (1891-1963)12 Feb 1941DL1701.jpg 
DL2090"I'll show you who's boss around here! I WON'T come out!"David Low (1891-1963)24 Nov 1943DL2090.jpg 
ILW0157[No caption]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197923 November 1940ILW0157.jpg 
ILW0404Look what the cat's brought in!Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197917 Apr 1942ILW0404.jpg 
ES0043The farce at Riom "Is there a Mickey Mouse, Monsieur?"Ernest H. Shepard18 Mar 1942ES0043.jpg 
DL1849Shadows on the Vichy blindDavid Low (1891-1963)07 Apr 1942DL1849.jpg 
DL1940Ersatz CorsicanDavid Low (1891-1963)12 Nov 1942DL1940.jpg 
ILW0243They have been warnedIllingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197917 May 1941ILW0243.jpg 
ILW0085Abyss of misery and humiliationIllingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197926 June 1940ILW0085.jpg 
LSE6664Their Misrepresentatives.David Low (1891-1963)Oct 1921LSE6664.jpg 
NEB1305"Of course I know he is grateful and all that - but I still wish he wouldn't do it"NEB [Ronald Niebour]13 Feb 1942NEB1305.jpg 
NEB1647"You can't disappear from public life like this - besides, who'll do your fire-watching?"NEB [Ronald Niebour]22 Nov 1943NEB1647.jpg 
ILW0498[no caption]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197920 November 1942ILW0498.jpg 
LSE2839"He asked for peace"David Low (1891-1963)20 Sep 1940LSE2839.jpg 
ILW0242Welcome to ParisIllingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197916 May 1941ILW0242.jpg 
ILW0095France's new constitutionIllingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197913 July 1940ILW0095.jpg 
NEB1180"Mind you - of the two, Darlan gets rather a better shine - then he's younger isn't he?"NEB [Ronald Niebour]18 Aug 1941NEB1180.jpg 
ILW0484[no caption]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197920 October 1942ILW0484.jpg 
DL1795InvestitureDavid Low (1891-1963)25 Nov 1941DL1795.jpg 
LSE3123The squeeze processDavid Low (1891-1963)27 May 1942LSE3123.jpg 
DL1741The crooked crusaderDavid Low (1891-1963)11 Jun 1941DL1741.jpg 
ILW0290"They shall not pass"Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-19794 Sep 1941ILW0290.jpg 
LSE3384"I'll show you who's boss around here! I WON'T come out!"David Low (1891-1963)24 Nov 1943LSE3384.jpg 
WH0751Big Willies' Christmas a failure [on reverse]W.K. Haselden19 Dec 1916WH0751.jpg 
LSE3035InvestitureDavid Low (1891-1963)25 Nov 1941LSE3035.jpg 
LSE1107Evacuee train from ParisDavid Low (1891-1963)09 Aug 1944LSE1107.jpg 
LSE2910[no caption]David Low (1891-1963)05 Feb 1941LSE2910.jpg 
LSE2824The peace-seeker's progressDavid Low (1891-1963)27 Aug 1940LSE2824.jpg 
LSE2953[no caption]David Low (1891-1963)14 May 1941LSE2953.jpg 
LSE2965"Forward - against liberty and our friends!"David Low (1891-1963)06 Jun 1941LSE2965.jpg 
LSE2969The crooked crusaderDavid Low (1891-1963)11 Jun 1941LSE2969.jpg 
LSE3336"What - no admittance for (ahem!) sympathisers?"David Low (1891-1963)24 Aug 1943LSE3336.jpg 
ILW0190[No caption]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-19796 February 1941ILW0190.jpg 
ILW0129[No caption]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197925 September 1940ILW0129.jpg 
ILW0146Which way?Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197928 Oct 1940ILW0146.jpg 
DL1657The peace-seeker's progressDavid Low (1891-1963)27 Aug 1940DL1657.jpg 
DL1638New pupils at Dr. Gobbels' academyDavid Low (1891-1963)11 Jul 1940DL1638.jpg 
LSE2868Ghost trainDavid Low (1891-1963)26 Jun 1940LSE2868.jpg 
LSE2856The army toes the lineDavid Low (1891-1963)31 Oct 1940LSE2856.jpg 
DL1699[no caption]David Low (1891-1963)05 Feb 1941DL1699.jpg 
ILW0191[No caption]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-19798 February 1941ILW0191.jpg 
LSE3205"New Order" in FranceDavid Low (1891-1963)23 Nov 1942LSE3205.jpg 
DLB0002Thieves kitchenDavid Low (1891-1963)01 Jan 1941DLB0002.jpg 
ILW0162Hey, Petain! here are some new cell-mates for you...Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-19792 Dec 1940ILW0162.jpg 
ILW0249All for one and one for himselfIllingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-19795 June 1941ILW0249.jpg 
DL2199Evacuee train from ParisDavid Low (1891-1963)09 Aug 1944DL2199.jpg 
LSE2955[no caption]David Low (1891-1963)19 May 1941LSE2955.jpg 
LSE3199Ersatz CorsicanDavid Low (1891-1963)12 Nov 1942LSE3199.jpg 
LSE3051Low's guest nightDavid Low (1891-1963)27 Dec 1941LSE3051.jpg 
GS0654J"Don't worry, I'm near you!"Sidney 'George' Strube13 Nov 1942GS0654J.jpg 
LSE2806"That's not France!"David Low (1891-1963)15 Jul 1940LSE2806.jpg 
LSE2913Net spread in sight of the birdDavid Low (1891-1963)12 Feb 1941LSE2913.jpg 
LSE2802New pupils at Dr. Gobbels' academyDavid Low (1891-1963)11 Jul 1940LSE2802.jpg 
DL1945"New Order" in FranceDavid Low (1891-1963)23 Nov 1942DL1945.jpg 
DL1808Low's guest nightDavid Low (1891-1963)27 Dec 1941DL1808.jpg 
DL2050"What - no admittance for (ahem!) sympathisers?"David Low (1891-1963)24 Aug 1943DL2050.jpg 
LSE3097Shadows on the Vichy blindDavid Low (1891-1963)07 Apr 1942LSE3097.jpg 
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