Person NamePeel; Robert (1788-1850); Sir
mudyxx3Valentine & OrsonJohn Doyle, 1797-186815 Apr 1845mudyxx3.jpg 
mudyxxf"Not caught yet." after E. Landseer's admired pictureJohn Doyle, 1797-186822 Dec 1845mudyxxf.jpg 
mudyxwhA protectionist vision of the year 1847John Doyle, 1797-186818 Jul 1846mudyxwh.jpg 
mudyx6hMuscipula.John Doyle, 1797-186814 mar 1840mudyx6h.jpg 
mudyxf4How to jockey the favorite!John Doyle, 1797-18689 May 1846mudyxf4.jpg 
mudyxknA pair of longheaded fellows.John Doyle, 1797-18683 Sep 1841mudyxkn.jpg 
mudyx5g[No caption]John Doyle, 1797-18685 Mar 1845mudyx5g.jpg 
mudyx67Curious sign of "The Times" or The new parliamentary criminal van!John Doyle, 1797-186823 Jun 1842mudyx67.jpg 
mudyxf5A dangerous situationJohn Doyle, 1797-186827 Apr 1846mudyxf5.jpg 
mudyxg5Mercury having lulled Argus to sleep carries off the beautiful milch cow IO!John Doyle, 1797-1868[11 1842mudyxg5.jpg 
mudyxlrBalaam and his ass.John Doyle, 1797-186826 Mar 1842mudyxlr.jpg 
mudyx5dGulliver capturing the enemies fleet.John Doyle, 1797-186829 May 1846mudyx5d.jpg 
mudyxx5Jason aided by Medea, carries off the golden-fleecJohn Doyle, 1797-18685 Apr 1846mudyxx5.jpg 
mudyxx2Two penitents kneeling at the same shrineJohn Doyle, 1797-186823 Apr 1845mudyxx2.jpg 
mudyx4hThe flight of Daedalus & Icarus! illustrated under a new aspect.John Doyle, 1797-18681 Jul 1844mudyx4h.jpg 
mudyx6gThe fox & the crow.John Doyle, 1797-186813 Sep 1844mudyx6g.jpg 
mudyx6mA new reading to the political phrase finality!John Doyle, 1797-18684 Oct 1844mudyx6m.jpg 
mudyx1pA suicidal plunge!John Doyle, 1797-186821 Feb 1842mudyx1p.jpg 
mudyxk5Nicholas Nickleby's introduction to Squeers!John Doyle, 1797-186825 Feb 1841mudyxk5.jpg 
mudyxa6Race between the hare and the tortoise.John Doyle, 1797-1868Mar 1843mudyxa6.jpg 
mudyxp6Jason sowing the dragon's teeth!John Doyle, 1797-18683 May 1842.mudyxp6.jpg 
mudyxp9Animal magnetism.John Doyle, 1797-186814 Jun 1838.mudyxp9.jpg 
mudyxy7Swallowing the leekJohn Doyle, 1797-186825 Oct 1843mudyxy7.jpg 
mudyxx7Stag at bay Suggested by the beautiful picture of Edwin Landseer ... exhibited at the Royal
Academy 1846
John Doyle, 1797-186826 Jun 1846mudyxx7.jpg 
mudyxw8Bellerophon in danger attempting to fly to heaven upon Pegasus, Jupiter sent an insect
which stung the horse & threw down his rider
John Doyle, 1797-1868Feb 1843mudyxw8.jpg 
mudyxwtGreat cry & little wool or, The right of search, versus the right of visit!John Doyle, 1797-18685 Aug 1845mudyxwt.jpg 
mudyxgjWhist!John Doyle, 1797-186820 May 1839mudyxgj.jpg 
mudyxhxThe feast near eaten or Master George and his little visitorWilliam Heath, 1795-1840[ca 1830]mudyxhx.jpg 
mudyxwqThe ConfessionalJohn Doyle, 1797-18686 Feb 1846mudyxwq.jpg 
mudyxx8Protection A hen & chickens of an extraordinary game breed, not to be found in any
work on ornithology.
John Doyle, 1797-186826 Jun 1846mudyxx8.jpg 
mudyxl7Throwing the lasso.John Doyle, 1797-186821 Mar 1842mudyxl7.jpg 
mudyxg6Acis and GalateaJohn Doyle, 1797-186818 Jul 1842mudyxg6.jpg 
mudyxfgA sign of "The Times", or a new version of PunchJohn Doyle, 1797-186828 Dec 1844mudyxfg.jpg 
mudyx4nDoctor Syntax "on his but faithful steed" in search of the picturesqueJohn Doyle, 1797-186831 Jan 1837mudyx4n.jpg 
mudyxwlA great actor between tragedy and comedyJohn Doyle, 1797-18685 Aug 1845mudyxwl.jpg 
mudyx60"First catch your hare" Mrs Glasse.John Doyle, 1797-186826 Dec 1843mudyx60.jpg 
mudyx5mTelemachus & mentorJohn Doyle, 1797-1868Mar 1847mudyx5m.jpg 
mudyx7a"None but the brave deserve the fair".John Doyle, 1797-186815 Aug 1838mudyx7a.jpg 
mudyx1rThe Frogs and King Stork.John Doyle, 1797-186826 May 1842mudyx1r.jpg 
mudyx7lA scene from Faust. (Freely translated!)John Doyle, 1797-186826 Feb 1840mudyx7l.jpg 
mudyxh5The Shuttlecock ministryJohn Doyle, 1797-18687 Aug 1840mudyxh5.jpg 
mudyx85'Take care of your pockets' 'beware of the swell mob!'John Doyle, 1797-186812 Aug 1841mudyx85.jpg 
mudyxgtScene from the farce of the Invincibles as lately performed in the Queeen's TheatreJohn Doyle, 1797-186823 May 1839mudyxgt.jpg 
mudyxf6Old attitudes in new positions, or A corps of observation from the combined forces of the
Holy Alliance
John Doyle, 1797-18687 Mar 1836mudyxf6.jpg 
mudyxlaDoing penance in a white sheet. A la Jane Shore Being an awful warning to duetists in
general and certain high individuals in particular.
John Doyle, 1797-186817 Oct 1839mudyxla.jpg 
mudyx2gA perambulatory advertisementJohn Doyle, 1797-18687 May 1841mudyx2g.jpg 
mudyxm3Late threatened upset near Windsor.John Doyle, 1797-186818 Jan 1844.mudyxm3.jpg 
mudyxh0Scene from the Beggar's Opera.John Doyle, 1797-186814 Apr 1841mudyxh0.jpg 
mudyxq6To be, or not to be. that is the question. Not Satan to the ear of Eve did e'er such pious
counsel give
Henry Heath, fl. 1824-18508 [Ma 1827.]mudyxq6.jpg 
mudyx9eAlexander and DiogenesJohn Doyle, 1797-186814 May 1844mudyx9e.jpg 
mudyx8nSmall insinuationsJohn Doyle, 1797-18685 Apr 1845mudyx8n.jpg 
mudyxllA bitter draught.John Doyle, 1797-186823 Apr 1842mudyxll.jpg 
mudyx1jBear - baiting or, Old English pastimes revised dedicated to Young EnglandJohn Doyle, 1797-1868May 1844mudyx1j.jpg 
mudyx56Jack the giant killer, blowing the magic horn.John Doyle, 1797-18682 Feb 1846mudyx56.jpg 
mudyxd7Vacation amusements.John Doyle, 1797-18685 Oct 1840mudyxd7.jpg 
mudyx25A metamorphosis surpafsing [sic] any thing to be found in Ovid or, Poor John Bull turned
into a Milch Cow
John Doyle, 1797-186815 Aug 1838mudyx25.jpg 
mudyxhjAn unhappy angler fishing for a budget! (rather an odd fish.)John Doyle, 1797-186826 May 1841mudyxhj.jpg 
mudyxmyStothard's admired picture of 'the procession of the flitch of bacon'. somewhat
John Doyle, 1797-186811 Feb 1841mudyxmy.jpg 
mudyxfjAn original sketch from which it is presumed Hogarth took his well-known picture of The
Cock Pit
John Doyle, 1797-186816 Feb 1837mudyxfj.jpg 
mudyx57Bogy's coming! An allegory for the nursery.John Doyle, 1797-186822 Jan 1846mudyx57.jpg 
mudyxx0"Soirées mysterieuses." wonderful performance at St. Stephen's theatreJohn Doyle, 1797-186812 Jun 1845mudyxx0.jpg 
mudyxw5Alarming situation! in India from an old tame elephant running wild!!!John Doyle, 1797-1868Feb 1843mudyxw5.jpg 
mudyx7mThe taking of Chusan.John Doyle, 1797-186831 Dec 1840mudyx7m.jpg 
mudyx1tLate attempt at suicide!John Doyle, 1797-186821 Mar 1842mudyx1t.jpg 
mudyxatThe game of Pope-Joan! As lately played at CourtJohn Doyle, 1797-186810 Dec 1839mudyxat.jpg 
mudyxp8An affair of honor.John Doyle, 1797-1868May 1839.mudyxp8.jpg 
mudyx2hA ship in distress crew throwing the cargo over boardJohn Doyle, 1797-18685 Jul 1839mudyx2h.jpg 
mudyxpn' - Chess. - ' Perpetual check. - Game drawn.John Doyle, 1797-18686 [Au 1840,]mudyxpn.jpg 
mudyxutTurning the tablesJohn Doyle, 1797-186825 Mar 1836mudyxut.jpg 
mudyx92Something between the sublime & the ridiculous A Conservative vision - a little
John Doyle, 1797-186827 Apr 1837mudyx92.jpg 
mudyxa5"Where there's smoke there's fire"John Doyle, 1797-18683 Jul 1841mudyxa5.jpg 
mudyx1wA lesson in elephant riding! studied from nature in the Zoological GardensJohn Doyle, 1797-186814 May 1844mudyx1w.jpg 
mudyxhlToo late for the coach.John Doyle, 1797-186810 Apr 1838mudyxhl.jpg 
mudyx95An Irish faction fightJohn Doyle, 1797-186818 Jul 1846mudyx95.jpg 
mudyx9tA row in the play-groundJohn Doyle, 1797-18683 Dec 1838mudyx9t.jpg 
mudyxl6Ancient concerts - a rehearsal His Grace on this occasion made his debut as a musical
director & certainly acquitted himself ably & successfully - Morning Chronicle
May 10th 1838
John Doyle, 1797-186814 May 1838mudyxl6.jpg 
mudyxgmA coroner's inquest, that was to have beenJohn Doyle, 1797-18681 May 1839mudyxgm.jpg 
mudyx79Coach-dinner - Castle Inn - Windsor.John Doyle, 1797-186831 Dec 1838mudyx79.jpg 
mudyx19A regular kick - up!John Doyle, 1797-18687 Mar 1836mudyx19.jpg 
mudyxhhIllustration of the dog in the mangerJohn Doyle, 1797-186830 Aug 1841mudyxhh.jpg 
mudyxlhA suggested transformation or, Reform of the reformed house!John Doyle, 1797-18687 Jun 1842mudyxlh.jpg 
mudyx55Doing penance.John Doyle, 1797-18686 Feb 1846mudyx55.jpg 
mudyx4jArion saved by the dolphinsJohn Doyle, 1797-18681 Jul 1844mudyx4j.jpg 
mudyx5eA wild elephant trumpeting. Or A scene from paradise lost!John Doyle, 1797-186828 Dec 1844mudyx5e.jpg 
mudyx0pTreasure seekersRobert Seymour, 1798-1836ca. 1830]mudyx0p.jpg 
mudyxn8A sheriff's sale, or, Auction extraordinary.John Doyle, 1797-18686 [Fe 1840.]mudyxn8.jpg 
mudyxpmThe "Dilly" looking up!John Doyle, 1797-18683 [Ju 1840.]mudyxpm.jpg 
mudyx93A fair game.John Doyle, 1797-186810 Jul 1835mudyx93.jpg 
mudyx8lThe substance and the shadow! An enigmaJohn Doyle, 1797-18685 Apr 1845mudyx8l.jpg 
27577"I would like you to get in touch with these two gentlemen, please!"Michael Cummings27 Feb 197527577.jpg 
mudyxdnThe Tory Band, concerting an overture to the serio, ludicro, tragico, comico, whimsiculo,
burletta, called the Resignations
Artist unknown1827mudyxdn.jpg 
mudyxlqGood training. (Vide "Times" March 1842)John Doyle, 1797-186826 Mar 1842mudyxlq.jpg 
mudyxx6Sheep at a gap.John Doyle, 1797-18684 Apr 1846mudyxx6.jpg 
mudyxhaThe waits.John Doyle, 1797-186831 Dec 1840mudyxha.jpg 
mudyxurThe "Pas de facination" (from the ballet of Alma) as lately performed by her majesty's
servants with a new cast of characters
John Doyle, 1797-18681 Jul 1844mudyxur.jpg 
mudyx4qA rude design for a grand historical picture of The death of Caesar.John Doyle, 1797-186820 Apr 1836mudyx4q.jpg 
mudyx1qRevival of the good old constitutional practice of burning a Prime Minister in effigy!John Doyle, 1797-186814 Mar 1842mudyx1q.jpg 
mudyxxdA scene from Vatheck (realized) "The Caliph more furious than the rest, followed close,
& gave as many kicks as he could. His zeal caused him to receive many kicks intended for
the ball. Mozanhabad and two or three other Viziers, whose wisdom had hitherto resisted the
general attraction, wishing to prevent the Caliph from making a shew of himself, threw themselves
on their knees to step him, but he jumped over their heads, & continued his course."
John Doyle, 1797-186822 Dec 1845mudyxxd.jpg 
mudyxkqAuction extraordinaryJohn Doyle, 1797-186823 Feb 1838mudyxkq.jpg 
mudyx5fChristmas show.John Doyle, 1797-186828 Dec 1844mudyx5f.jpg 
mudyx8hNew exhibition of dissolving views.John Doyle, 1797-18681 Jun 1841mudyx8h.jpg 
mudyxweThe new Christmas pantomimeJohn Doyle, 1797-186822 Dec 1845mudyxwe.jpg 
mudyxwaA touching view of some of the inns & outs of this worldJohn Doyle, 1797-1868Feb 1843mudyxwa.jpg 
mudyx1eAn Irish version of Galileo and the Inquisitors! 'e pur si muoveJohn Doyle, 1797-18688 Aug 1844mudyx1e.jpg 
mudyxwxAn illustration of "The complete angler!" That would astonish old Izaak could he come to
John Doyle, 1797-186824 Jun 1839mudyxwx.jpg 
mudyxxnRowing in the same boat something wrong at bottom. _ weather rather squallyJohn Doyle, 1797-186821 Mar 1848mudyxxn.jpg 
mudyxx4Catherine and Petruchio designed by Mr. D'i..., and retouched by Lord J. R....ll (after Mr.
Leslie's admired picture)
John Doyle, 1797-186815 Apr 1845mudyxx4.jpg 
mudyx1aThe new polka or, Dance of peaceJohn Doyle, 1797-186825 Oct 1844mudyx1a.jpg 
mudyxxe"Dilly, dilly, come and be killed!" "Mrs. Bond she came out to the pond in a rage, With her
pockets full of onions, & her apron full of sage, Dilly, dilly, come & be killed
John Doyle, 1797-186822 Dec 1845mudyxxe.jpg 
mudyxyqThe Derby Dilly taken in tow by the Patent Safety.John Doyle, 1797-186810 Aug 1835mudyxyq.jpg 
mudyx7qSteering between Scylla & Charybdis.John Doyle, 1797-186819 May 1841mudyx7q.jpg 
mudyx5xA cutter for sale! or A br...m at the mast headJohn Doyle, 1797-186817 Mar 1843mudyx5x.jpg 
mudyx5w"A song of triumph" Very freely taken from the celebrated picture by Rubens. In the
possession of a cabinet minister.
John Doyle, 1797-186822 Mar 1843mudyx5w.jpg 
mudyxkfA pit-iable situation.John Doyle, 1797-186822 Jun 1841mudyxkf.jpg 
mudyx7pSimple arithmetic a sum in addition!John Doyle, 1797-18682 Oct 1841mudyx7p.jpg 
mudyxgyThe nuptials of Peeleus and Thetis interrupted by the Goddess of discord!John Doyle, 1797-186810 Jun 1841mudyxgy.jpg 
mudyxkhNew game of snap-apple.John Doyle, 1797-18681 Jul 1840mudyxkh.jpg 
mudyxnmThe Derby favorite, a little amiss!John Doyle, 1797-18686 [Au 1840,]mudyxnm.jpg 
mudyxh4Ulysses and the syrens.John Doyle, 1797-18683 Mar 1840mudyxh4.jpg 
mudyxkyVacation amusements.John Doyle, 1797-18685 Oct 1840mudyxky.jpg 
mudyxguForbidding the bannsJohn Doyle, 1797-18683 Jul 1838mudyxgu.jpg 
mudyx7nAnother Curtius. A picturesque finale.John Doyle, 1797-18683 Aug 1841mudyx7n.jpg 
mudyxleThe political Mc.Adam.John Doyle, 1797-186823 Jun 1842mudyxle.jpg 
mudyxhdGuy FawkesJohn Doyle, 1797-186816 Nov 1840mudyxhd.jpg 
mudyxq5Anticipation, or, A peep behind the screen.Henry Heath, fl. 1824-185023 Apr 1827mudyxq5.jpg 
mudyx96An interesting group "Misfortune makes us acquainted with strange bedfellows."John Doyle, 1797-1868Feb 1847mudyx96.jpg 
mudyxy0The Irish problem. rusticus expectat dum transeat amnis ...John Doyle, 1797-186819 Mar 1849mudyxy0.jpg 
mudyxh2A cautious gameJohn Doyle, 1797-186823 Oct 1841mudyxh2.jpg 
mudyxldA new version of "Can't get out"John Doyle, 1797-186824 Jun 1839.mudyxld.jpg 
mudyxdaDry nursesJohn Doyle, 1797-186821 Jul 1838.mudyxda.jpg 
mudyx4lA scene from Shakspere (compressed!)John Doyle, 1797-18688 Aug 1844mudyx4l.jpg 
mudyx58Christmas pantomime, No.2. Extraordinary harlequin leap!John Doyle, 1797-186821 Jan 1846mudyx58.jpg 
mudyxk3Taking up a fare _ "All the world's a stage"John Doyle, 1797-186824 May 1837mudyxk3.jpg 
mudyx0xFollowing the leaderJohn Doyle, 1797-186812 May 1837mudyx0x.jpg 
mudyx59The drill. "Dismiss"-"as you were" (steady there in the rear rank.)John Doyle, 1797-186818 Jan 1846mudyx59.jpg 
mudyx10A classical subject! "demitto auriculas ut iniquoe mentis ascellus Cum gravius dorso subiit
John Doyle, 1797-186810 May 1836mudyx10.jpg 
mudyxwjThe fall of Caesar "Not that I loved Caesar less, But that I loved Rome more"John Doyle, 1797-186818 Jul 1846mudyxwj.jpg 
mudyxwwExtraordinary musician wot plays on various instruments - all at once! Vide Times June 1845John Doyle, 1797-1868Jul 1845mudyxww.jpg 
mudyx9gThe treaty between the sheep and the wolves After "Les Loups et les Brevis" of GranvilleJohn Doyle, 1797-18688 Aug 1844mudyx9g.jpg 
mudyxy6Jack Cade's insurrection!John Doyle, 1797-1868Apr 1844mudyxy6.jpg 
mudyxm1Angling extraordinary!John Doyle, 1797-186828 Dec 1843mudyxm1.jpg 
mudyxmfFancy ball - Jim Crow dance & chorus.John Doyle, 1797-186817 Apr 1837.mudyxmf.jpg 
mudyxklNew omnibus!John Doyle, 1797-186820 Oct 1841mudyxkl.jpg 
mudyx77A criminal in custody.John Doyle, 1797-186825 Feb 1841mudyx77.jpg 
mudyxl1Vingt-un versus fives!John Doyle, 1797-18685 May 1841mudyxl1.jpg 
mudyx1nA cabinet puddingJohn Doyle, 1797-186821 Feb 1842mudyx1n.jpg 
mudyxarComus and the lady! a Mask!John Doyle, 1797-18689 Apr 1840.mudyxar.jpg 
mudyx80Beginning in good old English style.John Doyle, 1797-186813 Sep 1841mudyx80.jpg 
mudyxd5The thimble rig!John Doyle, 1797-18685 Jun 1839mudyxd5.jpg 
mudyxd8Another peep into the play ground "You're none of my child."John Doyle, 1797-186831 Dec 1838.mudyxd8.jpg 
mudyxq3George and the dragon.Henry Heath, fl. 1824-185029 [Ap 1827.]mudyxq3.jpg 
mudyxwnNew version of John Gilpin after StotharJohn Doyle, 1797-18682 Mar 1846mudyxwn.jpg 
mudyx98Cicero in Catilinam A Classical fragmentJohn Doyle, 1797-186822 Mar 1841mudyx98.jpg 
mudyxh9The corn doctors! A fair subjectJohn Doyle, 1797-186815 May 1841mudyxh9.jpg 
mudyx54The Trojans petition dido for "protection".John Doyle, 1797-18686 Feb 1846  
mudyxupA fancy ball winding up with Sir Roger de Coverley in appropriate costumeJohn Doyle, 1797-186826 Jul 1846mudyxup.jpg 
mudyxf7Going to the fair with it! A cant phrase for doing any thing in an extravagant way - known
it is presumed to most persons
John Doyle, 1797-186830 Mar 1837mudyxf7.jpg 
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