Person NameSheil; Richard Lalor (1791-1851)
ForenamesRichard Lalor
mudyx18Satan alias The Arch Agitator. this sketch of Milton's hero, on the burning Lake (Query
Bog) is intended as a frontispiece to a new edition of Paradise Lost
John Doyle, 1797-18681 Dec 1836mudyx18.jpg 
mudyxmmSerpent charmers, exhibiting their astonishing feats.John Doyle, 1797-18681 Jun 1836.mudyxmm.jpg 
mudyxgpA Greenwich pensioner!John Doyle, 1797-18683 Apr 1838mudyxgp.jpg 
mudyx25A metamorphosis surpafsing [sic] any thing to be found in Ovid or, Poor John Bull turned
into a Milch Cow
John Doyle, 1797-186815 Aug 1838mudyx25.jpg 
mudyxfjAn original sketch from which it is presumed Hogarth took his well-known picture of The
Cock Pit
John Doyle, 1797-186816 Feb 1837mudyxfj.jpg 
mudyxx0"Soirées mysterieuses." wonderful performance at St. Stephen's theatreJohn Doyle, 1797-186812 Jun 1845mudyxx0.jpg 
mudyx95An Irish faction fightJohn Doyle, 1797-186818 Jul 1846mudyx95.jpg 
mudyxh7The beggar's petition. 'this was the most unkindest cut of all'John Doyle, 1797-18689 Apr 1840.mudyxh7.jpg 
mudyxkrA cure for a broken head.John Doyle, 1797-18681 May 1839mudyxkr.jpg 
mudyxd3A scene from Der Freischutz.John Doyle, 1797-186819 May 1847.mudyxd3.jpg 
mudyxwjThe fall of Caesar "Not that I loved Caesar less, But that I loved Rome more"John Doyle, 1797-186818 Jul 1846mudyxwj.jpg 
mudyx9gThe treaty between the sheep and the wolves After "Les Loups et les Brevis" of GranvilleJohn Doyle, 1797-18688 Aug 1844mudyx9g.jpg 
mudyx7fApollo and the tuneful nine!John Doyle, 1797-18681 May 1840mudyx7f.jpg 
mudyx82An Irish wakeJohn Doyle, 1797-18688 Nov 1839mudyx82.jpg 
mudyxlnAnother heavy blow" ...John Doyle, 1797-18688 Nov 1839mudyxln.jpg 
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