Person NameBurdett; Francis, (1770-1844); Sir
mudyx9lGrinding youngJohn Doyle, 1797-186825 Jul 1837mudyx9l.jpg 
mudyx0rA fine old English Gentleman, one of the olden time.John Doyle, 1797-186810 May 1837mudyx0r.jpg 
mudyx2f"A trip to Dover"John Doyle, 1797-186817 Oct 1839.mudyx2f.jpg 
mudyxyfDon Quixote attacking the windmill.John Doyle, 1797-186811 Dec 1835mudyxyf.jpg 
mudyxwrThe last & highest point, at which the unheard of courage of Don Quixote ever did,
or could arrive, with the happy conclusion ... Vide Don Quixote, Vol. 3 Book 1, Chap. XVII
John Doyle, 1797-186823 May 1837mudyxwr.jpg 
mudyxmyStothard's admired picture of 'the procession of the flitch of bacon'. somewhat
John Doyle, 1797-186811 Feb 1841mudyxmy.jpg 
mudyxfjAn original sketch from which it is presumed Hogarth took his well-known picture of The
Cock Pit
John Doyle, 1797-186816 Feb 1837mudyxfj.jpg 
mudyxg9John Bull labouring under nightmare! The effects of a little over indulgenceJohn Doyle, 1797-18682 May 1838mudyxg9.jpg 
mudyx8yMay Day in 1837John Doyle, 1797-186813 May 1845mudyx8y.jpg 
mudyxq2Diogenes in search of an honest ministryHenry Heath, fl. 1824-185030 Apr 1827mudyxq2.jpg 
mudyxpmThe "Dilly" looking up!John Doyle, 1797-18683 [Ju 1840.]mudyxpm.jpg 
mudyx93A fair game.John Doyle, 1797-186810 Jul 1835mudyx93.jpg 
mudyxyxA race for the Westminster Stakes, between an old thoro'bred & a young cock-tail _
weight for age _ the old 'un winning in a canter
John Doyle, 1797-186822 May 1837mudyxyx.jpg 
mudyxk3Taking up a fare _ "All the world's a stage"John Doyle, 1797-186824 May 1837mudyxk3.jpg 
mudyxmfFancy ball - Jim Crow dance & chorus.John Doyle, 1797-186817 Apr 1837.mudyxmf.jpg 
mudyxh8Omnibus raceJohn Doyle, 1797-18689 Apr 1840mudyxh8.jpg 
mudyxf7Going to the fair with it! A cant phrase for doing any thing in an extravagant way - known
it is presumed to most persons
John Doyle, 1797-186830 Mar 1837mudyxf7.jpg 
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