Person NameEnfield; Harry
67111"There's a chap here says he can get our hostages released"Tom Johnston08 May 198867111.jpg 
64857"That's nothing!... Take a look at Kathy Burke's Dobson bloomers!" / "A score for every 12 minutes!" / "It's the first time I've ever wanted to turn a clock forward!" / "Not tonight, dear... I've got an email!"Tom Johnston20 Apr 200064857.jpg 
64869"Will you stop putting up a system of look-outs for Fergie!" / "Shall I tell them it was you who decided to dump Charlie Lawson?" / "Was it such a good idea to use Harry Enfield as a character witness?" / "I told you we'd regret voting for Ken!"Tom Johnston05 May 200064869.jpg 
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