Person NameDavis; David (1948-)
74294Loyalty TestGerald Scarfe12 Oct 2003 
67806[no caption]Peter Schrank12 Oct 200367806.jpg 
62917Gissa leadershipSteve Bell09 Oct 200262917.jpg 
104683The Great Repeal BillMorten Morland03 Oct 2016104683.jpg 
MRD0880All of it, in a nutshellMartin Rowson01 Sep 2016MRD0880.jpg 
67673[no caption]Peter Brookes09 Oct 200367673.jpg 
CLD079510 [Downing Street]Scott [Clissold; Scott]15 Jul 2016CLD0795.jpg 
67665[no caption]Nicholas Garland08 Oct 200367665.jpg 
67886Lethal interjectionPaul Thomas17 Nov 200367886.jpg 
67735[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Oct 200367735.jpg 
67887[no caption]Dave Brown17 Nov 200367887.jpg 
97811No captionDave Brown20 Nov 201297811.jpg 
67841The Dream Ticket Steve Bell30 Oct 200367841.jpg 
SC0311No captionPeter Schrank11 Sep 2005SC0311.jpg 
104764Bonfire of the sanities...Morten Morland05 Nov 2016104764.jpg 
67676[no caption]Dave Gaskill10 Oct 200367676.jpg 
BAD0224Refugee Crisis Latest...Brian Adcock03 Sep 2016BAD0224.jpg 
67678The sound of one hand clappingDave Brown10 Oct 200367678.jpg 
67743Nature NotesPeter Brookes25 Oct 200367743.jpg 
MRD0871Harnessing the Spirit...Martin Rowson22 Aug 2016MRD0871.jpg 
MRD0907Trick or TreatMartin Rowson31 Oct 2016MRD0907.jpg 
MRD0909Alice in SunderlandMartin Rowson29 Oct 2016MRD0909.jpg 
MRD0914The Man Who...wasn't Post Truth...Martin Rowson20 Oct 2016MRD0914.jpg 
104445R.I.P. Gene Wilder...Peter Brookes03 Aug 2016104445.jpg 
MRD0925Black FridayMartin Rowson26 Nov 2016MRD0925.jpg 
MRD0927"What? You can get HOW long for dangerous driving?"Martin Rowson05 Dec 2016MRD0927.jpg 
MRD0928"What? You can get HOW long for dangerous driving?"Martin Rowson05 Dec 2016MRD0928.jpg 
MRD0936Three Parent Baby Latest - Speeding Ahead!Martin Rowson16 Dec 2016MRD0936.jpg 
MRD0938"NEXT!!"Martin Rowson15 Dec 2016MRD0938.jpg 
MRD0940BossypantiasMartin Rowson12 Dec 2016MRD0940.jpg 
104342The Steel Lady StrikesGerald Scarfe17 Jul 2016 
104434The Great British Bank Holiday ReturnPatrick Blower29 Aug 2016104434.jpg 
104436Team BrexitPatrick Blower22 Aug 2016104436.jpg 
CLD0856Leaked Brexit MemoScott [Clissold; Scott]16 Nov 2016CLD0856.jpg 
CLD0864Theresa May Hints at Brexit DelaysScott [Clissold; Scott]22 Nov 2016CLD0864.jpg 
104508Brexit Negotiations....Morten Morland16 Aug 2016104508.jpg 
104610"Brexit is SO exciting!"Bob Moran09 Sep 2016104610.jpg 
104612"Does anyone know where the hell we're going?"Patrick Blower02 Oct 2016104612.jpg 
104660"Watch your speed"Bob Moran02 Oct 2016104660.jpg 
104670SovereigntyBob Moran03 Oct 2016104670.jpg 
SBD1706Brexit Means Whatever I Say It MeansSteve Bell08 Sep 2016SBD1706.jpg 
106375Back to WorkPatrick Blower02 Jan 2018106375.jpg 
106367Theresa's ReshufflePatrick Blower09 Jan 2018106367.jpg 
BAD0286They're off.....!Brian Adcock03 Oct 2016BAD0286.jpg 
BAD0288Boil, Boil, Toil and TroubleBrian Adcock31 Oct 2016BAD0288.jpg 
MRD0967The Relief of Lady SmithMartin Rowson02 Mar 2017MRD0967.jpg 
MRD0978Taking Back Control - latest picturesMartin Rowson07 Mar 2017MRD0978.jpg 
104679[Third runway at Heathrow]Christian Adams26 Oct 2016104679.jpg 
104777The cabinet is totally united in its approach to Brexit.Christian Adams16 Nov 2016104777.jpg 
104815The retreat from EuropeGerald Scarfe20 Nov 2016 
104767HackedMorten Morland02 Nov 2016104767.jpg 
104685'Killer clowns' terrorise Britain...Peter Brookes12 Oct 2016104685.jpg 
104823Bien súr...Let them eat cake!Peter Brookes30 Nov 2016104823.jpg 
MRD0994April Fool!Martin Rowson01 Apr 2017MRD0994.jpg 
MRD10005 Second RuleMartin Rowson16 Mar 2017MRD1000.jpg 
104689The people have spoken on Brexit...Peter Brookes13 Oct 2016104689.jpg 
BJD0375Brexit McBrexitfaceBen Jennings14 Mar 2017BJD0375.jpg 
BJD0387MP Hammer...Ben Jennings13 Mar 2017BJD0387.jpg 
MRD1006Great British Triumphs (No 796321149): The Battle of Bash 'n' FailMartin Rowson01 Aug 2017MRD1006.jpg 
MRD1008Natural SynergyMartin Rowson29 Jul 2017MRD1008.jpg 
MRD1012Electricity Generation Revolution!!Martin Rowson25 Jul 2017MRD1012.jpg 
MRD1024Is there anybody out there?Martin Rowson19 Jun 2017MRD1024.jpg 
MRD1038Costings...Martin Rowson27 May 2017MRD1038.jpg 
MRD1044"For pity's sake show some flexibility & imagination!"Martin Rowson29 Aug 2017MRD1044.jpg 
MRD1046Looks like we've finally crossed the meta-satirical event horizonMartin Rowson26 Aug 2017MRD1046.jpg 
MRD1072Off With Their Democracy!!Martin Rowson11 Sep 2017MRD1072.jpg 
MRD1073"But before we ignore the Lammy Report, let's get a round up of the rest of the xenophobia news..."Martin Rowson09 Sep 2017MRD1073.jpg 
MRD1074Hurricane TheresaMartin Rowson08 Sep 2017MRD1074.jpg 
CLD0953Finished LineScott [Clissold; Scott]13 Jun 2017CLD0953.jpg 
SBD1723Dog's BrexitSteve Bell11 Oct 2016SBD1723.jpg 
SBD1728Tory MP 'Has Brain of Juvenile Gnat' X-Ray ShockSteve Bell20 Oct 2016SBD1728.jpg 
SBD1732The Fog of BrexitSteve Bell27 Oct 2016SBD1732.jpg 
SBD1771I will give the British people all the white paper they need!Steve Bell26 Jan 2017SBD1771.jpg 
SBD1774[Powell Ghost]Steve Bell01 Feb 2017SBD1774.jpg 
SBD1787"Enjoy your sweeping new powers!"Steve Bell31 Mar 2017SBD1787.jpg 
BJD0432[Relativity]Ben Jennings02 Sep 2017BJD0432.jpg 
BJD0444"Negotiations are going swimmingly..."Ben Jennings06 Sep 2017BJD0444.jpg 
MRD1084Spoiling it for EveryoneMartin Rowson07 Oct 2017MRD1084.jpg 
105464Out There Somewhere!Gerald Scarfe28 May 2017105464.jpg 
105179"Planned for icebergs?! Not while I've been captain..."Christian Adams17 Mar 2017105179.jpg 
BAD0320Relentless Heat...Brian Adcock25 Jul 2018BAD0320.jpg 
105609Summer Reading...Chris Riddell23 Jun 2017105609.jpg 
MRD1095Closing the (strong and) stable door etc etc...Martin Rowson19 Dec 2017MRD1095.jpg 
MRD1097Pausing briefly to acknowledge the thunderous applause...Martin Rowson16 Dec 2017MRD1097.jpg 
MRD1098Disclosure of Vital Evidence Scandal - latest picturesMartin Rowson16 Dec 2017MRD1098.jpg 
MRD1101Embarrassment ThresholdMartin Rowson09 Dec 2017MRD1101.jpg 
MRD1102"I have in my hand a piece of paper..."Martin Rowson05 Dec 2017MRD1102.jpg 
MRD1108WorkhouseMartin Rowson25 Nov 2017MRD1108.jpg 
MRD1111Hard BorderMartin Rowson18 Nov 2017MRD1111.jpg 
MRD1115Hands Off Our Quick Sand!Martin Rowson11 Nov 2017MRD1115.jpg 
MRD1120Cupboard LoveMartin Rowson24 Oct 2017MRD1120.jpg 
MRD1122Meal Deal Meal No DealMartin Rowson21 Oct 2017MRD1122.jpg 
MRD1124Soooooo Bracing!!!Martin Rowson17 Oct 2017MRD1124.jpg 
MRD1127Arguing over the billMartin Rowson13 Oct 2017MRD1127.jpg 
104984Lost in the Brexit JungleGerald Scarfe08 Jan 2017104984.jpg 
105595Brexit Talks Resume...Morten Morland18 Jul 2017105595.jpg 
105600Funeral Rights...Seamus Jennings10 Jul 2017105600.jpg 
105634Summer Holiday Ideas For PoliticiansMorten Morland23 Jul 2017105634.jpg 
105741'It's a demand for £35bm. Do you think a sex slave gang has kidnapped David Davis?'Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]08 Aug 2017105741.jpeg 
MRD1148Very Well, A LoonMartin Rowson06 Feb 2018MRD1148.jpg 
BJD0445Drunk TankBen Jennings30 Dec 2017BJD0445.jpg 
BJD0474Will EU be my frictionless trading partner?Ben Jennings10 Feb 2018BJD0474.jpg 
CLD1074"Make a mess of it? Pah! We know what we're doing!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]27 Aug 2017CLD1074.jpg 
105671Brexit, One Year On...Chris Riddell25 Jun 2017105671.jpg 
106485Mad May blurry roadChris Riddell25 Feb 2018106485.jpg 
105276Race Goes Ahead Despite Bomb Find...Morten Morland03 Apr 2017105276.jpg 
105203Le Folly-BrexitPeter Brookes26 Mar 2017105203.jpg 
105202Henry VIII Power Grab...Peter Brookes31 Mar 2017105202.jpg 
SBD1813"Jeremy Corbyn...will find himself alone and naked in the negotiating chamber of the European Union"Steve Bell31 May 2017SBD1813.jpg 
SBD1837"Ogalogaflobadob weeeeeeeeeed la la la la la la la"Steve Bell21 Jul 2017SBD1837.jpg 
SBD1835"My fellow ferrets - unity is strength!"Steve Bell19 Jul 2017SBD1835.jpg 
SBD1840"We will study the results of our survey into the benefits of a good supply of blood to the head just as soon as we've hung ourselves!"Steve Bell28 Jul 2017SBD1840.jpg 
SBD1841"We will study the results of our survey into the benefits of a good supply of blood to the head just as soon as we've dropped off!!!"Steve Bell28 Jul 2017SBD1841.jpg 
SBD1842"...and when the clock strikes twelve we turn into a frictionless pumpkin and Liam will have a job!!"Steve Bell16 Aug 2017SBD1842.jpg 
CLD1133Superstorm...Scott [Clissold; Scott]10 Sep 2017CLD1133.jpg 
BJD0496One YearBen Jennings30 Mar 2018BJD0496.jpg 
MRD1184ProblemMartin Rowson11 May 2018MRD1184.jpg 
MRD1192No Daddy, No!Martin Rowson02 Jun 2018MRD1192.jpg 
106340I Went to Germany and All I Got Was a Lousy Brexit DealSeamus Jennings03 Jan 2018106340.jpg 
105593New Balls...David Simonds16 Jul 2017105593.jpg 
106302Brexit SecretaryPatrick Blower29 Dec 2017106302.jpg 
105750"Monsieur Davis, zis way please..."Patrick Blower16 Aug 2017105750.jpg 
105684Brexit Talks Begin...Morten Morland20 Jun 2017105684.jpg 
106166"What's the requirement for my job?"Morten Morland12 Dec 2017106166.jpg 
106097Hard Border...Morten Morland27 Nov 2017106097.jpg 
106251Theresa in BlunderlandDavid Simonds12 Nov 2017106251.jpg 
105514"I try so hard to get things right..."Patrick Blower29 Jun 2017105514.jpg 
105512Brexit Lions Cross-Party XV v. EU XXVIIPatrick Blower26 Jun 2017105512.jpg 
105592"We are all going to enjoy this lovely summer, ok?"Patrick Blower24 Jul 2017105592.jpg 
105503"A long & turbulent road lies ahead"Patrick Blower20 Jul 2017105503.jpg 
105502"Whenever you're ready, Mr Davis"Patrick Blower19 Jun 2017105502.jpg 
105585First Female Dr WhoPatrick Blower17 Jul 2017105585.jpg 
105584British Butterfly Species at RiskPatrick Blower14 Jul 2017105584.jpg 
105501The New CabinetPatrick Blower14 Jun 2017105501.jpg 
105582Government of National UnityPatrick Blower11 Jul 2017105582.jpg 
105840Je t' non plusPatrick Blower01 Sep 2017105840.jpg 
105843EU Withdrawal BillPatrick Blower04 Sep 2017105843.jpg 
105970"Good is the news"Patrick Blower06 Oct 2017105970.jpg 
105915Henry VIII PowersPatrick Blower08 Sep 2017105915.jpg 
105917"Let's go"Patrick Blower13 Sep 2017105917.jpg 
105966"Ah non, David, we still need a little more from you..."Patrick Blower13 Oct 2017105966.jpg 
105969"This ought to unfreeze everything"Patrick Blower17 Oct 2017105969.jpg 
105912"We're right behind you, Prime Minister..."Patrick Blower18 Sep 2017105912.jpg 
105907Treasures of FlorencePatrick Blower20 Sep 2017105907.jpg 
105958"Bien sur, Monsieur Davis is paying"Patrick Blower23 Oct 2017105958.jpg 
105837UK Position With ECJPatrick Blower24 Aug 2017105837.jpg 
105844End of the HolidaysPatrick Blower29 Aug 2017105844.jpg 
MRD1213Dropping the PilatesMartin Rowson10 Jul 2018MRD1213.jpg 
MRD1215CheckersMartin Rowson07 Jul 2018MRD1215.jpg 
MRD1221AirbustMartin Rowson23 Jun 2018MRD1221.jpg 
MRD1224The Beautiful GameMartin Rowson16 Jun 2018MRD1224.jpg 
MRD1225Send in the ClownsMartin Rowson12 Jun 2018MRD1225.jpg 
MRD1226"Wahhh! It's all your fault!! Waaaaaahhh!!!"Martin Rowson11 Jun 2018MRD1226.jpg 
MRD1227"We are facing meltdown!"Martin Rowson09 Jun 2018MRD1227.jpg 
106754At the SupermarketPatrick Blower20 Apr 2018106754.jpg 
106611Cod Do BatterPatrick Blower21 Mar 2018106611.jpg 
BAD0342Brexit Progress Latest...Brian Adcock31 Jul 2017BAD0342.jpg 
BAD0343Temperatures on the rise in Europe...Brian Adcock06 Aug 2017BAD0343.jpg 
BAD0354Deadline set for Brexiteers...Brian Adcock12 Nov 2017BAD0354.jpg 
BAD0357Dirty Theresa...Brian Adcock05 Sep 2017BAD0357.jpg 
BAD0364Evacuation...!Brian Adcock25 Jun 2017BAD0364.jpg 
BAD0367"I just don't know why we can't see eye to eye!?"Brian Adcock03 Sep 2017BAD0367.jpg 
BAD0385The Holy Grail...Brian Adcock05 Dec 2017BAD0385.jpg 
BAD0388Hurricane Brexit...Brian Adcock10 Sep 2017BAD0388.jpg 
BAD0390Post-Brexit Immigration Policy Revealed...Brian Adcock07 Sep 2017BAD0390.jpg 
BAD0394Irish Border ProblemBrian Adcock08 Sep 2017BAD0394.jpg 
BAD0411"Everything is ok, I've just got a cold today, that's all"Brian Adcock08 Oct 2017BAD0411.jpg 
BAD0424No Euro Vision...!Brian Adcock13 May 2018BAD0424.jpg 
BAD0442"Posh, entitled, dysfunctional and completely out of touch..."Brian Adcock20 May 2018BAD0442.jpg 
BAD0455"Hello Donald, that sue the EU idea, do you think there's still time?"Brian Adcock16 Jul 2018BAD0455.jpg 
BAD0464"That's the way to do it!"Brian Adcock25 Sep 2017BAD0464.jpg 
CLD1206"It's the only thing the cabinet agrees on!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]06 Jul 2018CLD1206.jpg 
CLD1212May's Brexit Plan RevealedScott [Clissold; Scott]08 Jul 2018CLD1212.jpg 
CLD1217David Davis ResignationScott [Clissold; Scott]10 Jul 2018CLD1217.jpg 
CLD1218Love Island...Scott [Clissold; Scott]10 Jun 2018CLD1218.jpg 
CLD1226"We're making her miiiiind up!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]13 May 2018CLD1226.jpg 
CLD1237Dreaming of Glory...Scott [Clissold; Scott]17 Jun 2018CLD1237.jpg 
MRD1231E.R.G.onomics [the science of efficiency in the workplace]Martin Rowson13 Sep 2018MRD1231.jpg 
106531The Brexit RiddlePatrick Blower12 Feb 2018106531.jpg 
106516Welcome to ChequersBob Moran23 Feb 2018106516.jpg 
MRD1254"For God's sake let's get back to the Titianic before it's too late!!"Martin Rowson15 Oct 2018MRD1254.jpg 
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