Person Nameal-Assad; Bashar (1965-)
64540[no caption]Dave Brown16 Apr 200364540.jpg 
104559"Hang on, you've got the wrong idea...every family's going to get a swimming pool!"Peter Brookes08 Sep 2016104559.jpg 
63452[no caption]Peter Brookes17 Dec 200263452.jpg 
64581[no caption]Dave Brown22 Apr 200364581.jpg 
63444[no caption]Dave Brown16 Dec 200263444.jpg 
59773[no caption]Peter Brookes03 Nov 200159773.jpg 
59784[no caption]Charles Griffin02 Nov 200159784.jpg 
GBD0107Cameron's Case For WarGary Barker04 Dec 2015GBD0107.jpg 
105084Number One...Morten Morland07 Feb 2017105084.jpg 
MRD0334StalemateMartin Rowson21 Sep 2013MRD0334.jpg 
95772Boiling PointGerald Scarfe20 Nov 2011 
96767No captionDave Brown28 May 201296767.jpg 
SBD0988Happy Bashar and the Deathly Hallows Part 3Steve Bell16 Mar 2012SBD0988.jpg 
SCD0032No captionPeter Schrank04 Mar 2012SCD0032.jpg 
97248Endgame ...Dave Brown20 Jul 201297248.jpg 
94975Arab AutumnChris Riddell28 Aug 201194975.jpg 
100259Swiss Talks...Peter Brookes23 Jan 2014100259.jpg 
95254Decisive actionGerald Scarfe21 Aug 2011 
96346No captionMorten Morland06 Feb 201296346.jpg 
94996Not with a bang...Dave Brown20 Aug 201194996.jpg 
102981Let's bomb Isis in Syria!Peter Brookes03 Jul 2015102981.jpg 
JKD0002No captionKennedy; John02 Jan 2012JKD0002.jpg 
96770No captionDave Brown31 May 201296770.jpg 
99445The thin red lineGerald Scarfe25 Aug 2013 
9818860,000 dead ...Morten Morland04 Jan 201398188.jpg 
94786'Que Syria, Syria. Whatever will be will be ...'Mac [Stan McMurtry]02 Aug 201194786.jpg 
94884Damascene ConversionChristian Adams03 Aug 201194884.jpg 
95024No captionChristian Adams24 Aug 201195024.jpg 
99377Death and the Mad ManChris Riddell25 Aug 201399377.jpg 
99495So, what's your plan?Chris Riddell08 Sep 201399495.jpg 
96043Deep in bloodGerald Scarfe08 Jan 2012 
MRD0028Arab AutumnMartin Rowson21 Nov 2011MRD0028.jpg 
98971How many weapons can we get to the swivel-eyed loons?Tim Sanders29 May 201398971.jpg 
97178I will never use chemical wapons against my own peopleChristian Adams24 Jul 201297178.jpg 
96363You see - I love my peopleChristian Adams14 Feb 201296363.jpg 
96189No captionPeter Schrank10 Feb 201296189.jpg 
96175Convenient perchGerald Scarfe12 Feb 2012 
97218China or Russia?David Haldane21 Jul 201297218.jpg 
97044AleppoChris Riddell05 Aug 201297044.jpg 
97208Syria goes for the record ....Peter Brookes14 Jul 201297208.jpg 
96979... and the world looked on.....Gerald Scarfe10 Jun 2012 
95990No captionDavid Simonds12 Feb 201295990.jpg 
94907Moral high ground...Martin Rowson02 Aug 201194907.jpg 
96452No captionDave Brown16 Mar 201296452.jpg 
96800No captionMorten Morland28 May 201296800.jpg 
96019Assad Devouring His People (After Goya)Chris Riddell26 Feb 201296019.jpg 
98243Syria - 60,000 slaughtered and still countingGerald Scarfe13 Jan 2013 
96445No captionBob Moran16 Mar 201296445.jpg 
96630Moveable feast ... Dave Brown09 Apr 201296630.jpg 
96583Back off, he's with me.Chris Riddell03 Jun 201296583.jpg 
MRD0114Who? Me?!?Martin Rowson28 May 2012MRD0114.jpg 
96334I want to thank my family I want to thank my army but most of all I want to thank you for voting for me ...Christian Adams27 Feb 201296334.jpg 
96799No captionPeter Brookes30 May 201296799.jpg 
97335Rules of the Game 4. Men's Double SkullsPeter Brookes03 Aug 201297335.jpg 
97214You can run, but you can't hide ....Peter Brookes20 Jul 201297214.jpg 
SCD0042No captionPeter Schrank22 Jul 2012SCD0042.jpg 
SCD0112This is a red line. Do not cross it!Peter Schrank28 Apr 2013SCD0112.jpg 
BJD0019The Sword of DamascusBen Jennings21 Jul 2012BJD0019.jpg 
101800Unholy Alliances...Peter Brookes23 Oct 2014101800.jpg 
SCD0046Going for goldPeter Schrank30 Jul 2012SCD0046.jpg 
100575[Putin in tangles]Morten Morland24 Feb 2014100575.jpg 
97227Who lit the flame? Peter Brookes28 Jul 201297227.jpg 
SBD1035No captionSteve Bell19 Jul 2012SBD1035.jpg 
97754Ah, Mr World Leader, I've been expecting you ....Morten Morland15 Oct 201297754.jpg 
99997Good ridance to chemical weaponsPeter Brookes01 Nov 201399997.jpg 
96661No captionMorten Morland10 Apr 201296661.jpg 
99119The hand shakeGerald Scarfe02 Jun 2013 
PBD0002Tell the UN I can put the die in dialogue ...Peter Brookes02 Mar 2012PBD0002.jpg 
98477Never on the level ... Peter Brookes07 Mar 201398477.jpg 
97220[Tour de France Assad]Gary Barker23 Jul 201297220.jpg 
96665No captionPeter Brookes11 Apr 201296665.jpg 
98908Cameron has strong words with PutinGerald Scarfe12 May 2013 
SCD0138[Time running out]Peter Schrank08 Sep 2013SCD0138.jpg 
GBD0059More claret! Get me more claret!Gary Barker24 Aug 2013GBD0059.jpg 
SBD1222Changing horses in midstream?Steve Bell05 Sep 2013SBD1222.jpg 
MRD0402Common GroundMartin Rowson23 Jan 2014MRD0402.jpg 
GBD0055[Assad phoenix]Gary Barker22 Jul 2013GBD0055.jpg 
MRD0515Down among the savages ....Martin Rowson25 Aug 2014MRD0515.jpg 
100311Time for PeaceDave Brown23 Jan 2014100311.jpg 
101117[al-Assad dropping bombs]Peter Brookes04 Jun 2014101117.jpg 
101149Fawlty BallotsDave Brown04 Jun 2014101149.jpg 
102385[Al-Assad bathes in blood]Brighty [Steve Bright]26 Aug 2013102385.jpg 
103153Anyone Else Care to Join Me?"Gerald Scarfe27 Sep 2015 
SCD0213"That Clarkson business...what a disaster!"Peter Schrank15 Mar 2015SCD0213.jpg 
BJD0266[National Leaders Conflict]Ben Jennings03 Oct 2015BJD0266.jpg 
103380Call to ArmsGerald Scarfe29 Nov 2015 
94909[no caption]Martin Rowson04 Aug 201194909.jpg 
95829I will not go!Christian Adams21 Nov 201195829.jpg 
MRD0798[Raising the Syrian flag]Martin Rowson28 Mar 2016  
94849Tail Gunner ...Dave Brown03 Aug 201194849.jpg 
MRD0713Come on in, the escalation's lovely!Martin Rowson02 Oct 2015MRD0713.jpg 
94932No captionMorten Morland03 Aug 201194932.jpg 
MRD0493Assisted dying latestMartin Rowson14 Jul 2014MRD0493.jpg 
BAD0073The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back...Brian Adcock26 Aug 2013BAD0073.jpg 
BAD0060"Well at least we'll need fewer voting slips!"Brian Adcock21 Apr 2014BAD0060.jpg 
103543Syrian Peace InitiativeGerald Scarfe14 Feb 2016  
MRD0714BloodbathMartin Rowson03 Oct 2015MRD0714.jpg 
103385Saving Assad's AssGerald Scarfe11 Oct 2015 
103080"This is how to play Russian Roulette..."David Simonds11 Oct 2015  
MRD0735Us...Martin Rowson16 Nov 2015MRD0735.jpg 
103840PsychopathyPeter Brookes17 Feb 2016103840.jpg 
103584Do You Ever Wonder What You've Got Yourself Into?Gerald Scarfe06 Dec 2015  
CLD0530"...From Russia with love"Scott [Clissold; Scott]04 Oct 2015CLD0530.jpg 
SCD02585 Years On...Peter Schrank13 Mar 2016  
64577[no caption]David Simonds21 Apr 200364577.jpg 
SCD0001[no caption]Peter Schrank28 Aug 2011SCD0001.jpg 
94928[no caption]Andy Bunday01 Aug 201194928.jpg 
96338[no caption]Steve Bell23 Feb 201296338.jpg 
MRD0765Peace NewsMartin Rowson15 Feb 2016  
97147No captionSteve Bell19 Jul 201297147.jpg 
BJD0111Weighing up military action ....Ben Jennings27 Aug 2013BJD0111.jpg 
101554Strange BedfellowsGerald Scarfe28 Aug 2014 
SBD1277[Assad selfie]Steve Bell22 Jan 2014SBD1277.jpg 
102380[Miliband sinking Cameron's ship]Brighty [Steve Bright]02 Sep 2013102380.jpg 
GBD0075"I'll see your red line and I'll raise you 355.."Gary Barker26 Aug 2013GBD0075.jpg 
103808ISILChristian Adams28 Mar 2016103808.jpg 
MRD0745"Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too!"Martin Rowson20 Nov 2015MRD0745.jpg 
96262I saw a baby die todayGerald Scarfe26 Feb 2012 
MRD0874Dance of DeathMartin Rowson19 Aug 2016MRD0874.jpg 
MMD0006No captionMorten Morland16 Jan 2012MMD0006.jpg 
101374" 'A small island no-one listens to.' What a load of nonsense, right Vlad?"Ben Jennings07 Sep 2013101374.jpg 
104562[Syrian Vampire]Peter Brookes24 Sep 2016104562.jpg 
104182"How dare you accuse me of financial irregularities!"Christian Adams05 Apr 2016104182.jpg 
BJD0328[Assad Bombs]Ben Jennings12 Aug 2016BJD0328.jpg 
MRD0937[Aleppo/Guernica]Martin Rowson15 Dec 2016MRD0937.jpg 
MRD0934The Angels of Peace Descend on AleppoMartin Rowson17 Dec 2016MRD0934.jpg 
MRD0935The Angels of Peace Descend on AleppoMartin Rowson17 Dec 2016MRD0935.jpg 
SC0191[no caption]Peter Schrank28 Mar 2002SC0191.jpg 
BAD0271Happy New Year....Brian Adcock01 Jan 2017BAD0271.jpg 
104863Yonder star over Aleppo...Peter Brookes01 Dec 2016 
104682A country that irksMorten Morland04 Oct 2016104682.jpg 
104725The last mileGerald Scarfe16 Oct 2016 
104901Santa's little helpersChristian Adams13 Dec 2016104901.jpg 
104902Syria Wars : Number One RogueChristian Adams15 Dec 2016 
BJD03762017 This WayBen Jennings31 Dec 2016BJD0376.jpg 
BJD0374[Christmas Day]Ben Jennings16 Dec 2016BJD0374.jpg 
BJD0384Cirque D'estruction presents the Strong MenBen Jennings18 Apr 2017BJD0384.jpg 
BJD0406[Al-Assad Acid Bath]Ben Jennings08 Apr 2017BJD0406.jpg 
BJD0395Victory Parade...Ben Jennings17 Dec 2016BJD0395.jpg 
CLD0970"Relax...I've sooo got this!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]16 Apr 2017CLD0970.jpg 
SCD02612017Peter Schrank02 Jan 2017SCD0261.jpg 
104913[Bashar al-Assad]Chris Riddell20 Dec 2015104913.jpg 
105331Orange LineChris Riddell20 Dec 2015105331.jpg 
105255The International Beneficial Society for a Safer & More Stable WorldChristian Adams18 Apr 2017105255.jpeg 
MRD1158We happy few, we band of buggeredMartin Rowson14 Apr 2018MRD1158.jpg 
CLD1148I pressed the fire control...and ahead of me rockets blazed through the sky...Scott [Clissold; Scott]15 Apr 2018CLD1148.jpg 
106608The Usual SuspectsPatrick Blower07 Mar 2018106608.jpg 
106759BoltedPatrick Blower10 Apr 2018106759.jpg 
BAD0382"Of course there is a hell...ON EARTH!"Brian Adcock01 Apr 2018BAD0382.jpg 
BAD0439"There is no evidence it was me. They did it to themselves. It's an international conspiracy. It's all Boris Johnson's fault."Brian Adcock09 Apr 2018BAD0439.jpg 
BAD0444So, same s*** different year...Brian Adcock31 Dec 2017BAD0444.jpg 
106767Awkward tributeBob Moran12 Apr 2018106767.jpg 
106489Cease...Peter Brookes23 Feb 2018106489.jpg 
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