Person NamePutin; Vladimir (1952-)
64819Tony in RussiaGerald Scarfe12 Mar 2000 
64658[no caption]Nicholas Garland30 Apr 200364658.jpg 
58153[no caption]Nicholas Garland21 Jun 200158153.jpg 
63939Do bears cock a snook at the Bush? (Old European proverb)Dave Brown11 Feb 200363939.jpg 
64662[no caption]Dave Brown30 Apr 200364662.jpg 
64491Moping-up operationsMark Reeve13 Apr 200364491.jpg 
64225[no caption]Patrick Blower12 Mar 200364225.jpg 
98901Cameron meets President Putin at No 10Paul Thomas17 Jun 201398901.jpg 
53733"Oh, it's you again, Mr. Blair - No, I still haven't had time to think about gay sex education in our schools."Mac [Stan McMurtry]27 Mar 200053733.jpg 
63987Bushwacked!!!Mark Reeve16 Feb 200363987.jpg 
62736Casualties mounting ...Nicholas Garland29 Oct 200262736.jpg 
64659[no caption]David Austin30 Apr 200364659.jpg 
61374[no caption]Nicholas Garland23 May 200261374.jpg 
66090[no caption]Peter Brookes27 Jun 200366090.jpg 
66051Red Carpet TreatmentDave Brown24 Jun 200366051.jpg 
62741Cutting out the cancer of terrorism (latest pictures)Martin Rowson28 Oct 200262741.jpg 
62747[no caption]Dave Brown28 Oct 200262747.jpg 
64462The little threeNicholas Garland09 Apr 200364462.jpg 
SC0155[no caption]Peter Schrank18 Jun 2001SC0155.jpg 
61385The big threeNicholas Garland22 May 200261385.jpg 
59663[no caption]Dave Brown15 Nov 200159663.jpg 
102663Who Killed Mr. Nemtsov?Gary Barker02 Mar 2015102663.jpg 
59892[no caption]Peter Brookes18 Dec 200159892.jpg 
62737[no caption]Peter Brookes29 Oct 200262737.jpg 
53104[no caption]Dave Brown11 Jan 200053104.jpg 
55980President Putin: 'Blair and I talk about women in private'Paul Thomas22 Nov 200055980.jpg 
61363"Hi honey, I'm home!"Nicholas Garland24 May 200261363.jpg 
SC0206Bear MarketPeter Schrank30 Jun 2002SC0206.jpg 
MRD0423The Charge of the Shite BrigadeMartin Rowson05 Mar 2014MRD0423.jpg 
100586The Charge of the Lite BrigadeDave Brown16 Feb 2001100586.jpg 
53944[no caption]Paul Thomas18 Apr 200053944.jpg 
BJD0119Crimean PutinsulaBen Jennings08 Feb 2014BJD0119.jpg 
55214President Putin consoles relatives of the victims of the KurskPaul Thomas25 Aug 200055214.jpg 
60079Only one millennium meltdown...John Kent03 Jan 200060079.jpg 
53044[no caption]Dave Brown21 Dec 199953044.jpg 
SBD0734[no caption]Steve Bell08 Dec 1999SBD0734.jpg 
104564[Putin Pilot]Peter Brookes22 Sep 2016104564.jpg 
67701[no caption]Nicholas Garland16 Oct 200367701.jpg 
51802Yeltsin appoints new Prime MinisterPaul Thomas10 Aug 199951802.jpg 
BAD0005"...And you want me to help put it out?"Brian Adcock24 Apr 2014BAD0005.jpg 
100762"Ok...You asked for it"Bob Moran27 Apr 2014100762.jpg 
95899No captionMorten Morland05 Dec 201195899.jpg 
CLD0744Putin 'Probably' Approved Litvinenko MurderScott [Clissold; Scott]2017CLD0744.jpg 
BAD0163Awkward...Brian Adcock04 Sep 2016BAD0163.jpg 
BAD0056"Bloody speed bumps"Brian Adcock01 Sep 2014BAD0056.jpg 
BJD0043Russia unmaskedBen Jennings20 Aug 2012BJD0043.jpg 
MRD0419Cough!Martin Rowson01 Mar 2014MRD0419.jpg 
CLD0634"Good luck!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]03 Jan 2016CLD0634.jpg 
BAD0172"Hello foreign oiks, let's do business!"Brian Adcock15 Jul 2016BAD0172.jpg 
MRD0334StalemateMartin Rowson21 Sep 2013MRD0334.jpg 
103932Special Souvenir SupplementDave Brown26 Mar 2016103932.jpg 
MRD0422Gamesmanship ... Martin Rowson05 Mar 2014MRD0422.jpg 
98187New Russian iconIain Green04 Jan 201398187.jpg 
59449[no caption]Dave Brown05 Oct 200159449.jpg 
100599The Triumph of Common SenseDave Brown28 Mar 2014100599.jpg 
74259[no caption] Mark Reeve30 July 200374259.jpg 
SC0270[no caption]Peter Schrank08 Jun 2004SC0270.jpg 
SCD0154"We must talk peace"Peter Schrank08 Feb 2015SCD0154.jpg 
100896Can you ever trust a bear?Gerald Scarfe11 May 2014 
95407No captionPeter Brookes13 Sep 201195407.jpg 
96346No captionMorten Morland06 Feb 201296346.jpg 
97085Pussy riotPatrick Blower19 Aug 201297085.jpg 
101061"Tea..?"Dave Brown23 Jul 2014101061.jpg 
97080Putin flies in to OlympicsPaul Thomas03 Aug 201297080.jpg 
JKD0001No captionKennedy; John27 Dec 2011JKD0001.jpg 
CLD0281War GamesScott [Clissold; Scott]27 Apr 2014CLD0281.jpg 
99628Bump! Bump! Bump!Dave Brown14 Sep 201399628.jpg 
100903[Putin the Puppeteer]Morten Morland06 May 2014100903.jpg 
99495So, what's your plan?Chris Riddell08 Sep 201399495.jpg 
SBD1387[Tory Tennis]Steve Bell24 Jul 2014SBD1387.jpg 
96175Convenient perchGerald Scarfe12 Feb 2012 
ADD0180No captionAndy Davey30 May 2012ADD0180.jpg 
SBD1324[Putin Daumier]Steve Bell13 May 2014SBD1324.jpg 
ADD0129No captionAndy Davey06 Mar 2012ADD0129.jpg 
MRD0433TwisterMartin Rowson22 Mar 2014MRD0433.jpg 
100631[Putin and his trophies]Peter Brookes25 Mar 2014100631.jpg 
96979... and the world looked on.....Gerald Scarfe10 Jun 2012 
96412No captionMorten Morland05 Mar 201296412.jpg 
SBD1343Spot the DifferenceSteve Bell02 Sep 2014SBD1343.jpg 
100643Bear BaitingChristian Adams18 Mar 2014100643.jpg 
100608[Putin's teddy bear]Dave Brown28 Feb 2014100608.jpg 
95927No captionPeter Brookes07 Dec 201195927.jpg 
MRD0327Bank Holiday Beach Fun ...Martin Rowson26 Aug 2013MRD0327.jpg 
100553"Not so fast your friend's done a runner"Gerald Scarfe23 Feb 2014 
100592[Putin bear eats Krimea]Dave Brown18 Mar 2014100592.jpg 
99637[Obama and Putin frozen handshake]Dave Brown06 Sep 201399637.jpg 
MRD0114Who? Me?!?Martin Rowson28 May 2012MRD0114.jpg 
ADD0220No captionAndy Davey03 Aug 2012ADD0220.jpg 
97230Rules of the Game 2. UndressagePeter Brookes01 Aug 201297230.jpg 
71951[Putin boxing ring]Morten Morland26 Jul 200571951.jpg 
SCD0064Putin and Pussy RiotPeter Schrank10 Aug 2012SCD0064.jpg 
101800Unholy Alliances...Peter Brookes23 Oct 2014101800.jpg 
97361No captionGerald Scarfe05 Aug 2012 
97389Democracy for RussiaPatrick Blower03 Aug 201297389.jpg 
SBD1307You shall not go to the G8 in Sochi!Steve Bell25 Mar 2014SBD1307.jpg 
SBD1041Olympic diplomacy - the curse of Dave continuesSteve Bell03 Aug 2012SBD1041.jpg 
MRD0384Father Christmas (Siberian Shaman Model)Martin Rowson21 Dec 2013MRD0384.jpg 
PBD0003Puty contest ...Peter Brookes06 Mar 2012PBD0003.jpg 
100751Game of ThronesChris Riddell13 Apr 2014100751.jpg 
BJD0126Tunnel VisionBen Jennings08 Feb 2014BJD0126.jpg 
102064Russian EconomyPeter Brookes17 Dec 2014102064.jpg 
99119The hand shakeGerald Scarfe02 Jun 2013 
100942[Prince Charles, Putin and Hitler]Dave Brown22 May 2014100942.jpg 
BJD0100Anyone want to hear what I think?Ben Jennings07 Sep 2013BJD0100.jpg 
MRD0291Red linesMartin Rowson15 Jun 2013MRD0291.jpg 
101088Another Ice AgeGerald Scarfe20 Jul 2014 
100238"Welcome!"Christian Adams31 Dec 2013100238.jpg 
99037Historic agreement on Syria ...Paul Thomas19 Jun 201399037.jpg 
BJD0084If Europe's going to be delivering peace to Syria I better send some more too!Ben Jennings01 Jun 2013BJD0084.jpg 
101549GasDave Brown02 Aug 2014101549.jpg 
98908Cameron has strong words with PutinGerald Scarfe12 May 2013 
MRD0607Sabre-rattling in the Heroic & Triumphant Neo-Liberal Era!Martin Rowson20 Feb 2015  
ADD0383It's only a playful tiffAndy Davey18 Jun 2013ADD0383.jpg 
100960Flower ShowChristian Adams20 May 2014100960.jpg 
SBD1346Nato OtanSteve Bell05 Sep 2014SBD1346.jpg 
101064The Bare HuntDave Brown26 Jul 2014101064.jpg 
102359"Blah, blah, blah, blah..."Andy Bunday07 Sep 2014102359.jpg 
SBD1222Changing horses in midstream?Steve Bell05 Sep 2013SBD1222.jpg 
101872Fall of the Wall 25 YeatsChristian Adams10 Nov 2014101872.jpg 
102369"Nothing to see here. Move along..."Gary Barker21 Jul 2014102369.jpg 
MRD0402Common GroundMartin Rowson23 Jan 2014MRD0402.jpg 
99135The Falsettos Meet the Real GangstersDave Brown21 Jun 201399135.jpg 
10044314 Years a ThugMac [Stan McMurtry]04 Mar 2014100443.jpg 
9906710Christian Adams17 Jun 201399067.jpg 
GBD0053[Cameron Putin]Gary Barker17 Jun 2013GBD0053.jpg 
100609Best actor...? Or for real?Gerald Scarfe02 Mar 2014 
SBD1175[Hague Putin]Steve Bell29 May 2013SBD1175.jpg 
SBD1185Arm moderately mad mullahs nowSteve Bell18 Jun 2013SBD1185.jpg 
SCD0065No captionPeter Schrank19 Aug 2012SCD0065.jpg 
MRD0515Down among the savages ....Martin Rowson25 Aug 2014MRD0515.jpg 
100205Playing Chicken KievPeter Brookes13 Dec 2013100205.jpg 
99423Sniping ....Morten Morland27 Aug 201399423.jpg 
99604Strictly-New PartnersChristian Adams04 Sep 201399604.jpg 
BRD0052Rise like the Phoenix ... Brighty [Steve Bright]12 May 2014BRD0052.jpg 
100552Russian Olympic Sport Gay HuntingGerald Scarfe09 Feb 2014 
102370"Nearly..."Gary Barker01 Sep 2014102370.jpg 
10061712 Thousand Years a SlavPeter Brookes04 Mar 2014100617.jpg 
100392"...and for outstanding marksmanship..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]21 Feb 2014100392.jpg 
102034SanctionsChristian Adams17 Dec 2014102034.jpg 
100768Russia and Ukraine in Eurovision Song ContestGerald Scarfe04 May 2014 
100569Legacy...Peter Brookes22 Feb 2014100569.jpg 
101001Putin Invades Farage...Peter Brookes03 Apr 2014101001.jpg 
100562"We just love our human rights!"Peter Brookes07 Feb 2014100562.jpg 
100582Little Willy and His Amazing Dancing Bare...Dave Brown04 Mar 2014100582.jpg 
101612NovorossiyaMorten Morland30 Aug 2014101612.jpg 
101527[Trojan horse ambulances]Morten Morland13 Aug 2014101527.jpg 
PTD0188The Buck Stops ElsewherePaul Thomas21 Jul 2014PTD0188.jpg 
101578Between a Rock and a Hard Place..?Christian Adams01 Sep 2014101578.jpg 
102452"Peekaboo!"Peter Brookes03 Mar 2015102452.jpg 
102259Cold Front...Dave Brown20 Feb 2015102259.jpg 
102234Limpet has Hardest Teeth on EarthChristian Adams19 Feb 2015102234.jpg 
SCD0200[Putin Smoke]Peter Schrank20 July 2014SCD0200.jpg 
101705[Cameron Lunar Probe]Bob Moran16 Nov 2014101705.jpg 
BRD0057Puff!Brighty [Steve Bright]09 Feb 2014BRD0057.jpg 
SCD0199"This is my principled position of non-intervention"Peter Schrank02 Mar 2014SCD0199.jpg 
PTD0221Putin's my Favourite Leader says FaragePaul Thomas31 Mar 2014PTD0221.jpg 
BJD0192[Fast food and Putin]Ben Jennings09 Aug 2014BJD0192.jpg 
102262The Limpet...Dave Brown19 Feb 2015102262.jpg 
BAD0030Crimea Referendum IllegalBrian Adcock17 Mar 2014BAD0030.jpg 
102548[Putin saving Tsipras]Christian Adams09 Apr 2015102548.jpg 
102418"Rest in peace"Christian Adams02 Mar 2015102418.jpg 
BAD0072Putin's Wonder Goal....Brian Adcock24 Mar 2014BAD0072.jpg 
CLD0352Ukraine Crisis LatestScott [Clissold; Scott]08 Feb 2015CLD0352.jpg 
CLD0375CrimeaScott [Clissold; Scott]22 Feb 2015CLD0375.jpg 
SCD0202For my Friends and CroniesPeter Schrank21 Dec 2014SCD0202.jpg 
102564Comical...Peter Brookes03 Apr 2015102564.jpg 
102286Puty Treatment...Peter Brookes20 Feb 2015102286.jpg 
SCD0203"I don't want a new Cold War, I just want to turn up the heat a bit"Peter Schrank27 Apr 2014SCD0203.jpg 
102238Fifty Shades of UkraineChristian Adams13 Feb 2015102238.jpg 
103647Litvinenko Fallout...Peter Brookes22 Jan 2016103647.jpg 
SCD0192HoneyPeter Schrank23 Mar 2014SCD0192.jpg 
SBD1386Londongrad Welcomes Responsible OligarchsSteve Bell23 Jul 2014SBD1386.jpg 
102096Most Convincing Performance (in a Peace Process)Bob Moran22 Feb 2015102096.jpg 
BRD0063A Week is a Long Time in PoliticsBrighty [Steve Bright]02 Mar 2014BRD0063.jpg 
53270[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Feb 200053270.jpg 
102353"I do not go around taking things that don't belong to me!"Brian Adcock17 Nov 2014102353.jpg 
SCD0009[no caption]Peter Schrank12 Sep 2011SCD0009.jpg 
MRD0661Extreme Water SportsMartin Rowson20 Jun 2015MRD0661.jpg 
BJD0266[National Leaders Conflict]Ben Jennings03 Oct 2015BJD0266.jpg 
CLD0160"Nick Clegg wants a quick go then we'll be out of yur way!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]09 Mar 2014CLD0160.jpg 
55168[no caption]Richard Cole20 Aug 200055168.jpg 
53747[no caption]Paul Thomas28 Mar 200053747.jpg 
103380Call to ArmsGerald Scarfe29 Nov 2015 
102270"Who are you wearing?"Morten Morland23 Feb 2015102270.jpg 
MRD0798[Raising the Syrian flag]Martin Rowson28 Mar 2016  
62733[no caption]Dave Brown29 Oct 200262733.jpg 
103369"Bomb-bomb bomb-bomb"Dave Brown17 Nov 2015103369.jpg 
SCD0225"Heads or tails?"Peter Schrank21 Jun 2015SCD0225.jpg 
MRD0639Birthday CakeMartin Rowson23 Feb 2015MRD0639.jpg 
102809A Voluptuary under the horrors of Digestion.Morten Morland01 Jun 2015102809.jpg 
BJD0238"We agree to a ceasefire..."Ben Jennings13 Feb 2015BJD0238.jpg 
BAD0065[Ukraine Chess]Brian Adcock03 Mar 2014BAD0065.jpg 
MRD0626Sabre-rattling in the Heroice & Triumphant Neo-Liberal Era!Martin Rowson20 Feb 2015MRD0626.jpg 
MRD0713Come on in, the escalation's lovely!Martin Rowson02 Oct 2015MRD0713.jpg 
102544"Why can't they just have a civilised debate?"Christian Adams03 Apr 2015102544.jpg 
BJD0180Goodbye, 2014!Ben Jennings27 Dec 2014BJD0180.jpg 
64856"But, darling ... what possible reason could you have to think that I'm involved with the milkman?"Tom Johnston19 Apr 200064856.jpg 
MRD0564VIP LaneMartin Rowson17 Nov 2014MRD0564.jpg 
MRD0292TransparenciesMartin Rowson17 Jun 2013MRD0292.jpg 
BJD0183Happy New YearBen JenningsJan 2015BJD0183.jpg 
97401[Putin Pussy Riot]Christian Adams20 Aug 201297401.jpg 
MRD0518ToughMartin Rowson01 Sep 2014MRD0518.jpg 
99606[Cameron and Obama pumping up Putin]Christian Adams02 Sep 201399606.jpg 
102240PokeChristian Adams09 Feb 2015102240.jpg 
103304Shoulder to ShoulderChristian Adams17 Nov 2015103304.jpg 
BAD0067Russia 2018 Fifa World CupBrian Adcock28 Jul 2014BAD0067.jpg 
103262CoordinationChristian Adams02 Oct 2015103262.jpg 
102632[Cameron and Putin Work Out]Bob Moran14 Jun 2015102632.jpg 
102398"RUN!! This is no place for children!"Peter Schrank28 Dec 2014102398.jpg 
102629"The West, eh?"Bob Moran31 May 2015102629.jpg 
103718Diplomacy...Dave Brown22 Jan 2016103718.jpg 
102802Putin Offers Aid to Greece...Morten Morland20 Jul 2015102802.jpg 
102793"Who needs a European Court of Human Rights?"Peter Brookes02 Jun 2015102793.jpg 
103543Syrian Peace InitiativeGerald Scarfe14 Feb 2016  
MRD0714BloodbathMartin Rowson03 Oct 2015MRD0714.jpg 
MRD0748[Boys Boys Boys]Martin Rowson04 Jan 2016MRD0748.jpg 
103385Saving Assad's AssGerald Scarfe11 Oct 2015 
103284"Ha! Now the West is looking up to Russia in the Middle East!"Christian Adams06 Nov 2015103284.jpg 
SCD0238"That's all we need"Peter Schrank04 Oct 2015SCD0238.jpg 
103357Spirit of IraqDave Brown02 Oct 2015103357.jpg 
103080"This is how to play Russian Roulette..."David Simonds11 Oct 2015  
CLD0546Vote CorbynScott [Clissold; Scott]16 Aug 2015CLD0546.jpg 
103468"Too long by half"Bob Moran03 Jan 2016103468.jpg 
100178The Bear at the OlympicsChris Riddell09 Feb 2014100178.jpg 
MRD0735Us...Martin Rowson16 Nov 2015MRD0735.jpg 
103114"Your move"Bob Moran08 Nov 2015103114.jpg 
103840PsychopathyPeter Brookes17 Feb 2016103840.jpg 
103408"What kind of a rat..."Peter Brookes06 Nov 2015103408.jpg 
103584Do You Ever Wonder What You've Got Yourself Into?Gerald Scarfe06 Dec 2015  
CLD0530"...From Russia with love"Scott [Clissold; Scott]04 Oct 2015CLD0530.jpg 
103690"Strong words Mr. Cameron. Let's discuss it over a cup of tea..."Christian Adams22 Jan 2016103690.jpg 
103632Giving Turkey a Good Stuffing...Peter Brookes18 Dec 2015103632.jpg 
55220[no caption]Peter Brookes26 Aug 200055220.jpg 
64972Putin's sinking reputationGerald Scarfe20 Aug 2000 
64974"Are they now giving prizes for who took the most steroids?" / "I'm just off to the shops to fritter some money away on bread and milk!" / "David! Will you stop reminding me of where my record will be in next week's charts!"Tom Johnston22 Aug 200064974.jpg 
62744[no caption]Paul Thomas28 Oct 200262744.jpg 
64490Shoebill (slipper slapperus)Peter Brookes12 Apr 200364490.jpg 
64839"I'll have two pints!" / "Sorry! I've given your job to one of my cronies!" /"Don't be such a worrier... it's likely that Liam Gallagher can't write!" / "It may well have worked for you, Prime Minister Blair.... but it wouldn't be a good idea for me to appoint a czar!"Tom Johnston03 Apr 200064839.jpg 
101577Ding! Ding! "Round one!!"Christian Adams04 Sep 2014101577.jpg 
MRD0765Peace NewsMartin Rowson15 Feb 2016  
CLD0096And the winner is...?Scott [Clissold; Scott]02 Mar 2014CLD0096.jpg 
99136Summit ...Dave Brown18 Jun 201399136.jpg 
SBD1330[Chaz taxi driver]Steve Bell22 May 2014SBD1330.jpg 
99065[Putin arm wrestling]Christian Adams18 Jun 201399065.jpg 
99315Whac-a-moleDave Brown03 Jul 201399315.jpg 
BJD0111Weighing up military action ....Ben Jennings27 Aug 2013BJD0111.jpg 
BAD0049It Was Not MeBrian Adcock27 Jul 2014BAD0049.jpg 
SBD1322Fuck swearingSteve Bell07 May 2014SBD1322.jpg 
SBD1297"Oh, it's you! For a moment you gave me quite a start." after Chas AddamsSteve Bell04 Mar 2014SBD1297.jpg 
SBD1303DeescalateSteve Bell18 Mar 2014SBD1303.jpg 
MRD0470O Tempora .... Oh, Morons!Martin Rowson07 Jun 2014MRD0470.jpg 
99672Notes from a small islandPeter Brookes07 Sep 201399672.jpg 
65376... and a very merry, modern Christmas from Michael HeathMichael Heath23 Dec 200165376.jpg 
100616"No one should interfere..."Morten Morland02 Jul 2013100616.jpg 
100620Crimea: Germany's Lady With the LampPeter Brookes08 Mar 2014100620.jpg 
101220[Putin's Hunting Trophies]Peter Brookes19 Jul 2014101220.jpg 
102093"Ceasefire"Bob Moran15 Feb 2015102093.jpg 
101861Putin IsolatedMorten Morland17 Nov 2014101861.jpg 
102288The Plumb Pudding in DangerMorten Morland09 Feb 2015102288.jpg 
102057"A muscular relic that's lost its head and hasn't got a leg to stand on?!"Morten Morland06 Dec 2014102057.jpg 
102279Putintin in UkrainePeter Brookes13 Feb 2015102279.jpg 
MRD0745"Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too! Me too!"Martin Rowson20 Nov 2015MRD0745.jpg 
BJD0212Unprepared for Russian AttackBen Jennings01 Aug 2014BJD0212.jpg 
102363[Putin Fanning Flames]Gary Barker05 May 2014102363.jpg 
MRD0874Dance of DeathMartin Rowson19 Aug 2016MRD0874.jpg 
SBD1331More 80s nostalgia: Star Wars is back!Steve Bell23 May 2014SBD1331.jpg 
101374" 'A small island no-one listens to.' What a load of nonsense, right Vlad?"Ben Jennings07 Sep 2013101374.jpg 
99327Russian JusticeGerald Scarfe21 Jul 2013 
SBD1315Biden his timeSteve Bell23 Apr 2014SBD1315.jpg 
65420[no caption]Gerald Scarfe26 May 2002 
64216Poll of cinema's greatest one-liners (News item)Nicholas Garland11 Mar 200364216.jpg 
MRD0377Swapsies!Martin Rowson13 Dec 2013MRD0377.jpg 
65517[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200165517.jpg 
101925[Snakes and Ladders]Christian Adams01 Jan 2014101925.jpg 
65526[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200365526.jpg 
65508After The Tower of Babel by BruegelNicholas Garland01 Jan 200265508.jpg 
104182"How dare you accuse me of financial irregularities!"Christian Adams05 Apr 2016104182.jpg 
104379Vlad the ImaplerPeter Brookes29 Jul 2016104379.jpg 
BJD0361[Putin in a Contaminated Pool]Ben Jennings11 Aug 2016BJD0361.jpg 
MRD0937[Aleppo/Guernica]Martin Rowson15 Dec 2016MRD0937.jpg 
MRD0934The Angels of Peace Descend on AleppoMartin Rowson17 Dec 2016MRD0934.jpg 
MRD0935The Angels of Peace Descend on AleppoMartin Rowson17 Dec 2016MRD0935.jpg 
MRD0944Frankly, whatever.....Martin Rowson24 Dec 2016MRD0944.jpg 
104607[Putin and Trump cat]Christian Adams09 Sep 2016104607.jpg 
MRD0951Dropping the PlotMartin Rowson15 Feb 2017MRD0951.jpg 
MRD0957Just HisMartin Rowson06 Feb 2017MRD0957.jpg 
BAD0267First in the Queue...!Brian Adcock14 Nov 2016BAD0267.jpg 
BAD0271Happy New Year....Brian Adcock01 Jan 2017BAD0271.jpg 
BAD0279"Thees ees my favoureet sport to interfere weeth..."Brian Adcock11 Dec 2016BAD0279.jpg 
BAD0280"...So I said, the idea of Russia hacking the US is nothing but a conspiracy theory!"Brian Adcock18 Dec 2016BAD0280.jpg 
BAD0287Tit For Trump...Brian Adcock31 Dec 2016BAD0287.jpg 
BAD0302"Comrade, maybe we should see how distracted they are with 'wiretapping' before you tweer 'the aliens are coming'"Brian Adcock06 Mar 2017BAD0302.jpg 
BAD0292Trump Has Intel Meeting...Brian Adcock08 Jan 2017BAD0292.jpg 
104705Cold war...Christian Adams28 Oct 2016104705.jpg 
104704I swear by almighty Putin that we will build those walls, Ban Muslims and Syrian refugees, Bomb the hell out of Isis, Ignore climate change, But treat pussy with respect! Nobody's going to mess with us, We're going to make America hate again!Gerald Scarfe22 Oct 2016 
104863Yonder star over Aleppo...Peter Brookes01 Dec 2016 
104682A country that irksMorten Morland04 Oct 2016104682.jpg 
104865Hacked emails : From Russia with love...Peter Brookes10 Dec 2016104865.jpg 
104725The last mileGerald Scarfe16 Oct 2016 
104901Santa's little helpersChristian Adams13 Dec 2016104901.jpg 
104899Nod! Nod! Nod!Christian Adams14 Dec 2016104899.jpg 
104902Syria Wars : Number One RogueChristian Adams15 Dec 2016 
105173Listening In...Christian Adams06 Mar 2017105173.jpg 
BJD03762017 This WayBen Jennings31 Dec 2016BJD0376.jpg 
BJD0374[Christmas Day]Ben Jennings16 Dec 2016BJD0374.jpg 
BJD0384Cirque D'estruction presents the Strong MenBen Jennings18 Apr 2017BJD0384.jpg 
MRD1003Trump Crossing the StyxMartin Rowson05 Aug 2017MRD1003.jpg 
MRD1053Jeanne DarkMartin Rowson09 May 2017MRD1053.jpg 
BJD0405"Grow up!"Ben Jennings07 Jan 2017BJD0405.jpg 
BJD0395Victory Parade...Ben Jennings17 Dec 2016BJD0395.jpg 
BJD0422Leaks...Ben Jennings14 Jan 2017BJD0422.jpg 
CLD0970"Relax...I've sooo got this!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]16 Apr 2017CLD0970.jpg 
SBD1764Vlad's ArmySteve Bell13 Jan 2017SBD1764.jpg 
SBD1793"Come on Russkies! This is your window of opportunity!"Steve Bell12 Apr 2017SBD1793.jpg 
BAD0319And the Oscar Goes to...Brian Adcock26 Feb 2017BAD0319.jpg 
SCD02612017Peter Schrank02 Jan 2017SCD0261.jpg 
104996[Putin controlling Trump like a puppet]Bob Moran08 Jan 2017104996.jpg 
105125[Politicians running through a filed holding hands]Bob Moran29 Jan 2017105125.jpg 
105260Special Relationship...Christian Adams10 Apr 2017105260.jpeg 
104918Merry Christmas and an uncertain New YearGerald Scarfe18 Dec 2016 
105610"Stop intefering, Pootin, in Syria, Ukraine, China, North Korea, NATO..."Chris Riddell09 Jul 2017105610.jpg 
104973New Year's Resolutions 2017Morten Morland02 Jan 2017104973.jpg 
MRD1129V For VictoryMartin Rowson20 Mar 2018MRD1129.jpg 
104875"Happy New Year!"Morten Morland31 Dec 2016104875.jpg 
105078"Noooooo ties to Russia!"Peter Brookes15 Feb 2017105078.jpg 
105012Pussy Grabber...Peter Brookes13 Jan 2017105012.jpg 
105404"This whole Comey row is soooo blatantly partisan..."Peter Brookes18 May 2017105404.jpg 
105602RendezvousPeter Brookes08 Jul 2017105602.jpg 
105337"Vlad, why didn't you warn me about this guy?! You're on my team!!"Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]07 Apr 2017105337.jpg 
MRD1130[Putin Puppeteer]Martin Rowson19 Mar 2018MRD1130.jpg 
105454"Watch out Putin I can be a very difficult fellow!"Michael Heath14 May 2017105454.jpg 
105256And look what else we found..!Christian Adams14 Apr 2017105256.jpeg 
105255The International Beneficial Society for a Safer & More Stable WorldChristian Adams18 Apr 2017105255.jpeg 
105259"I told him to do as I say, not as I do..."Christian Adams11 Apr 2017105259.jpeg 
MRD1131The Charge of the Trite BrigadeMartin Rowson17 Mar 2018MRD1131.jpg 
BJD0454Alt-Fighhttt...Ben Jennings04 Jan 2018BJD0454.jpg 
BJD0471EternalBen Jennings17 Mar 2018BJD0471.jpg 
106676"We don't want to attract Corbyn and his mob. They're communists!"Michael Heath18 Mar 2018106676.jpg 
MRD1168"What's so wrong about Peace, Love & Understanding?"Martin Rowson24 Mar 2018MRD1168.jpg 
105275Posturing...Morten Morland11 Nov 2017105275.jpg 
105207[Presidential Bunker]Morten Morland27 Mar 2017105207.jpg 
105206Putin the ThiefMorten Morland28 Mar 2017105206.jpg 
105210He's everywhere...Peter Brookes04 Mar 2017105210.jpg 
105267"Spicer!! Your gaffes make me look sooooo ridiculous..."Peter Brookes13 Apr 2017105267.jpg 
CLD1119Russia Denies Involvement in Ex Spy's Poisoning in UKScott [Clissold; Scott]07 Mar 2018CLD1119.jpg 
CLD1148I pressed the fire control...and ahead of me rockets blazed through the sky...Scott [Clissold; Scott]15 Apr 2018CLD1148.jpg 
CLD1153Putin to turn off the gas?Scott [Clissold; Scott]16 Mar 2018CLD1153.jpg 
CLD1159Russian Fairy TalesScott [Clissold; Scott]18 Mar 2018CLD1159.jpg 
106368"And we outflank Hammond here, here and here..."Patrick Blower23 Jan 2018106368.jpg 
106041"Good news, Comrade President. Our technicians think they can influence the results of Bake Off, Strictly and I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here"Mac [Stan McMurtry]16 Nov 2017106041.jpg 
105442"Why won't anyone ever listen to me..."Patrick Blower18 May 2017105442.jpg 
105449Judgment DayPatrick Blower11 May 2017105449.jpg 
105581G20Patrick Blower07 Jul 2017105581.jpg 
105336[Trump, Putin and Johnson]Nicola Jennings10 Apr 2017105336.jpg 
106640[Russia UK Relations]Nicola Jennings12 Mar 2018106640.jpg 
106608The Usual SuspectsPatrick Blower07 Mar 2018106608.jpg 
106613Doomsday ClockPatrick Blower14 Mar 2018106613.jpg 
106610OligopolyPatrick Blower19 Mar 2017106610.jpg 
105758"I'm clean totally clean the cleanest"Bob Moran25 Jul 2017105758.jpg 
106612John Bull and His Friends a Serio-Comic Map of EuropePatrick Blower20 Mar 2018106612.jpg 
MRD1196For what seems like 80 Sodding Years...Martin Rowson31 Jul 2018MRD1196.jpg 
MRD1203On the GrassMartin Rowson21 Jul 2018MRD1203.jpg 
MRD1204(To the) Finland (Station)Martin Rowson17 Jul 2018MRD1204.jpg 
MRD1224The Beautiful GameMartin Rowson16 Jun 2018MRD1224.jpg 
MRD1225Send in the ClownsMartin Rowson12 Jun 2018MRD1225.jpg 
106759BoltedPatrick Blower10 Apr 2018106759.jpg 
106760Cyber Bot CorpsPatrick Blower17 Apr 2018106760.jpg 
106607"They say if the ravens die the kingdom falls"Patrick Blower28 Mar 2018106607.jpg 
BAD0368That's definitely not fakeBrian Adcock29 Jul 2018BAD0368.jpg 
BAD0371The Fight of the Century...Brian Adcock26 Aug 2017BAD0371.jpg 
BAD0382"Of course there is a hell...ON EARTH!"Brian Adcock01 Apr 2018BAD0382.jpg 
BAD0392Inside the president's head...Brian Adcock07 Jan 2018BAD0392.jpg 
BAD0444So, same s*** different year...Brian Adcock31 Dec 2017BAD0444.jpg 
BAD0468The Ugliest Game...Brian Adcock15 Jul 2018BAD0468.jpg 
BAD0486Vote Putin for a Stronger RussiaBrian Adcock18 Mar 2018BAD0486.jpg 
CLD1248Trump Invited Putin to White HouseScott [Clissold; Scott]22 Jul 2018CLD1248.jpg 
106767Awkward tributeBob Moran12 Apr 2018106767.jpg 
106597aStop!!!Bob Moran15 Mar 2018106597a.jpg 
106489Cease...Peter Brookes23 Feb 2018106489.jpg 
106254Dynamic duoBob Moran12 Nov 2017106254.jpg 
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