Person NamePowell; Colin L.
ForenamesColin L.
59603[no caption]Nicholas Garland21 Nov 200159603.jpg 
61140An irrestistible force meets an immovable object...Nicholas Garland17 Apr 200261140.jpg 
65786[no caption]Dave Brown29 May 200365786.jpg 
63994And at No. 1 in the hit parade it's mixmaster Colin Powell with "Let's Iraq 'n' Roll"David Simonds17 Feb 200363994.jpg 
59955[no caption]Steve Bell12 Dec 200159955.jpg 
61168[no caption]Dave Brown15 Apr 200261168.jpg 
61158[no caption]Steve Bell16 Apr 200261158.jpg 
61188Speak bigly and carry a soft stickDave Brown12 Apr 200261188.jpg 
63788[no caption]Peter Brookes27 Jan 200363788.jpg 
63888[no caption]Dave Brown06 Feb 200363888.jpg 
64466[no caption]Dave Brown10 Apr 200364466.jpg 
61197[no caption]Peter Brookes11 Apr 200261197.jpg 
64170[no caption]Dave Brown06 Mar 200364170.jpg 
58970[no caption]Nicholas Garland28 Sep 200158970.jpg 
61195[no caption]Steve Bell11 Apr 200261195.jpg 
62525Gordian KnotNicholas Garland20 Sep 200262525.jpg 
60204[no caption]Dave Brown22 Jan 200260204.jpg 
58955[no caption]Paul Hamlyn30 Sep 200158955.jpg 
60143[no caption]Dave Brown28 Jan 200260143.jpg 
61199[no caption]Nicholas Garland11 Apr 200261199.jpg 
66738"Play it again, Sam!"Nicholas Garland05 Sep 200366738.jpg 
62131The search for the President's brain!Richard Cole01 Jul 200262131.jpg 
63754[no caption]Dave Brown24 Jan 200363754.jpg 
61152[no caption]Peter Brookes16 Apr 200261152.jpg 
63890[no caption]Peter Brookes06 Feb 200363890.jpg 
63882[no caption]Paul Thomas06 Feb 200363882.jpg 
63889[no caption]Steve Bell06 Feb 200363889.jpg 
63838N. KoreaMorten Morland01 Feb 200263838.jpg 
65413Attempting to part the Red Sea 2002.Gerald Scarfe14 Apr 2002 
62666[no caption]Dave Brown05 Sep 200262666.jpg 
61162[no caption]Nicola Jennings15 Apr 200261162.jpg 
64196[no caption]David Simonds10 Mar 200364196.jpg 
63582Twelve Drummers DrummingRichard Willson06 Jan 200363582.jpg 
64425Surgical precisionMorten Morland05 Apr 200364425.jpg 
65522The Great DivideRichard Willson21 May 200265522.jpg 
65457Powell now convinced -Gerald Scarfe19 Jan 2003 
65526[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200365526.jpg 
65412[no caption]Gerald Scarfe07 Apr 2002 
65508After The Tower of Babel by BruegelNicholas Garland01 Jan 200265508.jpg 
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