Person NameMurdoch; Rupert (Keith Rupert) (1931-)
ForenamesRupert (Keith Rupert)
16365'Mother!'Leslie Gibbard27 Sep 196916365.jpg 
DS0052[no caption]David Smith20 May 1990DS0052.jpg 
DS0044[no caption]David Smith1989DS0044.jpg 
NG2199The first cuckooNicholas Garland23 Jan 1981NG2199.jpg 
60892[no caption]Steve Bell12 Mar 200260892.jpg 
NG3315[no caption]Nicholas Garland14 Jan 1987NG3315.jpg 
PC0434[no caption]David Simonds06 Oct 1996PC0434.jpg 
KL0088[no caption]Kal [Kevin Kallaugher]05 Apr 1980KL0088.jpg 
MRD0646Play nicely now...Martin Rowson09 May 2015MRD0646.jpg 
51740Digi-Tax 19 poundsNicola Jennings04 Aug 199951740.jpg 
103985"Forget about the past and take my advice, Brexit..."Chris Riddell01 May 2015103985.jpg 
61525[no caption]Steve Bell08 May 200261525.jpg 
NG2203[no caption]Nicholas Garland25 Jan 1981NG2203.jpg 
GBD0036Own goalGary Barker16 Nov 2012GBD0036.jpg 
PC3194[no caption]Martin Rowson11 Feb 1998PC3194.jpg 
SBD0545[no caption]Steve Bell10 Sep 1998SBD0545.jpg 
PC3331[no caption]Peter Schrank08 Mar 1998PC3331.jpg 
62840[no caption]Peter Schrank17 Oct 200262840.jpg 
MRD0527Nothing will ever be the same againMartin Rowson17 Sep 2014MRD0527.jpg 
97911BlundernerdsDave Brown28 Dec 201297911.jpg 
SBD0526[no caption]Steve Bell25 Jun 1998SBD0526.jpg 
ADD0160No captionAndy Davey26 Apr 2012ADD0160.jpg 
SBD1236The Bit Between His TeethSteve Bell17 Oct 2013SBD1236.jpg 
PC1079"Please, Clare. Just one little topless shot. Otherwise they'll go back to supporting the Tories."Charles Griffin19 Mar 1997PC1079.jpg 
PC0391[no caption]Martin Rowson23 Sep 1996PC0391.jpg 
94999[no caption]Dave Brown24 Aug 201194999.jpg 
SBD0983[no caption]Steve Bell02 Mar 2012SBD0983.jpg 
SBD0548[no caption]Steve Bell17 Sep 1998SBD0548.jpg 
PC4438"Mr. Murdoch ... can we interest you in an alternative low cost, high risk investment with no end in sight."Bill McArthur07 Sep 1998PC4438.jpg 
96566No captionSteve Bell04 Apr 201296566.jpg 
SBD1040No captionSteve Bell02 Aug 2012SBD1040.jpg 
98380We are nort amused .... nort bladdy much! Snuk! snuk!Dave Brown13 Feb 201398380.jpg 
96939No captionSteve Bell14 Jun 201296939.jpg 
MRD0084Saturn devouring his son [crossed out[ Ex-God pukes up bratMartin Rowson03 Mar 2012MRD0084.jpg 
SBD1639"Private matter......move along now......nothing to see here"Steve Bell14 Mar 2016SBD1639.jpg 
99763Press regulationsDave Brown31 Oct 201399763.jpg 
MRD0849Thank Heavens for the Abiding Foresight, Wisdom & Strategic Courage of Our Masters!Martin Rowson02 Jul 2016MRD0849.jpg 
94871[no caption]Christian Adams20 Jul 201194871.jpg 
MRD0206[A Night crossed out] 5 Whole Sodding Years at the CircusMartin Rowson22 Dec 2012MRD0206.jpg 
96339Plods on the tapSteve Bell28 Feb 201296339.jpg 
SBD0980Plods on the tapSteve Bell28 Feb 2012SBD0980.jpg 
102199Last Tit in the SunDave Brown21 Jan 2015102199.jpg 
MRD0528A nation ... um ... reborn?Martin Rowson20 Sep 2014MRD0528.jpg 
95885The stars of 2011...Ben Jennings30 Dec 201195885.jpg 
96400It wasn't my fault ...Chris Riddell29 Apr 201296400.jpg 
WF0160Mr Murdoch's ProtectorTrog [Wally Fawkes]28 Jun 1998WF0160.jpg 
MRD0486Just Visiting ...Martin Rowson05 Jul 2014MRD0486.jpg 
96341[no caption]Steve Bell29 Feb 201296341.jpg 
MRD0125Country supper ... Martin Rowson16 Jun 2012MRD0125.jpg 
MRD0195Draft BillMartin Rowson01 Dec 2012MRD0195.jpg 
SBD1139Dave, the British people don't want press regulation! They want tits with teeth!!Steve Bell19 Mar 2013SBD1139.jpg 
95243The godfatherChristian Adams06 Sep 201195243.jpg 
MRD0147Ooh look! It's the next leader of the Conservative Party!Martin Rowson04 Aug 2012MRD0147.jpg 
SBD1254The Common Sense RevolutionSteve Bell27 Nov 2013SBD1254.jpg 
MRD0004True RomanceMartin Rowson08 Sep 2011MRD0004.jpg 
MRD0290In flagranteMartin Rowson15 Jun 2013MRD0290.jpg 
99312Loose lips ... sink shits!Dave Brown05 Jul 201399312.jpg 
46406Crocodile MurdochMartin Rowson08 Feb 198746406.jpg 
96651No captionDave Brown25 Apr 201296651.jpg 
MRD0259Winner!Martin Rowson22 Apr 2013MRD0259.jpg 
BJD0025I'm here to settle a myth ... I'm not the imperious man everyone thinks I am ....Ben Jennings28 Apr 2012BJD0025.jpg 
96745The Sundae Sun ...Dave Brown02 May 201296745.jpg 
96579No captionSteve Bell26 Apr 201296579.jpg 
ADD0164No captionAndy Davey02 May 2012ADD0164.jpg 
MRD0186Happy 90th Birthday, BBCMartin Rowson14 Nov 2012MRD0186.jpg 
96055Life's a circusMichael Heath04 Mar 201296055.jpg 
94837[no caption]Dave Brown27 July 201194837.jpg 
SBD0440[no caption]Steve Bell05 Mar 1998SBD0440.jpg 
96653SunflowersDave Brown28 Apr 201296653.jpg 
96932Operation One Bad AppleSteve Bell27 Jun 201296932.jpg 
SBD1138Top o' the world Mister Murdoch!Steve Bell15 Mar 2013SBD1138.jpg 
96619The ResurrectionDave Brown07 Apr 201296619.jpg 
MRD0203The Passion of his LordMartin Rowson15 Dec 2012MRD0203.jpg 
96342[no caption]Steve Bell02 Mar 201296342.jpg 
SBD1540"This crisis won't be solved by taking in more refugees!"Steve Bell03 Sep 2015SBD1540.jpg 
96762No captionDave Brown29 May 201296762.jpg 
96959Dingo ate my baby! OfficialDave Brown13 Jun 201296959.jpg 
BJD0001No captionBen Jennings04 Jan 2012BJD0001.jpg 
SCD0062No captionPeter Schrank26 Aug 2012SCD0062.jpg 
SBD0994No captionSteve Bell04 Apr 2012SBD0994.jpg 
SBD0981[no caption]Steve Bell29 Feb 2012SBD0981.jpg 
SBD1005No captionSteve Bell27 Apr 2012SBD1005.jpg 
SBD1020No captionSteve Bell13 Jun 2012SBD1020.jpg 
MRD0226Year of the Snake ...Martin Rowson11 Feb 2013MRD0226.jpg 
97921The Last, Last, Last, Chance SaloonDave Brown01 Dec 201297921.jpg 
MRD0254Anthropology Corner: Funeral Rites Among The SavagesMartin Rowson13 Apr 2013MRD0254.jpg 
MRD0240Smothering SundayMartin Rowson11 Mar 2013MRD0240.jpg 
MRD0243Hey everyone! So who else wants to visit thar really cool medieval plague pit?Martin Rowson16 Mar 2013MRD0243.jpg 
98499The Great Red Top Dragon and the Man Clothed in the SunDave Brown16 Mar 201398499.jpg 
SBD1158Watchdog designed by the newspaper publishersSteve Bell26 Apr 2013SBD1158.jpg 
MRD0483100 Years Ago... Martin Rowson28 Jun 2014MRD0483.jpg 
SBD0334[no caption]Steve Bell19 Mar 1997SBD0334.jpg 
MRD0503LalalalalalalalalalalMartin Rowson30 Jul 2014MRD0503.jpg 
SBD1194News CrapSteve Bell02 Jul 2013SBD1194.jpg 
SBD1451[Roopenstein]Steve Bell03 Mar 2015SBD1451.jpg 
PC4379[no caption]Martin Rowson07 Sep 1998PC4379.jpg 
PC4374[no caption]Michael Heath07 Sep 1998PC4374.jpg 
PC4145[no caption]Martin Rowson20 Jul 1998PC4145.jpg 
SBD0351[no caption]Steve Bell09 May 1997SBD0351.jpg 
PC3469[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]29 Mar 1998PC3469.jpg 
96314Blinded by the SunDave Brown03 Mar 201296314.jpg 
MRD0594Phew! Now we've got that straight there's no real need for an election at all, is there, eh?Martin Rowson02 Feb 2015MRD0594.jpg 
SBD1052The Sun Believe the date and nothing elseSteve Bell13 Sep 2012SBD1052.jpg 
SBD0928No captionSteve Bell07 Sep 2011SBD0928.jpg 
WF0100[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]29 Mar 1998WF0100.jpg 
MRD0789Fair Tale Wedding of the Cent[ury]enarianMartin Rowson05 Mar 2016  
94841How Miliband found his voice....Dave Brown29 July 201194841.jpg 
SBD1292Dr Blair recommends:Steve Bell20 Feb 2014SBD1292.jpg 
MRD0103No captionMartin Rowson03 May 2012MRD0103.jpg 
MRD0098Long grassMartin Rowson30 Apr 2012MRD0098.jpg 
95268Underlying sheer criminality ...Martin Rowson17 Aug 201195268.jpg 
SBD1496Labour must sever links with labourSteve Bell19 May 2015SBD1496.jpg 
SCD0072The Sun is out ....Peter Schrank26 Feb 2012SCD0072.jpg 
BJD0006spy NewsBen Jennings07 Apr 2012BJD0006.jpg 
MRD0645Babes, Mouths, etc...Martin Rowson02 May 2015MRD0645.jpg 
SBD0982No worries Jimmy! You'll be an important part of News Corp's glue making division!Steve Bell01 Mar 2012SBD0982.jpg 
SBD1004No captionSteve Bell25 Apr 2012SBD1004.jpg 
MRD0219So how would you cope without your spare room?Martin Rowson28 Jan 2013MRD0219.jpg 
MRD0316On the Feeding of Trolls ...Martin Rowson10 Aug 2013MRD0316.jpg 
SBD1088[Leveson falls]Steve Bell30 Nov 2012SBD1088.jpg 
MRD0083Ta-daaaaa!!Martin Rowson27 Feb 2012MRD0083.jpg 
SBD1370"This is the sicond humblest day of my life!"Steve Bell25 Jun 2014SBD1370.jpg 
MRD0677Godwin's LawMartin Rowson20 Jul 2015MRD0677.jpg 
MRD0811"Corruption is "Fantastic"Martin Rowson12 May 2016MRD0811.jpg 
MRD0781Joint EnterpriseMartin Rowson19 Feb 2016  
PC4185.. Gordzilla!Scott [Clissold; Scott]19 Jul 1998PC4185.jpg 
BJD0055R.I.P. to Britain's puppet master ... Ben Jennings29 Dec 2012BJD0055.jpg 
PC3789"I think you should inform the female staff that I'm not looking for another wife."Charles Griffin23 Apr 1998PC3789.jpg 
96898The only thing to do was to be scrupulously impartialPatrick Blower01 Jun 201296898.jpg 
SBD0095[no caption]Steve Bell26 Mar 1998SBD0095.jpg 
97250No captionDave Brown23 Jul 201297250.jpg 
96580No captionSteve Bell27 Apr 201296580.jpg 
96578No captionSteve Bell25 Apr 201296578.jpg 
96962Too close to The SunDave Brown16 Jun 201296962.jpg 
95217No captionSteve Bell07 Sep 201195217.jpg 
98237There's nothing imroper in my meeting Mr Murdoch ..... why, we're also having the P.M. for dinner!Dave Brown28 Jan 201398237.jpg 
SBD1056Endgame:Steve Bell21 Sep 2012SBD1056.jpg 
MRD0281[EDL Jihad snakes]Martin Rowson29 May 2013MRD0281.jpg 
98497Black Smoke ....Dave Brown15 Mar 201398497.jpg 
SBD1242News of the WorldSteve Bell01 Nov 2013SBD1242.jpg 
SCD0085Compassion for the elderly...Peter Schrank01 Mar 2012SCD0085.jpg 
SBD1116O the Roast Horse of Old England after WM HogarthSteve Bell17 Jan 2013SBD1116.jpg 
MRD0523In other news ....Martin Rowson08 Sep 2014MRD0523.jpg 
MRD0854Bathed in the Bile of the I AmMartin Rowson23 Jul 2016MRD0854.jpg 
96654No captionDave Brown30 Apr 201296654.jpg 
PC3889Mr Murdoch's ProtectorTrog [Wally Fawkes]28 Jun 1998PC3889.jpg 
96652No captionDave Brown26 Apr 201296652.jpg 
SBD1334New press watchdog:Steve Bell29 May 2014SBD1334.jpg 
48103A Threnody in memory of the departed yearGeorge Gale31 Dec 198648103.jpg 
MRD0832Paradiso e InfernoMartin Rowson15 Jun 2016MRD0832.jpg 
PC4386"Oh, I sacked Giggs and his mates ... This is the new Man United!"Tom Johnston09 Sep 1998PC4386.jpg 
PC5278[no caption]Martin Rowson01 Jan 1999PC5278.jpg 
PC3470[no caption]Martin Rowson30 Mar 1998PC3470.jpg 
PC4382"Some good news at last, dear - Rupert Murdoch wants you to play for Manchester United."Mac [Stan McMurtry]08 Sep 1998PC4382.jpg 
MRD0076PrayersMartin Rowson13 Feb 2012MRD0076.jpg 
MRD0097Greenest Government evaaargh!Martin Rowson28 Apr 2012MRD0097.jpg 
MRD0171Striving towards er....Martin Rowson08 Oct 2012MRD0171.jpg 
MRD0157Values ...Martin Rowson25 Aug 2012MRD0157.jpg 
97429Inside the goldfish bowl ...Dave Brown27 Aug 201297429.jpg 
MRD0244No more Punch & Judy PoliticsMartin Rowson18 Mar 2013MRD0244.jpg 
94994[no caption]Dave Brown18 Aug 201194994.jpg 
MRD0150Behind the GrandstandMartin Rowson06 Aug 2012MRD0150.jpg 
MRD0905Walking the DogMartin Rowson05 Nov 2016MRD0905.jpg 
MRD0911Escaping the JungleMartin Rowson24 Oct 2016MRD0911.jpg 
MRD0982Not a Game, ApparentlyMartin Rowson15 Mar 2017MRD0982.jpg 
MRD0999Pfsssssstt!Martin Rowson17 Mar 2017MRD0999.jpg 
MRD1003Trump Crossing the StyxMartin Rowson05 Aug 2017MRD1003.jpg 
MRD1022Birthday BoyMartin Rowson24 Jun 2017MRD1022.jpg 
SBD1780[Murdoch and Gove Ventriloquist]Steve Bell10 Feb 2017SBD1780.jpg 
MRD1087DominoesMartin Rowson01 October 2003MRD1087.jpg 
BJD0482[The Simpsons]Ben Jennings16 Dec 2017BJD0482.jpg 
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