Person NameJackson; Michael
23359"It's just some family named Jackson looking for their car."Paul Rigby06 Nov 197223359.jpg 
63909[no caption]Steve Fricker08 Feb 200363909.jpg 
63869[no caption]Paul Thomas04 Feb 200363869.jpg 
63847'Five and a half million bucks? Wow, Michael. What did you spend it on?'Mac [Stan McMurtry]03 Feb 200263847.jpg 
63094Michael Jackson 'losing his grip' say expertsPaul Thomas21 Nov 200263094.jpg 
SF0047"Remember, I want him brought up as normally as possible!"Stanley FranklinUnknownSF0047.jpg 
NG3678Mikhail to make European Tour?Nicholas Garland13 Jul 1988NG3678.jpg 
63089'Just thought you ought to know, Michael. The baby's dangling your plastic nose over the balcony.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]21 Nov 200263089.jpg 
36844Mikhail to make European Tour?Nicholas Garland13 Jul 198836844.jpg 
NG3663[no caption]Nicholas Garland26 Jun 1988NG3663.jpg 
65159"Victoria ... are you sure it's okay for us to go on a holiday while your sister's boyfriend stands in for me as England captain?" / "Not yet, Robin!" / "Someone should have warned Mr Jackson about hanging around with Uri Geller!"Tom Johnston08 Mar 200165159.jpg 
PC0937"Probably the most beautiful woman ever on earth ... but that's enough about me .."Charles Griffin19 Feb 1997PC0937.jpg 
65158"Blimey! How did the wife react?" / "There's a Mr Tatchell here to see you!" / "You see? ... There is hope she'll get around to us eventually!" / "You'll have to prove it's not foot and mouth!"Tom Johnston07 Mar 200165158.jpg 
67903Jackson surrenders passportPaul Thomas21 Nov 200367903.jpg 
PC0691"Hey, I got some nice bananas here. You wanna marry me and have my kids?"Charles Griffin28 Nov 1996PC0691.jpg 
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