Person NameHain; Peter
65813[no caption]David Simonds02 Jun 200365813.jpg 
17297[no caption]Jak [Raymond Jackson]14 Feb 197017297.jpg 
NG3815[no caption]Nicholas Garland21 Mar 1975NG3815.jpg 
MW3426"And now what do you suggest we do next, Mister Hain?"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]1960MW3426.jpg 
60450[no caption]Chris Riddell24 Jan 200260450.jpg 
20110"Don't listen to him! HE's distorting the facts!"Collie [Clive Collins]18 Apr 197120110.jpg 
ADD0006Spinning HainAndy Davey28 Jul 2003ADD0006.jpg 
66780[no caption]Charles Griffin10 Sep 200366780.jpg 
31254" ... And now for the BAD news!"Nicholas Garland21 Sep 197731254.jpg 
NG1688" ... And now for the BAD news!"Nicholas Garland21 Sep 1977NG1688.jpg 
17291It's all right officer, our spin bowler is dealing with him / Total Wickets Bowler Caught Last wkt Last man Fell / More to the left, lad, left...Trog [Wally Fawkes]16 Feb 197017291.jpg 
25104"Begone, wicked stepmother! Don't give her the kiss of death just when I've
given the kiss of life!"
Michael Cummings19 Sep 197325104.jpg 
60458[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Jan 200260458.jpg 
66306[no caption]Martin Rowson19 Jul 200366306.jpg 
66234No 78: Eager, m'darlings, to eavesdrop on the unfolding history of Tony's Last Days (watch this space),Martin Rowson12 Jul 200366234.jpg 
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