Person NameFalkender; Marcia (1932-)
Other forms of nameWilliams, Marcia Matilda, 1932-
26385Then why didn't he make Baroness Falkender Minister of Sport!'Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]21 Jun 197426385.jpg 
NG4682[no caption]Nicholas Garland10 Feb 1978NG4682.jpg 
26264"Harold! You've been such a loyal Prime Minister to me I think I'll give YOU a peerage!"Michael Cummings26 May 197426264.jpg 
30443[no caption]Nicholas Garland09 Feb 197730443.jpg 
WF0314[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]13 Feb 1977WF0314.jpg 
26299"Oh please, Harold - don't be soppy!" / "Scalpel." / "And while I'm away, Henry, I'd like you to perform one final miracle - WatergateDavid Langdon02 Jun 197426299.jpg 
26271"A POLITICAL strike! Goodness, Harold, who do they think they are - ME?"Michael Cummings27 May 197426271.jpg 
NG1595[no caption]Nicholas Garland08 Feb 1977NG1595.jpg 
NG4681"If you don't shut up speakin' without bein' spoke to," he said, "We'll - we'll chuck
you out." "If you do," said Violet Elizabeth serenely, "I'll thcream an' thcream an'
thcream till I'm thick," and added with pride, "I can!"
Nicholas Garland11 Feb 1977NG4681.jpg 
30466[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]13 Feb 197730466.jpg 
NG1596[no caption]Nicholas Garland09 Feb 1977NG1596.jpg 
NG2172[no caption]Nicholas Garland? 1980NG2172.jpg 
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