Person NameClark; Alan Kenneth McKenzie (1928-2000)
ForenamesAlan Kenneth McKenzie
WF0129Flesh-fancying dinosaur rediscoveredTrog [Wally Fawkes][1997-1999]WF0129.jpg 
PC0849Another conquestGerald Scarfe26 Jan 1997 
PC2720I'd just like to sort out the confusion over this word bonding."Charles Griffin23 Oct 1997PC2720.jpg 
PC3849"Gentlemen. Be upstanding for the loyal toast - to Alan Clark."Mac [Stan McMurtry]18 Jun 1998PC3849.jpg 
PC3852[No caption]Paul Thomas18 Jun 1998PC3852.jpg 
PC2281[no caption]Peter Brookes19 Jul 1997PC2281.jpg 
NG5168[no caption]Nicholas Garland05 Jan 1993NG5168.jpg 
PC4549"It isn't helpful shouting 'yo' every time our new member tells us about another mistress."Charles Griffin26 Sep 1998PC4549.jpg 
NG5341Question TimeNicholas Garland08 Dec 1993NG5341.jpg 
PC0851A Rake's ProgressRichard Cole27 Jan 1997PC0851.jpg 
PC2612[no caption]Chris Priestley09 Oct 1997PC2612.jpg 
PC2713"They've done their bonding. Now they're back for a three-day gloating weekend."Mac [Stan McMurtry]24 Oct 1997PC2713.jpg 
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