Person NameBalls; Ed (1967-)
98320Miliband & Balls [Quality crossed out] ButchersScott [Clissold; Scott]17 Feb 201398320.jpg 
99435Labour grouses ...Peter Brookes13 Aug 201399435.jpg 
97317Edward ScissorhandsChris Riddell30 Sep 201297317.jpg 
102039[Osborne and Balls Father Christmas]Christian Adams01 Dec 2014102039.jpg 
101624Scoop that PoopPeter Brookes23 Sep 2014101624.jpg 
96029Assisted suicideBob Moran06 Jan 201296029.jpg 
BAD0231Strictly Not DancingBrian Adcock30 Aug 2016BAD0231.jpg 
97520Tired old Tory Euro-wars TMChris Riddell04 Nov 201297520.jpg 
99595[Ed Miliband and Tony Blair fighting Gordon Brown and Ed Balls]Christian Adams23 Sep 201399595.jpg 
MRD0061Pardon?!Martin Rowson25 Jan 2012MRD0061.jpg 
95259No captionDave Brown27 Sep 201195259.jpg 
100557Nature NotesPeter Brookes01 Feb 2014100557.jpg 
102338Clocks go ForwardBob Moran29 Mar 2015102338.jpg 
95907No captionDave Brown22 Dec 201195907.jpg 
100245RecoveryChristian Adams06 Dec 2013100245.jpg 
SBD0936No captionSteve Bell27 Sep 2011SBD0936.jpg 
MMD0003No captionMorten Morland27 Sep 2011MMD0003.jpg 
96135The Golden Balls AwardsPeter Brookes17 Jan 201296135.jpg 
SCD0084No captionPeter Schrank16 Jan 2012SCD0084.jpg 
SBD1096... And to the fat cats I say: No more funny business!Steve Bell02 Oct 2012SBD1096.jpg 
96360And the winner is ...Dave Brown20 Feb 201296360.jpg 
97922Autumn Statement ....Dave Brown03 Dec 201297922.jpg 
PTD0083Ed Balls Fluffs his Lines - Again!Paul Thomas06 Dec 2013PTD0083.jpg 
101859"Ee, look, Gromit, I'm here too...under deaths!"Peter Brookes07 Nov 2014101859.jpg 
BJD0029No captionBen JenningsSep 2012BJD0029.jpg 
100270Returned Items CounterPeter Brookes04 Jan 2014100270.jpg 
97239The ColossusDave Brown07 Jul 201297239.jpg 
99664Who shafted the economy? Not me Guv ...Peter Brookes24 Sep 201399664.jpg 
97036No captionBrighty [Steve Bright]30 Jul 201297036.jpg 
100292Tax Return...Morten Morland27 Jan 2014100292.jpg 
97726Slightly smaller chopper ... even bigger balls!Dave Brown02 Oct 201297726.jpg 
97563The closest he'll ever get to PM is his afternoon nap ....Peter Brookes29 Sep 201297563.jpg 
100918In Deepest Doo-Doo...Peter Brookes17 May 2014100918.jpg 
97240News Balls ... and new Osborne .... Please!!Dave Brown09 Jul 201297240.jpg 
95205No captionSteve Bell27 Sep 201195205.jpg 
99665HS2Peter Brookes27 Sep 201399665.jpg 
97457The Organ GrinderDave Brown29 Sep 201297457.jpg 
97905No captionBrighty [Steve Bright]10 Dec 201297905.jpg 
BRD0039RelateBrighty [Steve Bright]13 Jan 2014BRD0039.jpg 
ADD0387New Balls pleaseAndy Davey25 Jun 2013ADD0387.jpg 
100189"That's AWFUL Gromit!"Peter Brookes14 Dec 2013100189.jpg 
101043Fail to Stop...Christian Adams17 Apr 2014101043.jpg 
98288Where are we now?Bob Moran09 Jan 201398288.jpg 
98147Crufts ...Christian Adams10 Mar 201398147.jpg 
98359Getting out of the Brown stuff? ...Phil Disley 16 Feb 201398359.jpg 
BRD0017[Wizard of Ed]Brighty [Steve Bright]16 Dec 2013  
CLD0124The Neverly BrothersScott [Clissold; Scott]05 Jan 2014CLD0124.jpg 
SBD1172The stimulatorSteve Bell23 May 2013SBD1172.jpg 
SBD1180The StimulatorSteve Bell27 Jun 2013SBD1180.jpg 
100183Osborne Airborne?Gerald Scarfe08 Dec 2013 
100185New Year GrowthGerald Scarfe29 Dec 2013 
99097slippery slope ...Morten Morland29 Jun 201399097.jpg 
SBD1193edward scissorballsSteve Bell04 Jun 2013SBD1193.jpg 
101668Ed Balls SubbuteoJonathan Pugh22 Sep 2014101668.jpg 
99436What a shower!Peter Brookes14 Aug 201399436.jpg 
99642Talking Balls...Dave Brown24 Sep 201399642.jpg 
99735HS2Peter Brookes30 Oct 201399735.jpg 
100566St. Valentine's Day Massacre...Peter Brookes14 Feb 2014100566.jpg 
99147[Shocking Miliband]Dave Brown04 Jun 201399147.jpg 
99459Disharmony in the EggDave Brown17 Aug 201399459.jpg 
101148"Have you got a few million for the meter...Ed...Ed?"Dave Brown03 Jun 2014101148.jpg 
99311The ScapegoatDave Brown06 Jul 201399311.jpg 
100639BankChristian Adams11 Mar 2014100639.jpg 
100247EdjucationChristian Adams04 Dec 2013100247.jpg 
BJD0107Not behind you, DavidBen Jennings31 Aug 2013BJD0107.jpg 
99594Recovery Plan BChristian Adams24 Sep 201399594.jpg 
99784Young terrible at maths...Christian Adams09 Oct 201399784.jpg 
100228[Osborne kicking Ed Miliband in the Balls]Dave Brown07 Dec 2013100228.jpg 
BRD0027Ooer! The economy's picking up ... Brighty [Steve Bright]27 Oct 2013BRD0027.jpg 
1003457.39 to WestminsterBob Moran10 Jan 2014100345.jpg 
100274Sugar "The New Tobacco"...Peter Brookes10 Jan 2014100274.jpg 
100992No-Brainer...Peter Brookes17 Apr 2014100992.jpg 
100914Cost of Living Expert Caught out Over Grocery Bill...Peter Brookes21 May 2014100914.jpg 
100908TV Ad...Peter Brookes09 May 2014100908.jpg 
100651Retirement HomeBob Moran21 Mar 2014100651.jpg 
101795Speaking of Freud...Peter Brookes16 Oct 2014101795.jpg 
101868Ed Targets Vested InterestsPeter Brookes14 Nov 2014101868.jpg 
102237"Honest guv, I won't charge as much as last time..."Christian Adams17 Feb 2015102237.jpg 
CLD0198"What makes yo uthink you'll be getting the chop, Ed?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]15 Dec 2013CLD0198.jpg 
PTD0218"Of course you're depressed that the economy's on the up, Mr Balls..."Paul Thomas30 Jan 2014PTD0218.jpg 
102410"Don't look straight at it!"Christian Adams20 Mar 2015102410.jpg 
BJD0229"Nae more shifts to the right from you my friend..."Ben Jennings23 Mar 2015BJD0229.jpg 
102434"Um...would you believe I'm just pleased to see you..?"Dave Brown10 Mar 2015102434.jpg 
BAD0094Psychotic Episode...Brian Adcock17 Feb 2015BAD0094.jpg 
102567Too Much Information...Peter Brookes09 Apr 2015102567.jpg 
102414"Now don't let the Tories lead us to disaster..."Christian Adams10 Mar 2015102414.jpg 
BAD0066Under Pressure.....Brian Adcock04 Nov 2013BAD0066.jpg 
CLD0276"It'll be fine Ed - I borrowed this off Gordon Brown!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]26 Jan 2014CLD0276.jpg 
CLD0136Osborne at War with BBC over BiasScott [Clissold; Scott]07 Dec 2014CLD0136.jpg 
102328"Come on. Somebody must've sold you our confidential medical details - how did you know we're suffering from anxiety and depression?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]01 Apr 2015102328.jpg 
CLD0146"...Get me out of here!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]08 Dec 2013CLD0146.jpg 
102273University Challenge...Peter Brookes03 Feb 2015102273.jpg 
BAD0019Ed the Builder.....Brian Adcock17 Dec 2013BAD0019.jpg 
CLD0370Osborne's Budget to Woo VotersScott [Clissold; Scott]19 Mar 2015CLD0370.jpg 
63800[no caption]John Kent29 Jan 200363800.jpg 
BAD0075Labour Leadership Latest.....Brian Adcock19 Aug 2013BAD0075.jpg 
102707A Better Plan. A Better Future.Peter Brookes09 May 2015102707.jpg 
CLD0104"Costumes? What costumes?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]02 Nov 2014CLD0104.jpg 
BAD0020Eds and Tales......Brian Adcock07 Jan 2014BAD0020.jpg 
102270"Who are you wearing?"Morten Morland23 Feb 2015102270.jpg 
SCD0219[Tossing Big Ben]Peter Schrank10 May 2015SCD0219.jpg 
102094"To boldly go where no man has gone before"Bob Moran01 Mar 2015102094.jpg 
PTD0112"The GMB Union has cut our funding, Ed..."Paul Thomas05 Sep 2013PTD0112.jpg 
102317"Just in case we have t oscrap the non-dom tax, Ed Balls came up with a contigency plan..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]09 Apr 2015102317.jpg 
CLD0218"No one's swallowing that!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]17 Nov 2013CLD0218.jpg 
103050BackstageRowson; Martin11 May 2015103050.jpg 
MRD0197High Politics....Martin Rowson08 Dec 2012MRD0197.jpg 
MRD0209Fat Shirker forced to exercise to maintain Benefit (of Doubt) Shocker!Martin Rowson04 Jan 2013MRD0209.jpg 
MRD0682The Indignity of LabourMartin Rowson25 Jul 2015MRD0682.jpg 
102580"The Happy Warrior"Morten Morland07 Apr 2015102580.jpg 
102224"Easy pasy, eh, Gromit?"Peter Brookes06 Jan 2014102224.jpg 
102440 How to Beat the SNP...Peter Brookes06 Mar 2015102440.jpg 
CLD0438"Typical Tories - unemployment's already risen!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]10 May 2015CLD0438.jpg 
102509Introducing...The Self-Bursting Non-Dom PolicyDave Brown09 Apr 2015102509.jpg 
103648"Ee, Gromit... it wasn't my fault after all!"Peter Brookes21 Jan 2016103648.jpg 
97202Smoke v MirrorsGary Barker09 Jul 201297202.jpg 
MRD0166Love [Triangle crossed out] Isoscele RhomboidMartin Rowson22 Sep 2012MRD0166.jpg 
96298No captionBrighty [Steve Bright]16 Apr 201296298.jpg 
102255"So much for the fat cat vote...wonder how we rate with the bears in the wood?"Dave Brown05 Feb 2015102255.jpg 
98596Labour PolytechnicChristian Adams30 Apr 201398596.jpg 
100261"Anyone else hugely unpopular we can dump on Gromit?"Peter Brookes16 Jan 2014100261.jpg 
SCD0061No captionPeter Schrank08 Jul 2012SCD0061.jpg 
MRD0374News CycleMartin Rowson06 Dec 2013MRD0374.jpg 
98343We would put right the 10p tax calamity made by that useless Labour government, eh, Gromit?Peter Brookes15 Feb 201398343.jpg 
BRD0001News Coalition 2013 Presents .... Monster Raving Swivel-Eyed Loon Party!Brighty [Steve Bright]20 May 2013BRD0001.jpg 
98911Ee, Gromit, I just might abdicate!Peter Brookes01 May 201398911.jpg 
MRD0469Bilderberg News (incorporating World Order Weekly, Reptile Reveille, Conspiracy Courier & Bugle, etc.)Martin Rowson02 Jun 2014MRD0469.jpg 
102042Save Our FoxesChristian Adams04 Dec 2014102042.jpg 
SBD1220Brighton is So BracingSteve Bell24 Sep 2013SBD1220.jpg 
100335The Fab TwoChristian Adams27 Jan 2014100335.jpg 
101066Driverless Car...Dave Brown31 Jul 2014101066.jpg 
CLD0378Budget 2015Scott [Clissold; Scott]22 Mar 2015CLD0378.jpg 
99978'Doing' God...Christian Adams22 Dec 201399978.jpg 
PTD0185"Brilliant idea! Ed Balls makes us all look good..."Paul Thomas21 Jan 2014PTD0185.jpg 
101237Driverless Cars...Christian Adams31 Jul 2014101237.jpg 
101702"I just don't think they can be trusted with money"Bob Moran02 Nov 2014101702.jpg 
SBD1356Hair Shirts For AllSteve Bell23 Sep 2014SBD1356.jpg 
ADD0041No captionAndy Davey27 Sep 2011ADD0041.jpg 
MRD0301The Higher Politics: Principle, Wisdom, Strength, CourageMartin Rowson06 Jul 2013MRD0301.jpg 
MRD0286Valhalla ...Martin Rowson08 Jun 2013MRD0286.jpg 
99976A Happy New Year from Michael HeathMichael Heath29 Dec 201399976.jpg 
MRD0026There goes the neighbourhood ....Martin Rowson07 Nov 2011MRD0026.jpg 
MRD0405The Red TerrorMartin Rowson27 Jan 2014MRD0405.jpg 
99473Labour leadership latest ...Brian Adcock19 Aug 201399473.jpg 
CLD0875Exit the Clowns! Honey G and Ed Balls Voted OffScott [Clissold; Scott]29 Nov 2016CLD0875.jpg 
CLD1019Celebrity SnowmenScott [Clissold; Scott]24 Dec 2016CLD1019.jpg 
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