Person NameDeath
08649"What is your attitude to capital punishment?"Alex Noel Watson23 Mar 196608649.jpg 
64032"March 24? Sorry - I'm completely booked up that week"Jonathan Pugh20 Feb 200364032.jpg 
104746'Wait until he sees the news about Brexit'Jonathan Pugh04 Nov 2016104746.jpg 
00655"We've got time for one more hand" / "Capitalist warmongers! Are you trying to start a race?" Printed above cartoons: Two Aspects of the Arms RaceBrooks / Bill Mauldin12 Mar 1962 
GGD1302"You'll be paid per death, and will need to provide your own cloak and scythe."Grizelda Grizlingham24 Mar 2017GGD1302.jpg 
64204Empty V ...Martin Rowson10 Mar 200364204.jpg 
00648"We've got time for one more hand".Bill Mauldin09 Mar 1962 
17059The Last Battle!Jak [Raymond Jackson]12 Jan 197017059.jpg 
17044[no caption]Leslie Gibbard12 Jan 197017044.jpg 
64302[no caption]Paul Thomas21 Mar 200364302.jpg 
00921In This Corner, Wearing Black -Herblock [Herbert Block]09 Apr 1962 
21675"All right, the military's finished - now it's your turn."Bernard Cookson21 Dec 197121675.jpg 
63791"I see 2003 is going to be a very good year for you"Jonathan Pugh28 Jan 200363791.jpg 
GS0385So we meet again.Sidney 'George' Strube05 Oct 1935GS0385.jpg 
102756"So, I'd like you all to focus on the important issue of how you're going to help me keep my job..."Chris Riddell28 Jun 2015102756.jpg 
65139"What'll it be, Mr Best?" / "No! I don't think that will make you any more popular either!" / "You'll notice that there's never any mention of which year!"Tom Johnston26 Mar 200165139.jpg 
95067[no caption]Phil Disley 30 Aug 201195067.jpg 
64321Showbiz...Martin Rowson24 Mar 200364321.jpg 
23058Another proud momentBernard Cookson06 Sep 197223058.jpg 
22063"Further evidence, your Lordship?"Bernard Cookson23 Feb 197222063.jpg 
67849Stabilization in Iraq: the ongoing processMartin Rowson03 Nov 200367849.jpg 
GGD0087No captionGrizelda Grizlingham19 Nov 2011GGD0087.jpg 
94836[no caption]Tim Sanders26 Jul 201194836.jpg 
95279No captionTim Sanders14 Sep 201195279.jpg 
67909Where to next sir?David Simonds23 Nov 200367909.jpg 
95001[no caption]Kipper Williams19 Aug 201195001.jpg 
99377Death and the Mad ManChris Riddell25 Aug 201399377.jpg 
95712Haldane's ViewDavid Haldane08 Jan 201295712.jpg 
GGD0505Health Select CommitteeGrizelda Grizlingham08 Mar 2013GGD0505.jpg 
SCD0144At least it's the war to end all warsPeter Schrank15 Aug 2014SCD0144.jpg 
96644Afghan Exit StrategyTim Sanders23 Apr 201296644.jpg 
GGD0578"I'm preventable death."Grizelda Grizlingham21 Jun 2013GGD0578.jpg 
MRD0491Wimbledon withdrawal?Martin Rowson12 Jul 2014MRD0491.jpg 
MRD0700Freight worse than DeathMartin Rowson29 Aug 2015MRD0700.jpg 
98796"Morning everyone. Just doing my check-ups!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]05 May 201398796.jpg 
MRD0114Who? Me?!?Martin Rowson28 May 2012MRD0114.jpg 
98617[Boston marathon]Christian Adams17 Apr 201398617.jpg 
SCD0042No captionPeter Schrank22 Jul 2012SCD0042.jpg 
99263What's a little contamination of the water supply between friends?Chris Riddell04 Aug 201399263.jpg 
98476NHS chief goes to work ...Peter Brookes06 Mar 201398476.jpg 
99356'I don't care who you are - it says here I've got another six monthsJonathan Pugh12 Aug 201399356.jpg 
100924"At least my job's safe"Kipper Williams16 May 2014100924.jpg 
GGD0768"The weekend staff are here."Grizelda GrizlinghamUndatedGGD0768.jpg 
98879You are going to loseScott [Clissold; Scott]26 May 201398879.jpg 
100506"Wake up, Dave"Chris Riddell06 Apr 2014100506.jpg 
MRD0421CirclesMartin Rowson03 Mar 2014MRD0421.jpg 
101470[Death and a Departure Board]Michael Heath20 Jul 2014101470.jpg 
MRD0573Merry Crisis [Christmas crossed out]Martin Rowson22 Dec 2014MRD0573.jpg 
CLD0072"Needs more red!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]11 Jan 2015CLD0072.jpg 
SCD0157EbolaPeter Schrank19 Oct 2014SCD0157.jpg 
BAD0080Ukraine Ceasefire Agreed...Brian Adcock15 Feb 2015BAD0080.jpg 
GGD0849"We've considered your request for a living wage, but feel the irony would be too great."Grizelda Grizlingham13 Jun 2014GGD0849.jpg 
10806No Reduction!Glan Williams05 Mar 196710806.jpg 
MRD0780Time - he flexes like a whore...Martin Rowson20 Feb 2016  
00271Poisoned darts matchStanley Franklin07 Nov 196100271.jpg 
65034"It's a documentary about William Hague's home life!" / "It's lovely of you to offer us more money, but first we have two questions... who are you and where's Mrs Thatcher, the Tory leader?" / "Oo wants him?" / "This is your captain welcoming you to this return flight from Sydney to Britain and requesting that all the athletes with gold medals move to the back of the plane!"Tom Johnston02 Oct 200065034.jpg 
103315"EXTREMIST!!"Dave Brown01 Oct 2015103315.jpg 
WH2906"Harvest of Death" / Liao-Yang a good harvest. [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden05 Sep 1904WH2906.jpg 
103205"Run for your's the Corbocalypse!"Dave Brown11 Sep 2015103205.jpg 
MRD0513And cha-a-a-aaange your Partner!!! Doh-di-doh ....Martin Rowson23 Aug 2014MRD0513.jpg 
MRD0098Long grassMartin Rowson30 Apr 2012MRD0098.jpg 
MRD0587The Great ModerniserMartin Rowson24 Jan 2015MRD0587.jpg 
MRD0199Can't you see that I'm the real victim round here?Martin Rowson15 Dec 2012MRD0199.jpg 
MRD0305PathwaysMartin Rowson15 Jul 2013MRD0305.jpg 
102456"Welcome to a bright Tory future..."Chris Riddell03 May 2015102456.jpg 
MRD0580Funnies Section.... Martin Rowson10 Jan 2015MRD0580.jpg 
MRD0415Death PanelMartin Rowson22 Feb 2014MRD0415.jpg 
BAD0053Round a Gazillion.........Brian Adcock14 Jul 2014BAD0053.jpg 
102852"It's someone for you - I think it's Jeremy Corbyn"Mac [Stan McMurtry]18 Aug 2015102852.jpg 
103141"I was replaced by a drone"Nicholas Newman13 Sep 2015103141.jpg 
101648"Yes. Thy hummed and the hawed, did a U-turn and decided to start screening...soon! Welcome to the UK, sir."Mac [Stan McMurtry]10 Oct 2014101648.jpg 
"I don't understand - despite my dire warnings they don't seem to be listening to me..."
Chris Riddell16 Aug 2015102884.jpg 
CLD0599Europe on High Security AlertScott [Clissold; Scott]22 Nov 2015CLD0599.jpg 
MRD0779Time - he flexes like a whore...Martin Rowson20 Feb 2016  
15410The guest who got sick of the partyLeslie Gibbard16 May 196915410.jpg 
PC4925[no caption]Dave Brown12 Nov 1998PC4925.jpg 
DL2328Asking for me, boys?David Low (1891-1963)10 Oct 1944DL2328.jpg 
LSE1143Asking for me, boys?David Low (1891-1963)10 Oct 1944LSE1143.jpg 
GGD0179[no caption]Grizelda Grizlingham03 Jan 2012GGD0179.jpg 
102391"We blame the Arc of Extremism!"Steve Bell13 Jun 2014102391.jpg 
BJD0186"Oh c'mon, Halloween was yesterday!"Ben Jennings01 Nov 2014BJD0186.jpg 
MRD0706Deepest CondolencesMartin Rowson12 Sep 2015MRD0706.jpg 
MRD0494Ip-dip ..Martin Rowson19 Jul 2014MRD0494.jpg 
MRD0494A[Death]Martin Rowson19 Jul 2014MRD0494A.jpg 
MRD0512Sooooo bracing ... Martin Rowson09 Aug 2014MRD0512.jpg 
MRD0744Hell in a handcartMartin Rowson21 Nov 2015MRD0744.jpg 
103896DeparturesDave Brown23 Mar 2016103896.jpg 
SBD1648[Brussels]Steve Bell23 Mar 2016SBD1648.jpg 
MRD0862Everything. Everywhere. Forever.Martin Rowson27 Jul 2016MRD0862.jpg 
CLD0702"It's the next stage of our remain campaign!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]10 May 2016CLD0702.jpg 
BAD0211[Munich Shooting]Brian Adcock24 Jul 201672043.jpg 
65519What's on the cards for 2001?Peter Brookes30 Dec 200065519.jpg 
65526[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200365526.jpg 
MRD0915Shift WorkMartin Rowson18 Oct 2016MRD0915.jpg 
WH6731"Death Takes a Holiday" (Savoy)W.K. Haselden01 Jul 1931WH6731.jpg 
WH6854"Death Takes a Holiday" (Savoy)W.K. Haselden01 Jul 1931WH6854.jpg 
BAD0254"Ah, this is the life"Brian Adcock23 Oct 2016BAD0254.jpg 
BAD0263"Wow, you would have though someone would have done something"Brian Adcock15 Dec 2016BAD0263.jpg 
MRD0969Fur Cup LatestMartin Rowson28 Feb 2017MRD0969.jpg 
104696AwkwardBob Moran30 Oct 2016104696.jpg 
64121[no caption]Martin Rowson01 Mar 200364121.jpg 
104947'Should you require compensation for this near death experience, a representative of Snipcock, Snatch and Scarper will be with you shortly...'Mac [Stan McMurtry]05 Jan 2017104947.jpg 
MRD1001Northern PowerhouseMartin Rowson09 Aug 2017MRD1001.jpg 
MRD1049[Barcelona]Martin Rowson19 Aug 2017MRD1049.jpg 
GGD1340"I'm battery life Death."Grizelda Grizlingham28 Apr 2017GGD1340.jpg 
GGD1343"Sod off! I'm on statins."Grizelda Grizlingham16 May 2017GGD1343.jpg 
CLD0978Child Murderer Ian Brady DeadScott [Clissold; Scott]17 May 2017CLD0978.jpg 
CLD1057"You can knock off early this year if you want, Pal!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]30 Dec 2017CLD1057.jpg 
MDR0968Who knew?Martin Rowson01 Mar 2017MDR0968.jpg0968.jpg 
BJD0435[Golfing With Death]Ben Jennings12 Aug 2017BJD0435.jpg 
103752"Is this about Brexit? Have you come to scare us?"Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]10 Feb 2016103752.jpg 
104907"I think I deserve a break next year"Christian Adams29 Dec 2016104907.jpg 
1049712016 good riddanceChris Riddell01 Jan 2017104971.jpg 
104968The Twilight ZoneChris Riddell22 Jan 2017104968.jpg 
105224"Clear off!! I can't afford it!!"Jonathan Pugh01 Mar 2017105224.jpg 
105928"He's a bit creepy but he's the best gardener we've ever had"Jonathan Pugh05 Oct 2017105928.jpg 
MRD1183"My apocalypse will be the best apocalypse ever it'll be great all the others are just fake apocalypses! Sad!!"Martin Rowson14 May 2018MRD1183.jpg 
MRD1186[Carousel]Martin Rowson05 May 2018MRD1186.jpg 
BAD0485"So you know the so-called 'special relationship,' well you are gonna love this!"Brian Adcock06 Nov 2017BAD0485.jpg 
MRD1260Wish I Wasn't Here!Martin Rowson01 Oct 2018MRD1260.jpg 
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