Person NameAldrin; Buzz
15936[no caption]Kenneth Mahood17 Jul 196915936.jpg 
15961"So much for our welcome arrangements"Bernard Cookson21 Jul 196915961.jpg 
15955"So far, nothing unusual...."Mac [Stan McMurtry]21 Jul 196915955.jpg 
15958"Why bother? Sooner or later they'll build a motorway through it." / "We always go to Loch Ness, I said, let's go somewhere different this year."Keith Waite21 Jul 196915958.jpg 
15935"Before you sneaked that damned stone plaque on board for your wife, you should've thought what'd happen when it became weightless!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]17 Jul 196915935.jpg 
NG2214"One small step ..."Nicholas Garland10 Feb 1981NG2214.jpg 
15979"Well done Ivanovitch. Your American accent fooled them completely."Mac [Stan McMurtry]24 Jul 196915979.jpg 
15928'Good luck, men'Stanley Franklin16 Jul 196915928.jpg 
16470"I expect your grandchildren will never tire of asking about the day you astronauts actually dined with Harold Wilson."Mac [Stan McMurtry]15 Oct 196916470.jpg 
15925[no caption]Michael Cummings16 Jul 196915925.jpg 
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